La Plagne
Facts & Figures
0 m (0 m - 0 m)
20171223 - 20180413
Opening time:
08:30 - 16:30
Ski pass prices:
Adults 60 €
Children 48 €
Senior 40 €
Total ski slopes:
225 km km
Easy 118km
Intermediate 58km
Difficult 33km
Lifts total:
94 km
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Facts & Figures
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Elevation: 0 m (0 m - 0 m) Season: 20171223 - 20180413 Opening time: 08:30 - 16:30
Ski pass prices:
Adults 60 €
Children 48 €
Senior 40 €
Total ski slopes: 225 km km
Easy 118km
Intermediate 58km
Difficult 33km
Lifts total: 94

La Plagne ski resort

La Plagne contains 225km of slopes is equipped with 94 ski lifts. The area consists of 11 different minor cities, all with independent characteristics. In 2003 La Plagne was connected to Les Arcs, thereby creating "Paradiski" with a massive 425 kilometres of slopes.

Ski Information for La Plagne

Plagne Centre (1970 m) is considered the as the “downtown” in La Plagne. Plagne Centre is built with a particular far-sightedness when it comes to infrastructure. As a resulting, skiers and automobiles have no particular risk of colliding. Almost all hotels and apartment blocks in Plagne Centre provides the possibility for Ski-in/Ski-out. Around Plagne Centre are four minor resorts with own characteristics.

Plagne Aime (2100 m) is the highest located of all of the cities La Plagne. Originally a farmer’s town, Aime developed throughout the 60’ies and 70’ ies. Although the city is generally dependent on ski tourism, the number of hotels and rental blocks are kept at a modest level. Most notable accommodation for this skiing village is the two Club Med resorts built in the 90’ ies. From Plagne Aime, you have the possibility to take one of two black slopes towards the town of Plagne Montalbert (1350). Alternatively, the less experienced skier will have the possibility go through a dense Forrest on a long, broad but winding red and blue slope. Below Plagne Centre is Plagne 1800 (1800m). Plagne 1800 is a typical satellite built for the occasion. Very popular among families’ due to its green slope and children play park. Plagne Soleil (2050 m) is not referencing the sun for no particular reason. Alongside its adjacent neighbour Plagne Villages (2050 m), Plagne Soleil is located higher than its nearby neighbouring villages. In Plage Soleil you will find a great panoramic view overlooking the entire valley.

Getting back to Plagne Centre, and from here you can take the gondola to the top of “La Grande Rochette” (2505 m). From the upper part of La Grande Rochette, a long red sloped piste takes you all the way down to Champagny-en-Vanoise (1250 m). A vertical drop of 1255 metres and great exercise for your thighs and calf with guaranteed results. Be aware, that since the descent is a south-facing slope, the snow can be rather slushy during the afternoon – all dependent on temperature and time of the season.  The village of Champagny-en-Vanoise is somewhat isolated and is not struck by the mass tourism in the same degree as Plagne Centre. Champagny-en-Vanoise is the place to be for those who prefer peace after a day of skiing,  while still maintaining a few possibilities to choose from when it comes to bars or restaurants.

East of Plagne Centre, in the adjacent valley, is Belle Plagne (2050 m) and Plagne Bellecote (1930 m). The two cities are interconnected by a telecabine. The Telecabine remains open until midnight throughout the season. Belle Plagne is easily regarded as the other major resort next to Plagne Centre. Belle Plagne is built inside a forest and has all the amenities you need on a skiing trip. You find some of the best apres-ski in Belle Plagne – and along with it some of the younger skiing audience as well.

In the eastern outskirts of the La Plagne resort area, you find Les Coches and Montchavin. Les Coches being your typical winter sports resort 3km above Montchavin. The town is small and quiet, and to get certain amenities you have to drive down to Montchavin. Montchavin, on the other hand, is an old farming village with several apartment blocks, hotels, bars and restaurant. The slopes in the area of Les Coches/Montchavin is often a bit crowded in the afternoon. Reason being the connective gondola which was built in 2003 which connects La Plagne with Les Arcs, making the combined resort the second biggest in the world.

Afterski & Nightlife in La Plagne

Many skiers flock to ski resorts not only because of the skiing opportunities there but because of the bustling night life that they have to offer. If you’re in La Plagne, you already know that the skiing opportunities are plentiful in this snow sure resort. While La Plagne isn’t known for having an active nightlife, there are a few bars and clubs which offer good food and beverages and a chance to enjoy the local music.

Le Cosy – Night Club and Bar

A bar that doubles as a disco late night, Le Cosy is a favorite spot to visit in La Plagne. The best part is that snacks are always available until closing time and many people looking for a midnight snack frequent Le Cosy. The bar is only open from 5 pm to 8 pm whereas the club opens from 10pm till 6am. The best part is that Le Cosy offers a free bus service which will pick you up from your chalet or apartment and take you to and from the disco with ease.

Igloo Igloo

Looking for something more unique? Head over to the Igloo Igloo bar which offers you all the delights of a regular bar in the most eclectic setup ever. The décor is crafted to provide the same atmosphere you could find in an igloo, with a cozy spin to it. Be prepared to see replicas of penguins and polar bears, faux fur rugs and more. With a daily “Happy Hour” that starts at 4pm and ends at 6pm, as well as live music from local bands and DJ’s starting at 9pm, this is a popular bar to visit for many.

Le Saloon Bar

Emulating a Wild West style, Le Saloon Bar allows you to enjoy a drink in a quaint, Western bar-like setting. With new DJ’s every night, you aren’t going to get tired of the music. Open from 4pm to 5am, Le Saloon bar also offers a shuttle service for their patrons and you can have the shuttle pick and drop you from any location with ease. The above three are some of the most popular bars and clubs which are frequented by local and international visitors at La Plagne, but there are also plenty of other local bars and clubs available too.

Activities in La Plagne

Ski resorts aren’t just meant for skiing aficionados and many families love to plan trips to ski resorts, even if they are not interested in skiing. While some ski resorts cater only to skiers, many resorts, including La Plagne offer a host of other snow activities other than skiing. When you have gotten tired of hitting the slopes all day, the following are a few other snow activities you can try when you are in La Plagne


La Plagne has the unique distinction of offering a magnificent bobsledding experience because they hosted the 1992 Olympic Games and had a bobsledding course built according to Olympic standards. You can actually go bobsledding in three different types of sledges, each offering a thrill like no other. Height and health restrictions do apply, so be sure to get evaluated beforehand.

Snow Shoeing Trails

La Plagne has a magical landscape that is only enhanced by snow. If you’re interested in trekking, you can opt for a snowshoe trekking experience with the help of a guide. There are also special sunset and sunrise trekking excursions that allow you to enjoy the magnificence of Mont. Blanc in the most magical natural light.

The Black Sheep Igloo

Feel like spending some time in an Igloo? Head to the Black Sheep Igloo that offers an authentic experience of being ensconced in an igloo. You can choose to either enjoy a dinner or spend the night in the igloo. For both occasions, advance booking is a necessity. Also, remember that furs and thermal clothing are a must in here as your core temperature may drop.

Ice Grotto

Situated on the top of a glacier, namely the Plagne Bellecote, the Ice Grotto features various ice sculptures carved from the natural ice of the glacier. The interesting part is that as the glacier changes each year, the sculptures are also changed in accordance with this. This not only means you get to see something new every year; it also creates unique hues in the ice ranging from blue to green.


Want another way to explore the landscape? Tandem paragliding is also available at La Plagne. Starting from the Grande Rochette and extending over Three Valleys and Mount Blanc, the breathtaking views of these snow covered peaks are well worth the effort. Based on the company you avail these services with, you can also get film coverage of the flight you took
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