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St. Anton ski resort

St. Anton ski resort is popular for both ski and Après Ski and the resort attracts hardcore skiers from around the world.

The ski resort in St. Anton has hosted the Alpine Skiing World Championship on different occasions with the most recent event held in 2001.

The popularity of St. Anton has given it a ‘cult’ reputation among skiers. As such many students and other young individuals, typically just graduated from high school, travel to St. Anton each winter to experience the party and the excellent skiing opportunities.

Ski Information for St. Anton

Considered the ski capital of Austria, St Anton is a world-leading resort offering one of a kind experience for skiers looking for a challenging terrain. The resort is ideally located in a region with abundant snowfall and exceptional powder.

St. Anton has 183 miles of marked trails and pistes and more than 124 miles long off-piste. The resort has around 88 lifts. A single Arlberg pass is sufficient for all lifts in the resort. The St Anton ski area is a holy grail for experienced skiers but the resort has a number of slopes and pistes suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. There are plenty of slopes and regions for snowboarders looking for a challenge.

The St. Anton ski area encompasses the neighbouring villages of St Christoph and Stubenam Arlberg. The resort is very close to Lech-Zurs, another popular luxury ski resort. There is also a family-friendly area located at Sonnenkopf near Klosterle.

St. Anton Ski Lifts and Gondolas

The ski lifts that take skiers to Gampen (1850m) and Kapall (2,330 m) underwent improvement during the 2001 World Championship. New high-speed lifts were added in addition to the 8 passenger gondola from Nasserein to Gampen.

In 2006, the outdated cable car from the centre of St. Anton was replaced by a high-speed Galzigbahn cable car that comprised of a glass panel construction to represent the technologically advanced system. The system helps detach the 8 passenger gondola without the need to reduce the speed of the high-speed cable car.

Skiing for Beginners

St. Anton resort is largely known for its pistes and slopes that attract expert and intermediate skiers. Thanks to the improvements and upgrades on the modern lift system, the resort has comfortable slopes for first-time skiers. Those skiing for the first time in St Anton can take lessons from any good ski school. Once you learn to ski in St. Anton, other resorts would seem easier to conquer with basic skiing skills. The best locations for beginners are the nursery slopes located at Nasserein. This location is perfect for first timers for gaining confidence in their progress higher up the mountain towards the slopes on Gampen. The wide slopes of Kapall and Galzig areas served by the Osthang chairlift are excellent training locations used extensively by ski schools in the region.

It will be very easy for beginners to take the blue trail starting at Galzig and head towards St. Christoph. This trail is a classic route for beginners as it helps them slowly improve their skiing skills. The slopes can be easily tackled by beginners.

The blue trail that takes skiers to Flexenbahn from St Anton through the Galzigbahn, moves onwards to piste 63 all the way to Osthang, followed by pistes 59 and 76 to the Arlenmahder lift, moving onwards to 100 to Alpe Rauz. This trail is long and easy to follow for beginners. Despite the easiness of the trial for beginners, they can often get confused among the trails and head on to black trails by accident.

When feeling the need to further explore the slopes, beginners can head over to Warth. It takes some time to reach this destination but the journey is worth it as the route rewards first timers with endless blue pistes that stretch from the slopes above Lech and Oberlech towards Warth.

For Intermediate Skiers

Intermediate skiers can indulge in the spectacular mountain scenery, travelling a vertical mile from the top of St Anton’s three main mountains down to the village. This route will take skiers to 6.4 miles from Valluga through the beautiful location at Ulmer Hutte ending at St. Anton. Kapal is a location that has long testing black pistes 42 and 34 that winds their way down towards the World Cup downhill route to the village. For those looking for a quiet alternative to the crowded slopes can head to Rendl. There are a number of blue, red and black pistes on open slopes. The route has a few ungroomed trails that will lead intermediate skiers to descent from the highest point of the Gampberg lift. Intermediate skiers can take the quiet Sonnenkopf route at Klosterle, the area is accessible by Arlberg pass and there is one black and one ungroomed trail. With the exception of a single black trail, the area is made up of blue and red runs.

For Advanced and Expert Skiers

St. Anton is a paradise for adrenaline junkies on skies. The terrain is ideal for testing the skills of the very best of skiers. The ungroomed slopes of Mattun and Schindlekrar ski routes include some steep descents posing as a great challenge for experienced skiers. Another prime location for skiers is the Stuben area that has a number of difficult slopes with many red routes located on the Albona north. It descends over 1000meters of different types of ungroomed terrains. For expert skiers, the popular Vallugna north facing off-piste is a challenge. Skiers taking the Flexenbahn lift will give them access to 30 ungroomed pistes and trails with plenty of off-piste. The area near the steep west-facing peaks that are protected by a very large fence is reserved for experts only. The area is accessible by Schindlergrat chairlift, this particular route is too extreme even for seasoned skiers. Even expert skiers must tread in the area with caution. A popular descent for skiers is the Schindlerkar 86 marked trail along with the popular Mattunioch 90, a famous descent for expert skiers.

Off Pistes

St. Anton off pistes are legendary. Crowded when the weather is generous and covered with powder ready for expert skiing. The Valluga north facing descend into the Paziel-Tal to Zurs is a very popular off-piste with a gut-wrenching descent that the best of skiers can handle. Taking the red ski route 51 from Galzig to St Anton is a second reincarnation of the famous black route of Ostang, the route that goes right between the trees is one of the most challenging routes. On a fine day when there is plenty of powder, even with low visibility, the trees are always visible to help the skier move past them. But even expert skiers must tread in these locations with caution as some cuts towards the right of the slope leading to deep valleys.

Snow Boarding and Free Style Skiing

The diverse and challenging terrain is a major attraction for expert snowboarders and freestyle skiers. There are extensive off-pistes that give many opportunities to snowboarders to test their skills on some of the best routes. The terrain park located on the old Masslift stretch at Rendl includes: a half-pipe measuring 40m x 17,10 barriers, two quarter pipes, a washboard, a table top, a single slide and a long jump The halfpipe is well maintained and the teams work on the maintenance every three to four weeks. Rendl is a perfect location for intermediate and beginners, the location has wide and open slopes and a lot of well-groomed runs suitable for beginners and intermediate boarders. The exciting flat section at St. Anton and nearby valleys including Steissbachtal are perfect for snowboarding and freestyling.

Afterski & Nightlife in St. Anton

St. Anton has a vibrant lifestyle that includes the legendary bars Krazy Kanguruh and Mooserwirt bar. These bars are located at a 500 meters slope right above St Anton. Apart from these prime locations, there are plenty of Après ski options in the resort.

The Krazy Kanguruh

This bar is a legend for Après Ski, a must visit spot for party lovers, the bar was founded by a former Swedish ski racer Gunnar Munthe in 1974. The bar has a wonderful sun terrace, the wonderful ambience together with the best quality beer sets the mood for a night long party. The bar opens at 3:00 pm.

The Anton and Underground Bar

The party never ends at Anton bar and in the Underground, right on the piste. The Underground is one bar that is chosen by skiers to discuss skiing maps, guides meet with clients here to discuss how to conquer the challenging off pistes. Another favourite Après ski bar is called the Piccadilly bar located at the centre of the village. The bar has live music that takes the party to another level.

Pub 37

If you are tired of partying or are just looking for a relaxing evening, then head to Pub 37. This tiny bar is charming and inviting. A trendy hangout for skiers after an adventurous day at the slopes and the challenging pistes.

Moosewirt Bar

The Moosewirt bar in St Anton is the most attended bar for Après ski. The bar is always crowded during peak season, the main attraction of the bar is the light show that begins at 3:00 pm. At 3:00 pm, the bar closes down its shutters. The bar is packed with tired skiers looking for a good time, and the party continues into the morning hours.

Griabli bar

The Griabli bar has live music for every taste. The bar has different artists who can play rock, soul, and blues. The Griabli bar is slightly mellow in comparison to other bars in the area.

The Heustadl

The Heustadl is a must stop for Apres ski, skiers arrive at the bar by skiing down the blue trail 1 starting from the bottom of the Zammermossbahn chairlift. The bar has a laid-back and friendly ambience that provide the skiers with a chance to sit back and plan their next day.

St Anton Nightclubs

Taking a walk across the village at night will bring skiers and other tourists to a wide range of nightclubs. Bar Cuba is a popular nightclub with the predominantly international crowd. The Night Owl and the Piccadilly Bar have live music, and the party continues into the morning hours.

Post Keller and the Kandahar

are two of the most happening nightclubs, and a must visit clubs in St Anton. These nightclubs are popular among tourists and skiers to meet other people and dance the night away after conquering the off pistes and extreme slopes during the day.

Activities in St. Anton

St Anton appeals skiers from all over the globe and has a repute for a landscape that will test even the finest riders. As the prominence of the resort has increased significantly, the town has a lot to offer now, and it draws all those who love to experience a broader variant of activities during a winter trip to the mountains. Currently, St Anton is considered as one of the famous ski resort as a place to go, ski and be seen. Which is why it is also the impeccable place for non-skiers as it is jam-packed with happenings and things to do.

Winter Hiking

St Anton is situated in a striking tree-lined vale, full of attractive settlements and mount lakes. All of which can be smoothly sailed across on the 71 km of guided walking tracks. There is a walking track consisting of 22 km trek next to the Rossana River connecting the neighbouring village of St. Christoph. It is an ideal location to unwind; put on your trekking boots and head out in the fresh air for some sharp cardio workout.


A climax of everybody’s journey to St Anton is the famed toboggan run. To take part, you are required to choose a conventional wooden toboggan from the base of the run or from any rental shop in the community and head up to the Nassereinbahn. You need lift pass for your journey up to the mountain. The run is of 2.6 miles trail that cuts its way through the woods. It kicks off daily from 12 pm to 4.30 pm.

Swimming & Wellness

Located in the heart of the resort is the ‘Alberg Wellness Centre’. Here, you can relish a number of different spa treatments or take a dive in one of the big indoor or outdoor pools. If you are on vacation with your children, you will find the centre a good spot as it offers a dabbling pool and other activities for kids.

The ARL.ROCK Center

One of our personal preferred locations is to chill out in the ‘Arl.rock leisure centre’. Here, you can experience indoor and outdoor mounting on their rock climbing walls. On the other hand, if you’re interested in racket sports then you can play tennis and squash as well. There is a bowling arena at the centre if you want to roll some balls. The Arl.rock opens at 1:30 pm and activities are accessible until 10:30 pm.

Getaway to Innsbruck

If you would prefer getting out of St Anton for a day, then you can ride on the train to the head of the Tyrol, Innsbruck. Immerse yourself in this ancient town and get accustomed to Austrian culture. Trains course every hour from St Anton with a return trip pricing around €40.


Even if you are not skiing, you should go deep into the farfetched Alps around St Anton. We urge that you go to the peak of Mt Valluga and experience the mesmerizing scenery of the Verwall range – all amplified by a delightful lunch in the range’s highest restaurant.

St. Anton Ski Museum

Situated in a Swiss chalet dating back to 1910, the St Anton museum will put you on a train of reminiscences encompassing the history of skiing and how it established in the Arlberg. You will also get to know about some of St. Anton’s local heroes. At the end of your journey, you will find a spot hosting some amazing ski movies from the late 20’s and 30’s. More updated film fans might be able to observe that the same museum was featured in movie ‘Chalet Girl’ as Bill Nighy’s luxury chalet. The museum opens its doors each afternoon at 2:30 pm.

Ice Skating

No winter sports location is ever perfect without an ice arena and St Anton is less to none. The resort’s ice range can be located next to the wellness centre and is ready to serve from 1:30 pm onwards.
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