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Best ski resorts in New Zealand 2019

Skiing in New Zealand – here’s what you need to know.

Picturesque and scenic, New Zealand has the perfect alpine slopes which are often depicted on postcards. The snowy peaks are extremely alluring to ski fans everywhere and each year, New Zealand attracts a number of local and international skiing aficionados that love the alpine charm that New Zealand has become renowned for.

The best part is that while the ski parks in New Zealand aren’t massive, they are extremely diverse. The skiing opportunities here make New Zealand a popular ski resort for beginners, intermediates and experts as well as families that want to learn to ski. The following are the best ski spots you should visit when you are in New Zealand:


Counted among the best ski resorts which are perfectly suited for families, the Cardrona is a ski-park that is perfect for everyone. With ski runs for beginners, intermediates and experts as well as plenty of activities available for families such as tobogganing and snowboarding, Cardrona is the perfect ski spot for a family vacation in the snow.

For those looking for a challenge, Cardrona also has one of the highest elevation points in New Zealand that comes up to 1860 meters. The terrain parks here are also crafted with the highest attention to detail and are crafted in accordance with Olympic standards. Accommodations are also easy to find in the town of Wanaka which is located nearby.

Coronet Peak

Also situated near Wanaka, Coronet Peak is also a favorite among skiers, as it not only has challenging runs and slopes; it also has a practice area where you can brush up on your skiing skills, particularly if they have gotten a little rusty.

Opening early in the morning, the Coronet Peak resortis widely open visited, until it closes at night. The slopes and pistes are also suited for skiers of all abilities and you can even indulge in some trekking on the snowy trails. The close proximity to Wanaka and Cardrona offers skiers more versatility and variety in skiing options.

Mount Hutt

Renowned for having amazing snow conditions, Mt. Hutt, can be a hit-and-miss, even during the season as the strong winds experienced there can often make the conditions un-safe for skiers. When weather conditions are perfect, you can’t go wrong with Mt. Hutt’s slopes that are perfect for free-style skiers.

The Mt. Hutt resort is so widely recognized as the best that it was also featured in the World Ski Awards and won the title of Best Ski Resort in New Zealand for two consecutive years. Accommodations are easily available at the resort but it can get crowded during peak season because of it is popularity. While accommodations can also be found near Christchurch, it can take a commute of 90 minutes to get to the resort.

Mount Cook

Mt. Cook, also known as Aoraki, is considered to be the highest mountain peak in New Zealand. Again, expeditions here might not always be available because of weather conditions but once you get the all clear, the slopes are usually flocking with skiers. It is also the mountain of choice for many films including Vertical Limit, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit trilogy as well.

An interesting activity which is popularly indulged in here is the Heil Skiing activity. Much like using a ski-lift, skiers are taken up in a helicopter and at the right elevation, jump off and ski down the slope. Done right, with the help of the right experts, there are no chances of injury and one gets an experience of a life-time.


The snowy mountain here is actually an active volcano that just adds to the uniqueness of the place. Whakapapais actually situated on Mt. Ruaphehu’s north-eastern side and offers various terrains that are perfect for skiers of all kinds. Bordering the Tongariro National Park, it has around 1400 acres of snowy slopes to offer and a vertical decent measuring to 675 meters that attracts skiers to visit it.

The close proximity to the national park also means that there are plenty of activities to indulge in for everyone and makes the park a family friendly place. Accommodations are also plentiful although the site can get a bit crowded during peak snow season.

The Remarkables

A mountain range which is truly remarkable, the Remarkables ski resort attracts skiers not only because of the picturesque landscape but also because of the skiing opportunities it provides which cater to skiers of all levels and expertise. The scenic terrain not only makes skiing great but there are also great opportunities for going trekking in the snow.

The ski runs are also perfect as they are wide and perfect for beginners and intermediate level skiers. Experts can also take advantage of the chairlifts to get to higher elevations that allow them to experience the alpine terrain of the mountain range with ease.


Situated near Mt. Cook, Roundhill is a winter wonderland, not only attracting many skiers but also landscape photographers. It is also in close proximity to Lake Tekapo which only adds to its appeal. The ski resort is perfect for the entire family as the wide ski runs are perfect for beginners and kids to learn skiing.

There are even ski curves which are perfectly suited for intermediate skiers whereas advanced skiers can enjoy the free-style skiing experience that the terrain offers with ease. Being snow-sure and family friendly, Roundhill is a popular ski-resort and can get a bit crowded during peak season.

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