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Adults 40 €
Children 73 €
Senior 34,4 €
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Val Thorens ski packages

Ski Information for Val Thorens

Val Thorens ski resort is the highest resort in the French Alps. It is located at a high altitude of 2,300 meters. The resort is a part of the “Three Vallées” area, which offers over 372 miles of pistes making it the largest interconnected ski area in the world.

Once the resort opens, an event called “Grande Premier” is undertaken. This official event marks the beginning of the new ski season at Val Thorens and brings a unique opportunity for the skiers to test the newly launched skiing equipment from leading sports brands free of charge.

Lifts, Gondolas, and Lift Passes at Val Thorens

Val Thorens has a sophisticated lift system spread across the valley. The resort has several high-speed large-capacity gondolas and chair lifts. Val Thorens has high-speed lifts along with large-capacity gondolas. Bouquetin gondola is a new addition to the resort. The newly installed Bouquetin gondola has improved accessibility to Méribel giving skiers a chance to explore the area with ease adding to their adventure. New investments by Les Menuires and St Martin have allowed the addition of new and modern chairlifts on the Mont de la Chambre and a new base cable car from St. Martin. The investment includes a new 6-person Becca chair, another recent addition to the lifts is the new 6-passenger chair life called the Granges. This particular lift has allowed more access for skiers to navigate the area between St Martin and Les Menuires.

Skiing in Val Thorens

Val Thorens is a winter paradise, the resort is ideally located at the head of the Belleville Valley. The resort is nestled around a horseshoe of dynamic snow packed peaks. The location of the resort brings in some of the best snow, making it a perfect location for skiing in the French Alps. Val Thorens is located on the west facing slopes over the east side of the valley. The skiing area extends across the western flank. The resort has many north-facing slopes, a sign of excellent snow conditions. Right above the resort is a dedicated zone for expert skiers from Peclet glacier situated at 3101m. The area is accessible by a massive 25-passenger gondola. For intermediate skiers, the marked blue area begins at Col de la Chambre located at 2803m, this area serves as a connecting point to the beautiful Méribel Valley. The skiing area is easily accessible from chairlifts located at the base of the resorts serving the extensive flank between Pointe de Thorens and Cime de Caron situated at 3200 m. Below the Pointe De Thorens, the Col chairlift takes skiers up to 3133 meters giving them access to the Chaviere Glacier. This location is primarily for intermediate skiers, but the area is plentiful in off-pistes right between the trials. Val Thorens ski resort’s terrain can fit skiers of every level. From those taking baby steps to experienced skiers, the 372-mile terrain with interconnected pistes has something for every skier, whether they are beginner, intermediate or expert skiers. The ski areas offer multiple routes adapted to each level. Thanks to the colors of the ski slopes, everyone can make the most of their stay in the mountains. The resort has different pistes for different levels. Below is a description of pistes for different skiing levels.

For Beginners

Val Thorens is suitable for beginners, the green slopes are for beginners who need practice before heading out to explore the picturesque locations. The main slopes are located right next to the resort. It has a pleasant yet progressive network of trials marked in green. The lack of visibility will be a problem for beginners, but the weather often gets bright enough for beginners to practice. The dedicated beginner's areas are found in Les Menuires and St Martin located just above the Croisette area. It’s a good idea for beginners to get a ski pass that offers six half day lessons with access to 16 ski lifts.

For Intermediate Skiers

Val Thorens has many routes for intermediate skiers to explore the area. The resort is accessible to intermediate skiers who are looking for a challenge to conquer the steep slopes of Cime de Caron. The route continues towards the base of the Caron bubble that provides skiers with access to the Boismint chairlift. Skiing towards the western flanks, the Col has marked red and blue at some places. The lower side is flatter than other parts of the Col, an excellent choice for cruising and confidence building. There are blue marked trails on the other side of the Méribel. This part of the valley is a favorite among intermediate skiers. The areas of Pluviomètre and Mont de la Chambre offer an alternate route for skiing down towards the Les Menuires. Intermediate skiers can enjoy a picturesque cruise skiing at the Pramint. Skiing down towards the Biolley to St Martin offer skiers a wide array of perfect vertical reds over 1000m. The 3 Marches is an ideal run for high-speed intermediate skiers. Whereas, the Allamands has an ideal mix of humps and switchbacks. Most of the reds in the Allamands skiing area from the Becca chairlift are suitable for skiers, and the Masse offers spectacular views along with exhilarating skiing. The Grand Lac offers a perfect blue trail, right below the brand now Granges chairlift.

For Expert Skiers

Many pistes in Val Thorens are not as steep when compared to other areas. However, some areas challenge the experienced skiers to give their best. Areas like Combe De Caron have long and winding black trials. The winding black pistes have a precariously steep start, and the Combe Rosael is the most challenging route that takes skiers into the Maurienne valley. The off pistes under the black trails have challenging bump runs. The skiers on a bright day will enjoy the challenging steep runs, but skiers must proceed with caution in the off-piste and avoid sharp rocks. Most of the area in the Val Thorens is skiable, most of the area is perfect for long runs from the top of Cime De Caron with a drop down to 1300m. The other run at Lac du Lou is breathtaking as it is challenging. The skiers can take a massive plunge of 2000m vertically through the Gébroulaz Glacier from the highest point of the Col chairlift down into the Méribel. The addition of the new Bouchet chairlift has freed the skiers from walking all the way to the top of the Maurienne valley. The Col chairlift now connects to Bouchet chair to give skiers access to the breathtaking Glacier du Bouchet. This is one of the best off-piste in the Alps. Access to Glacier du Bouchet is easy if skiers begin from the top of the Sommet des Pistes down to 930 meters of an utterly vertical run, the most challenging of all off-pistes. In the past, many accidents have given this area a dangerous reputation.

Afterski & Nightlife in Val Thorens

The Après and nightlife in Val Thorens, thrive with chic bars and three significant nightclubs. Most of the crowd is vibrant, young skiers and tourists looking for an inviting spot for relaxing after spending a spectacular day at the slopes. Après at Val Thorens suits everyone, there are options for party lovers and for those who want to enjoy a quiet evening at a cozy bar with friends or meet new people. Therefore, with a wide range of bar or club, tourists can enjoy the extensive nightlife of Val Thorens.

Le Saloon Bar

Le Saloon is one of the most popular spots for skiers and tourists. Le Saloon bar opened its doors for the first time in the winter seasons of 2006-07. Since the opening day, the bar is one of the most happening spots for skiers to get together for exotic drinks. It has a wide range of food and wine, perfect for ending a perfect day at the slopes. The bar is a favourite among party animals, with live music from the local artists every day. Le Saloon is open every day during winter’s season. Bar opens at 3:00 pm and closes around 1:45 am.

Le Malaysia

Le Malaysia, is a popular spot for Après ski activity for more than 30 years. The club is nestled in a small chalet stretching about 1000 square meters and can boast the largest dance floor in the French Alps! Le Malaysian has an industrial ambience and have a Parisian look and feel to it. Each night the club attracts about 2500 visitors for the best party in the entire resort. The crowd is international, vibrant, lively and young. Le Malaysia is known to have the most extensive dance floor in the French Alps, which makes it a big attraction for tourists and skiers alike. The club attracts the most popular DJs and artists. In the past, Joris Voom, Calvin Harris, Pendulum, Afrojack, Tony Romero and many others have performed at Le Malaysia. The drinks at the club are pricey as compared to other nightclubs and bars. The Club opens at 11:00 pm with a live concert each night. The show is followed by a remarkable DJ that continues throughout the night until 5:00 am.

La Folie Douce

Hidden between the beautiful Val Thorens valley is the La Folie Douce, this bar/restaurant is a must for Après ski. The bar has live performances and some fun-filled high altitude clubbing. The spot has excellent show options for families and children as well. This is one spot, which has something for both, skiers and families. The La Folie Douce has a unique spirit and vibe that attracts hundreds of skiers and families every day. After 2:30 pm, the La Folie Douce transforms into a happening nightclub. Each evening, it becomes the centre of attraction for hundreds of skiers, for an unforgettable Apres ski & nightlife experience. Live performances by artists, a vibrant DJ set, and live music by local artists, add more pleasure to high altitude clubbing in the French Alps.

Activities in Val Thorens

Val Thorens is a thriving ski resort for ski enthusiasts. Intermediate and expert skiers head to this beautiful resort for the adrenaline rush that no other resort provides in the French Alps. Apart from skiing, the resort offers a ton of different activities to keep everyone busy. The Airbag at Val Thorens is a must try for everyone. The Airbag has multiple purposes, apart from giving a safe landing spot for snowboarders, who want to perfect their jumps, it serves another fun-filled purpose! For tourists who can’t ski or snowboard, they can have the Air Tubby. Simply settle in a rubber ring and slide down the slope, landing gently onto the giant air cushion. The Airbag and the Air Tubby are open daily from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. There is free entertainment every Monday and Tuesday from 5:00 pm onwards. The location of the Airbag is right opposite to the Le Roc draglift at the Rond Point des Pistes.

The Fun Slope

The Fun Slope is a must try for families and children enjoy the exciting obstacle course. Val Thorens has created this interesting course. It is over 900 meters in length, and the tourist must use all their senses to navigate their way through the course. It has snow tunnels, bridges, banked turns, spirals, for everyone to enjoy. The Fun Slope is located parallel to 2 Lacs chairlift right at the centre of Val Thorens. The Fun Slope is unique and different, and a fun activity for people of all ages.

Ice Diving

After the skiing, take a short trip from Val Thorens and head to the frozen Lac du Lou. The frozen lake offers something very unique and adventurous. Take a plunge down into the freezing water with diving equipment and explore the frozen lake from underwater for 20 minutes. This activity will pump up the adrenaline as soon as one plunges beneath the frozen waters. Explore the lake under the ice surface, watch the light penetrate the glassy surface to reach the lake. The diving experts will accompany the tourist on their trip, every type of safety measure is taken into consideration before the dive. After the adventurous underwater dive head back to the resort on skis or snowshoes. The diving lesson requires advance booking. The activity is suitable for children aged 16 and above.

Ice Driving

If skiing does not give you an adrenaline rush, then head to the highest ice-racing track in Europe. The Val Thorens Driver’s school offers new sensations at 2200 m altitude. The circuit is perfect for counter steering, braking and other techniques that will pump up the adrenaline. Take the greatest rush filled drive not found anywhere else.

Ice Karting

Another fun activity from the Val Thorens driving school is ice karting. The ice karting ring is over 300meters long and 5 meters wide made entirely of ice. The run is made for Alain Prost driving circuit center. A fun-filled attraction for friends and family to enjoy the sensation of sliding around on the ice on a kart.

MTB – Snow Bike

This is a newly introduced sport for those who are looking for adventure. MTB bikers can enjoy this activity at an altitude of 3000m at the foot of the Péclet glacier. Remember to register for MTB Snow biking when visiting Val Thorens. The event is open every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Departure is at 5:00 and the run opens in February when the slopes have closed. The tour is led by an experienced and state qualified instructor. Take this sporty and adventurous descent for an exciting excursion in the beautiful snowy peaks. The whole trip takes about 45 minutes. A group of 5 to 10 people can participate in this activity at a single time. Equipment and bikes are provided by the institute. Information and booking are available at the Chalet Toboggan.

Paragliding for Bird’s Eye View

After crossing the slopes take an unforgettable paragliding trip. The paragliding trip is the best way to explore the beauty of the French Alps. See the glorious Mont Blanc under expert supervision with complete safety measures. Depart from 3000meter height for a 650-meter descent, enjoy the sensations and make unforgettable memories for a lifetime.


Get into a paramotor and enjoy the dreamy locations of Val Thorens and Belleville. An experienced instructor takes tourists on an airborne adventure to experience the best aerial views at a comfortable cruising speed of 20 miles per hour. The best part is that according to personal preference, the flight is adjusted to suit a smooth picturesque flight or a more exhilarating acrobatic flight. Fly over massive glaciers and giant summits of the Massifs de la Maurienne, Tarentaise, Vanoise all the way to the Mont Blanc and the Ecrins mountain ranges. For reservations, contact Ski Cool 3 days before the flight day.

Trip on the Snow Mobile

Discover the beautiful landscape at night by taking a snowmobile ride alone or with a friend, follow the tour guide to enjoy the scenery. Under the moonlight, exploring the landscape has its own thrill and adventure.

The Tyrolienne

The Tyrolienne is 1 minute 24 seconds of a pure joy ride in the beautiful French Alpine surroundings. Take a plunge from the high peaks of the Alps at 3230 meters. The journey starts at the highest point of the Bouchet Chairlift in the Orelle resort over to Val Thorens crest at 3000m right at the top of the Thorens Funitel. Float in the air like an eagle-suspended by a steel cable nestled comfortably in a cocoon fabric that can reach the speed of 62 miles per hour. This joy ride is available for skiers, using the Bouchet chairlift at the Orelle resort. The activity is for everyone and children as young as 8 can enjoy this thrill ride.

Toboggan at Val Thorens

Enjoy the longest toboggan run in Europe at Val Thorens. This is one of the best toboggan runs in Europe that is fit for children as young as five under adult supervision. The ascent is 8 minutes long and it uses the Péclet Funitel. Tourists arrive at the starting point located at the bottom of the great Péclet glacier situated at 3000m. There are many bends and slopes at different angles adding another dimension to the fun and joy. The activity is completely safe for children, adult supervision is mandatory.

Footpaths for Hikes

Walking the beautiful trails are entertaining and as much fun as skiing. There are many trails for walking and snowshoe hikes. A new way to explore the spectacular Val Thorens resort and surrounding areas. There are several trials and departure points to suit different tastes. Get a map from the tourist office and head off to explore.

Helicopter Trip

This is the best opportunity to enjoy a remarkable one of a kind helicopter trip to enjoy the glorious beauty of the prestigious summits of the Alps. These 10 minutes of flight will be a memorable journey with the unforgettable beautiful scenery of the Alps.

Discover the beauty of the Alps by Traditional Dog Sledge

Experience the true beauty of Val Thorens by taking a traditional dog sledge ride. Professional mushers will take tourists on a journey they will never forget. A must activity for children to enjoy the nature and beautiful countryside of Val Thorens.

Yoga Classes at High Altitude

Maintain health and wellbeing by taking yoga classes from expert Yogis at Val Thorens. Relax and exercise in the serene peace of the mountains. Connect with nature, tone the muscles, relax, and gather the energy of the mountains in a Yoga class.
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