Skiing in Australia

The best locations for skiing in Australia

Skiing in Australia is one of the sought-after activities around the globe. Think about the snow-draped mountains, exciting ski resorts and picturesque slopes. Australia is where you can find the most beautiful ski resorts where Olympians train and families get together for a terrific holiday.

Australia becomes a powdery white goodness when the winter season rolls around. Skiing in Australia takes back to the 1890s in Mount Buffalo. Now, Australia cradles 16 ski resorts, 454-kilometer snow-covered terrains and a total of 18 ski lifts.

The most popular ski resorts are in Perisher, Thredbo, Charlotte Pass, Mount Hotham, Selwyn, Mount Buller, and Falls Creek. Elevations can go as high as 1,250 meters to 2, 200 meters.

The snow season in Australia assiduously falls between June to October but some resorts close at the end September when snow cover goes thinner. New South Wales is the place to go for the oldest and most developed ski resorts. However, Victoria comes first when it comes to number, not to mention its rich historical background and iconic landmarks.

Australia’s ski resorts remained to be less populated amidst the wondrous experience they offer.  This makes the country a top-tourist destination for families searching for lovely skiing spots where they can experience a remarkable excursion with a little privacy.

Are you planning to experience the ultimate skiing holiday in Australia? We have compiled all the vital information you need for the best holiday experience. In the following sections, we have listed the 8 best ski resorts in Australia. You will also see here some handy planning details, travel tops, accommodation, nightlife, and food.

Skiing in Perisher

Hailed as the biggest Ski resort in Australia, Perisher is a 6-hour ride from Melbourne and Sydney featuring 3,000 acres of frozen terrains inter-connected by four separate ski parks.

There are four expansive parks for skiers of different levels in Perishe. Beginners can enjoy 22% of less grading terrains while 60% is best for intermediates. Experts can savor 18% of the terrains.  An extensive 100km of snowcapped field is for cross-country skiers. Just a friendly warning, this field is not for the faint hearted and only opens for those who have trained for a heart-pumping workout.

Perisher is definitely one of the best ski resorts for kids. Many Olympic and X Games skiers train her and you must see them for yourself. If you ever feel hungry and weary, you can take cover in an in-house dinner. It is also a great place to meet new friends and build connections.

However, a family-friendly accommodation is available in nearby hotels like the Marritz Hotel and The Man From Snowy River Hotel.

Skiing in Thredbo

Thredbo is a six-hour drive from Sydney and probably the highest ski resort in Australia with base elevation of 1365 meters and lifted point at 2037 meters. If you are an adventure junkie who loves longer ski run, Thredbo will have your legs burning. So get ready by its 5.9 kilometres of well of snowcapped terrains.

The best season to visit Thredbo is between June and October. Advance skiers would the night skiing activities every Thursday and Saturday. The Bluff is always a must-try for experienced skiers while intermediates will enjoy The Cruiser and High Noon. Of course nobody wants to miss its famous 672-meter drop, which is perceptibly longer than that of Perisher’s. . Beginners can settle for the Friday Flat where they can enjoy a drop from a simple elevation though not as challenging as the others.

Thredbo has received quite a lot of positive reviews and being likened to the ski resorts in Europe. Overall, it has 14 lifts, 4×4 high-speed squads, 2×2 double chairs, and 8xT-Bars. Anyone looking for a mixture of leisure and adventure can find it here not to mention the infamous 3.5-kilometre long snow terrain called Crackenberg Supertail.

Compared with Perisher, Thredbo is a little busier all year round so you might as well make advance booking with nearby apartments and hotels within Thredbo Village. Some places that offer great accommodations are Thredbo YHA, Winterhaus Lodge, and Bernti’s Mountain Inn.

Skiing in Charlotte Pass

Located in New South Wales, Charlotte Pass is the highest ski resort that reaches up to 1837 meters. It is closest to Mount Kosciuszko and is famous for its perfect shape, crystallized lakes, and varying terrain levels for all types of skiers.

The best time to visit is between June and October. Featuring 4 lifts transport for guests and 10 kilometres of snow-covered terrains, Charlotte Pass is top choice by athletes and families.

Beginners would love Easy Starter where they can test their thighs while Kosi Coaster is available for intermediates.  Sidewinder Guthrie’s Chutes is only for experienced skiers who have trained for hardcore skiing activities. You will find reasonably priced accommodation at Jindabyne area or make advance booking with Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel.

Skiing in Mount Hotham

Famous for its high-quality snow, Mount Hotham features 320 kilometres of terrains, 40 kilometres of which are best for well-trained skiers. Another 40 kilometres are ideal for intermediates and 10 kilometres of less challenging terrains for starters. Ski classes for beginners are available in the area and usually up to 2.5 hours.

Although not very family-friendly, skiers go here to train. Trainings can start at the Summit Run, a 500-meter long smooth terrain for starters. Thrill seekers can go to Gotcha Ridge and Coles Bowl while the most challenging course can be found in Lindsay run.

Don’t worry if you come from far away. The Acro-Ski Lodge or The Bird will give you homage for as long as you want to stay.

Skiing in Selwyn

Selwyn is a family-owned ski resort featuring 11 chair lifts and 45 hectares of sloping ice. Seated near Adaminaby and Cabramurra, it has 1,492 meters elevation and is often a go-to choice for families.

Beginners love to go here since 88% of the field consists less challenging terrains. Intermediates and well-trained athletes can go to Racecourse Run. Expect higher and rockier paths for some parts of the resorts. It is the only ski resort that gives 100% access to the mountains and is a haven of other activities such as tobogganing and snow tubbing. Classes are also available in the area for beginners.

Kids will also love riding on snowboards while being dragged by cute huskies. Adults can also participate in the pre-designated classes within the resort and enjoy learning with other colleagues at their age. Selwyn is definitely a place to rediscover your inner passion for skiing or exploring an enthusiastic side you never know existed.

Tired skiers can rest in Wolgal Hut located inside the park, near Kiandra town. This is also the best chance to explore the rich historical background of Kiandra where Norwegian gold prospectors were said to have skied using wooden fence palings in 1861.

Kiandra is often buried in thick snow during winter making it inaccessible most of the time. However, you can listen to great stories about its past as you talk with the friendly locals in the area.

You can find many other accommodations nearby such as the Ski Ride Hotel, Brigham House, or The Apple Inn. There are cafes inside the resort for hungry skiers. Some lovely bakeries selling tasty pies are also available in Adaminaby, which is 30 minutes drive from the snowfield.

Skiing in Mount Buller

Located 236 kilometres outside of Melbourne, Mount Buller features 35 varying hectares of snow-covered terrains. It is accessible by car, bus, or chartered chopper.  Luxurious options are available from Melbourne via limousine or 5-star coach.

When you come to the area, you’ll be met by 22 lifts that can transport 40,000 skiers per hour. Watch out for their 6-seater express if you prefer a high-speed transport.

Approximately 20% of its slopes are suited for beginners while 36 kilometres are reserved for intermediate skiers. Adventure junkies can enjoy the 24 kilometres sloping path within the resort. Mount Buller regularly holds competitive events like the ABOM Moguls. If you are lucky, you might be able to witness it while you are here or better yet, plan your schedule ahead to watch the competitions. In fact, most popular Winter Olympians in Australia also train here.

Families love to linger in Bourke Street where the slopes are less challenging. Blue Bullet is available for intermediates while well-trained skiers can proceed to Wombat Bowls or Bull Run to experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Social events never run out in Mount Buller, which is why visiting this place should be in your bucket list. If you are dying to experience Australia’s version of aprés ski, you will find great ones at Tirol Café, Kofler’s Hutte, or at the Hotel Pension Grimus.

Of course no one can ever forget dog sledding, mountain biking, snowboarding, and tobogganing in the area before the sun goes down. To enjoy a fun filled night and cozy accommodation, head to The Kooroora or Arlberg Bistro, or The Drakes Lounge Bar.

You can also try the Snowy Pony, where you can trot along for a wonderful photo shoot. The place serves superb cocktails and gold rum to warm you up a little. However, if you are more of a conventional traveler and rather take the safer route don’t be ashamed to enter the Burger Haus and take your pick from the 8-burger menu.

Skiing in Falls Creek

Falls Creek is another beautiful ski resort in Victoria, Australia featuring 450 hectares of snow-covered terrains with 65 kilometres dedicated for cross-country skiing.  It is accessible through Princes Highway at the Jervis Bay by public transportation or chartered chopper.

The place is famous its ski field consisting of more than 92 runs and 21 cross-country trails. Skiing activities usually happens in Mount McKay, which has 1, 842 meters elevation and can only be accessed from the resort through a Snowcat. Intermediate skiers usually go here as it has 60% of its terrain reserve for them while only 17% is suited for beginners.

Nevertheless, Falls Creek has never been less of an option because of the variety of other activities it offers. These include mountain biking, altitude training, and trail running. Snow biking and horse riding is definitely a must-try if you want to just enjoy the picturesque view of the resort. However, if you are thrill seeker you would love to try the infamous Steve Lee Backcountry Tour and jump on a purpose-built sled behind a snowmobile together with some popular Olympians.

There are family friendly accommodation in the area and lots of beautiful apartments, lodges, and hotels to stay the night. Extended vacations are better spent in hotels with warmer and cozier space. Budget deals are available Allamar Motor Inn, Bright Motor Inn, and Hariietville Hotel.

Falls Creek is overall a nice place for beginners and pros, including families with kids. Some great place to eat includes SomePlace Else, The Chop House, and Mich Café Bar.

To conclude…

Skiing in Australia is absolutely a must-try for locals and foreigners. We all know Europe and Germany are popular options for skiing but Australia is a wonder waiting to be discovered.

When winter descends, it can be a great season to visit one of the top ski resorts in Australia that we have listed here. A friendly reminder – snowfall in Australia can be greatly unreliable. It can be hit and miss throughout June and October, which means that some parts of resort may need to close due to heavy snowfalls.

It is best to check the weather for upcoming storms and change in weather patterns to ensure that your stay is not compromised. While peak season in Australia falls between June and October, it is also wiser to plan to maximize your time and get budget deals.

There is no question why Australia is the best place to go for adventure junkies looking for an action-packed holiday. Aside from the adventurous skiing activities, Australia also offers a variety of activities that you can do with your family.

Take your whole family to this wonderful place, go solo-backpacking, or tag along your best friend. You are never going to forget your Australian skiing experience.

Happy skiing!