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Best ski resorts in Australia 2019

When thinking of Australia, people usually think of the picturesque beaches, the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, the kangaroos and the burning heat of the Outback. Few people associate Australia as a place that offers perfect skiing grounds, but it actually does.

Australia experiences snow during the months of June to October. This means that when the snow season is sparse or finished in some places, it is in full swing in Australia. The best part is that since most skiers are flocking to well-known spots in France, Austria, Germany and more, Australia’s slopes face less traffic which makes them great skiing spots.

If you’re considering heading out to Australia for skiing, the following are a few places that you should consider visiting.


Perisher is situated at a few hours’ drive from Melbourne and Sydney. It is one of the largest ski resorts in Australia, offering skiing terrain of up to 3076 acres. These are broken down into four different areas, all of them easily accessible. The Perisher’s expansive terrain can be further divided on the basis of skiing expertise. 22% of the terrain is perfect for beginners whereas 60% is suited for intermediate skiers and the remaining 18% is suited for experts. With so much diversity, Perisher is a favorite spot to visit for local and foreign skiers. Accommodations are also easy to find with various chalets, hotels, bed and baths and inns available nearby.


Nestled near Mt. Kosciuszko which is the highest peak in Australia, Thredbo is also counted among the best resorts in Australia. Situated inside the Kosciuszko National Park, the area is busy all year round. During the winters, snow lovers, skiers and snow boarders flock to Thredbo whereas during the summers, the area provides various trails which attract keen hikers, trekkers and nature enthusiasts to Mt. Kosciuszko. Thredbo also gains acclaim for having five of the longest runs in Australia which are suited for skiers of all expertise. Despite being low in altitude, Thredbo also houses a ski point coming up to 2036 meters, allowing it to be counted among the highest in Australia.

Charlotte Pass

Known for being snow sure, Charlotte Pass is considered as the highest resort in Australia. The consistent snow it receives makes it a perfect spot for skiing and it attracts skiers from all across the globe. Situated near Kosciuszko National Park and Lake Jindabyne, the place turns into a winter wonderland with picturesque views of the mountain slopes and the frozen lake nearby. Skiing opportunities here are perfect for everyone with slopes available for beginners, intermediate skiers and experts as well. Accommodations are also easy to find and in the Jindabyne area, you can always find reasonably priced chalets nearby.

Mount Hotham

Easily accessible from Melbourne or Sydney by flight, Mount Hotham is renowned for possessing high quality snow. The diverse terrain is an added plus as you can indulge in cross-country skiing with ease here. Stunt skiers have also embraced Mount Hotham as a favorite skiing ground as the open stashes, hits and bowls available here provide the excellent skiing opportunities for them. The terrain is also perfectly suited for skiers of all expertise levels. Since it is a popular spot, it tends to attract a large number of local and international skiers each year.


Family owned and family friendly, Selwyn has slopes which provide a challenge to a skier of any skill level. Considered to be the perfect vacation spot for families on the Snowy Mountains, Selwyn not only offers amazing skiing runs, there are also various snow related activities such as tobogganing, snow tubing and even skiing classes for anyone who wants to learn to ski in Selwyn. With progressive terrains available, skiing in Selwyn allows one to gradually enhance their skiing skill sets. This is one reason why it is a popular spot for new learners and beginners.

Mount Buller

Another ski resort which is perfect for families, Mount Buller ski resorts are perfect for winter sport enthusiasts. Spread out over 35 different hectares, the ski resort has something for everyone. Skiers can hit the slopes which are blessed with the perfect amount of powdery snow. The runs here are suitable for skiers of all expertise although many are largely suited for beginners. There are also fun activities organized such as the night skiing sessions which are organized every weekend until the season ends. Other snow activities such as dog sledding and tobogganing are also available. Accommodations here are plentiful although the resort can become a bit crowded during peak season.

Falls Creek

With some of the most diverse skiing terrain, Falls Creek is another popular skiing resort in Australia. The resort is spread across an area 450 hectares with 65km of trails suited for cross country, 90 runs for skiers and other runs and trails which are specially meant for snowboarding, tobogganing and sledding. Hiking is also possible and group snow shoe hikes are organized. The trails here also count among some of Australia’s first trails for snow bikes and are extremely picturesque. Accommodations can range, depending upon your budget with five star hotels and travelers rest houses all available here.

While these are some of the best and snow sure resorts in Australia, it should be noted that snowfall in Australia is notoriously unreliable at times. Snowfall can be a hit and miss which means that some resorts might be closed. For the best opportunities, it is a good idea to take the weather reports into consideration before making any plans.