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The skiing opportunities in France are perfect for seasoned skiers and even beginners. Most European and British skiers consider France a great place for skiing, holding an almost mystical, importance due to the amazing, snowy peaks and the old resorts here. Luckily, even international skiers have come to accept this fact and flock to the slopes of France each year.


A resort that has a ski-in and ski-out methodology, Avoriaz is custom made for enhancing the skiing experience and is situated on top of the French Alps. With a good amount of snow as well, this place is perfect for beginners and even seasoned skiers. One of the places worth skiing here is the “Swiss Wall” that offers a decent down the Chavanette ridge and is loved by intermediate and expert skiers due to the challenge it offers them. The lodging here is also designed to be as comfortable and feasible for skiers with different skiing facilities available for children and beginners to skiing.


Val d’Isère

Renowned for its remote location, Val d’Isère offers skiers with quality skiing experiences. Some of the most prime attractions here are loved due to the fact that they are perfect for skiers. The best part is that this place matches quality with quantity and skiers can choose from steep contours, bowls with powder as well as glaciers that are high-altitude. Situated on the Alps, it is a favourite holiday destination for many skiers and one doesn’t have to be an expert to enjoy the snowy slopes here. Lodgings are available but fill up quickly as the place, particularly during the season so early bookings are advisable.



One of the oldest resorts that were established in 1930, Méribel has remained one of the best ski resorts and a resort that holds history close to its heart. The lodgings found here are still in the traditional chalet style which was popular during the 1930’s. Apart from the eccentric architecture, the resort is situated in the centre of the Trois Valleés that presents one of the best, natural skiing runs and slopes. Apart from the amazing skiing prospects, Méribel also has an active nightlife with live bands and even some clubs available. Unfortunately, the chalets here are priced really high which does drive down the number of people that visit the place each year.


Serre Chevalier

A string of little villages makes up the Serre Chevalier which offers skiing opportunities that are perfect for skiers of every skill level. Stretching over a total of 6 peaks, Serre Chevalier offers one the chance to ski in different settings without tiring. Accommodations are also easy to come by due to the string of villages that are all interconnected with the main skiing area. The peaks here have runs build for beginners as well as powder bowls for experts and even areas for beginners. While some skiing areas are only accessible with the help of skiing tows, the rest of the skiing spots are easily accessible. The villages also offer amazing cuisine and while there won’t be fine dining opportunities, the food is rustic and hearty.



The most popular peak after Méribel and Val d’Isère, Chamonix is considered to be one of the most famous ski resorts due to the fact that the first Winter Olympics were held here in 1942. It is also situated on the peak of the highest mountain across Europe, namely, the Mont Blanc. Over the years, the Chamonix has earned itself a reputation for having some of the most challenging and dangerous runs and usually recommended for experts. The numbers of ski accidents that have occurred in the Chamonix have made it rather notorious. However, it still manages to attract droves of international skiers who are looking for a challenge like it. Accommodations here are easy to find and it has retained a quaint, rustic charm due to its Victorian-era architecture.


La Clusaz

A resort that can be considered to be ancient, La Clusaz dates back to 1907. Located near Geneva, La Clusaz started out as a small village that eventually grew to become a ski resort. The skiing opportunity it provides is coupled with a rustic charm to it that draws skiers to it. Moreover, it is easily accessible from Geneva since it is located only an hour’s drive away from it and makes for an ideal spot for the last minute, skiing trip. The easy access to the place has made it a great favourite and many French and British skiers have bought apartments and chalets here for its easy accessibility. The community here is largely French which the main reason why the little resort town has a decidedly French feeling to it.



If you’re looking for a flashy ski resort, Courchevel is the best option. Famed for the property prices that can easily range into the multi-million bracket, the slopes here are multi-faceted, offering something for beginners, intermediates and even expert skiers. The best part is that accommodations are cheap and affordable. On the other hand, if you’re considering buying property here, you might want to reconsider since the cheapest is still in offered at a price starting in the multi-millions.


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