Adrenalin Adventures with Cat Skiing
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Cat skiing, a new type of  off-piste skiing

In the world of expert skiing, there’s nothing more luxurious and exciting than a ski vacation that takes you to the land of magnificent powder, breathtaking mountain scenery, fresh clean air, and excellent après ski. Add the thrill of Cat Skiing to the list is sure to take your regular skiing holiday up a notch. Cat skiing experience would easily be one of the most memorable and adrenaline pumping ski-rush.

Cat Skiing is ideally for those who love a thigh-burning skiing experience on fantastic ungroomed pistes. There’s nothing more challenging than mastering the powder-filled slopes and trails covered with deep snow. Cat skiing can get skiers to unexplored pistes and trials to test the skills of even the most highly experienced skiers.

Cat skiing is perfect for those who cannot afford to take a helicopter ride to reach the best off-piste slopes. Instead, taking a snowcat tour will allow the skiers to get to the virgin snow at slopes that have not been explored by skiers. Every year thousands of skiers take a snowcat tour to reach peaks and slopes previously considered unreachable.

Cat Ski or Regular Back Country

Many skiers plan to visit a ski resort that has some perfect off-piste in the backcountry. They usually look for a trail without any crowd, with deep powder and challenging turns. Sometimes, the backcountry is not enough for experts! They want something that challenges their skills and talent as a skier and nothing takes a skier to the far side of a backcountry than a snowcat.

The snowcat is a snow grooming machine that’s comes fitted with a comfortable and warm cabin.  Adrenaline junkie skiers jump onto the snowcat for a ride up the mountain where deep snow and if they are dry powder awaits them! Guides are available for guidance about the slopes and pistes and it’s necessary to stick to their guide even if you know the area well it’s always better to stay safe! While on a snowcat tour, there is a very big chance to encounter virgin snow.

Cat Skiing in Europe

Macedonia Cat Skiing

Some of the best cat skiing experience awaits skiers in Macedonia. Macedonia is a small country in the Balkans, between Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, and Serbia, with a mountain chain that rises to a height of 2,700 meters. The country is perfect for seamless surfing experience in Sharplaninia and Padre with its beautiful nature and picturesque views with high-quality powder for almost all levels at the level of training and high safety at an affordable price. Tour operators offer tours with an exciting opportunity to camp in the breathtaking backcountry.

Cat skiing in Padre

Padre has a skiable terrain comprising of 100 square kilometers in the mountains about 2600 meters high. The height and the weather make for best powder.  The resort has a vertical drop of up to 900 meters will get the adrenaline pumping in no time! From moderate slopes to their surfers, Padre offers some steep turns and massive drops, the resort has some of the best off-piste for cat skiing.

Cat Skiing in Gorgeous Georgia

Georgia is one of the newest cat ski locations gaining steady popularity across the world thanks to its breathtaking beauty and natural snow. The Caucasus is a region known for its unique pistes and modern lifts for skiers. However, for the more adventurous the Caucasus offers a massive powder filled tour by snowcat that takes skiers to Goderdzipass for some of the best skiing locations in the world. The snowcat will take skiers to untouched snow-covered expansive terrain that will give skiers a once in a lifetime backcountry skiing experience.

Some of the Best Spots for Cat Skiing in the US

Aspen Backcountry Cat Skiing

Aspen is one of the most popular ski resort in the US. The resort is a popular destination for luxury skiing experience but Aspen has some of the best backcountry cat skiing adventures for skiers. To get to the backcountry, skiers need to get off the gondola right at the peak of Ajax Mountain. Skiers must head on to the snowcat that takes a group of 12 skiers in one ride to some of the best terrain and off-piste. The terrain is about 10,000 vertical feet high and the skiable terrain is around 1100 acres. A single tour usually costs around USD450 per head.

The Thousand Peaks Ranch Utah

The Thousand Peak Ranch in Utah is a working ranch that transforms into ski season. The private ranch is the perfect getaway for skiers with a lot of experience. The tour takes place on a private ranch that offers about 40,000 acres of skiable area. In ski season the area gets plenty of snowfall creating up to 11,000 feet of open bowls, steep shoots, and some sharp turns.

Cat Skiing in Wyoming

Wyoming is a city that hides a perfect gem of a getaway for backcountry snowcat skiing. Skiers with different level of expertise can head to the Grand Targhee to experience some of the best powder packed thigh-burning skiing. The terrain is approximately 602 acres, containing open slopes, large bowls of powder, plenty of glades and winding steep tree-filled slopes.

Cat Skiing in Canada

Chatter Creek Canada

To enjoy the best of cat skiing in the gorgeous but very remote resort in Canada skiers can head to the Chatter Creek resort. The resort is very remote so remote that skiers have to take a helicopter to reach this resort. Being so remote has its advantages, and that is getting the best virgin powder bowls that are steep and massive than any other resort. No long queues at the chairlift, no crowds means some of the best unforgettable skiing in Canada.

Monashees Canada

For the hard-core and very passionate skiers, Monashees is the best getaway that they can get! With over 30,000 acres of the terrific backcountry with huge steep slopes and plenty of powder, the resort will give the most experienced skiers a cat skiing thrill that they can’t compare with. The Monashees is so extreme that only experienced skiers and snowboarders frequent the place for some of the most adventurous thigh-burning skiing. A single tour could cost around USD 500 to USD 600.

The Selkirk Mountains

The Selkirk Mountain in Canada is one of the most popular ski resort for cat skiing in Canada. The resort is famous for providing skiers with a unique and challenging backcountry with 96 square kilometers of skiable terrain. The location near the Durrand Glacier will take skiers on an unforgettable journey. Most of the tours operating in the area are well-equipped and all safety measures are taken to make sure that skiers have fun in a safe environment.

The Red Mountain Canada

The Red Mountain in Canada is a perfect paradise for cat skiing enthusiasts, the tours are offered by the Big Red Cats that operates in the area serving intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboards. The Red Mountain is a ski resort with a skiable terrain of 18900 acres filled with impressive dry powder.
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