Facts & Figures
800 metres m (465 metres m - 1100 metres m)
20181103 - 20190428
Opening time:
09:00 - 15:30
Ski pass prices:
Adults € 51,5
Children € 41
Senior € 41
Total ski slopes:
68 km
Easy 16km
Intermediate 15km
Difficult 10km
Lifts total:
30 km
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Facts & Figures
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Elevation: 800 metres m (465 metres m - 1100 metres m) Season: 20181103 - 20190428 Opening time: 09:00 - 15:30
Ski pass prices:
Adults € 51,5
Children € 41
Senior € 41
Based pricing for 1-day passes in peak season.
Total ski slopes: 68 km
Easy 16km
Intermediate 15km
Difficult 10km
Lifts total: 30

Trysil ski resort

Located close to the Swedish border and about two and half hours drive from Oslo, Trysil ski resort has become extremely popular by many Scandinavian ski sports aficionados. Surrounded by a stirring beauty, Trysil starts welcoming ski holiday guests from mid-November snow till April – May. Trysil has one mountain, which is surrounded by different satellite accommodation-hubs. Spending your ski holiday in Trysil guarantees not only cold and excellent skiing but also create an opportunity to ski the sun all day by skiing clockwise around the city.

Ski Information for Trysil

Trysil ski resort is one of the biggest ski resorts in all of Scandinavia. Although the mountain is not more than 800-1100 metres in height, there is a high degree of snow security, which makes the resort very popular. Apart from regular guests who take their ski holiday in Trysil, more athletic guests such as ski clubs and national teams from all over the Scandies are often noticeable.

The early winter days (November to January) only lasts around 6-7 hours in Trysil. As a consequence, a lot of investments have gone into the installation of floodlights in order to illuminate the ski slopes by midafternoon. Skiing in the glow of the lights is an unparalleled experience on its own, and nighttime skiing is one of the main attractions in Trysil. The daylight issue lasts until February and after that, it doesn’t concern anyone.

The highest point of the mountain is 1132 meters above sea level. The state of the art lift system makes it easy for visitors to navigate through the mountains. The mountain offers something for everyone. While it mostly attracts beginners and intermediary skiers, the seven steep slopes can only be accessed through high-speed six-man chair for avid skiers looking for challenges.

Accommodation in Trysil

Most of the accommodation in Trysil is situated right on the slopes and has Ski in/Ski out facilities. To the north of the mountain, you find some of the biggest complex in the resort. Here you will most likely want to stay, given you are mid-sized family as plenty of Shops and restaurants make it an impeccable place for families to have a good time which makes it an impeccable place for families to have a good time. There is something for everyone in Trysil as it has a wide range of luxury resorts, apartments, and single rooms. Based on the requirements and budget, there are multiple online booking sites where you can make your reservation for your next ski holiday in Trysil.

Beginner skiing in Trysil

The 27 green runs are spread across the mountains, which is excellent for beginners as they can explore the mountain even if they are not a pro. Adequate training at the ski school will enable them to explore the vast natural landscapes without any limitation. This is a true family resort, and the overwhelming “green ocean” of slopes certainly confirms this

Intermediate skiing in Trysil

For someone who fancies a little challenge, there are plenty of red and blue runs above and below the tree line. Skiers who are into schussing also have the chance to make a quick run downhill. Top of the mountain tends to get really cold so the mix of slopes above and below the tree line is a great addition to the overall experience.

Advanced skiing in Trysil

Advanced skiers have the opportunity to ski across packed powder at piste number 75, which is also considered to be the most difficult run in Trysil and has a gradient of 45 degrees. This 2.5km black run is an adrenaline pumping experience for avid skiers and snowboarders who aspire to test their skills at a whole new level.

Trysil Night skiing

One of the major attractions of Trysil is its night skiing. The slopes are fully covered with floodlights that are in full bloom as soon as the sun vanishes behind the mountains. Night skiing is one of the most popular activities of the destination and is accessible for 3-4 days a week. Skiing under the Northern lights with an orange mist surrounding the whole area is once in a lifetime experience and is bound to make your stay absolutely worth it.

Along with the ability to ski at night on your ski holiday, the slopes at Trysil are less crowded than the ones in Alpines. This means that most of the times you will have entire slopes to yourself, which is typically a rarity. Especially if you are traveling near the holiday season, such as Christmas or New Year, these slopes are a luxury.

Afterski & Nightlife in Trysil

One thing that you can be sure about Trysil is that eating and drinking will not come cheap. A pint of beer or a glass of wine will cost you around £15 -£20. This is equivalent to an upper mid-range restaurant in London. Therefore, it’s always best to bring along your favourite bottle of liquor from a duty-free shop and relish it in your resort. Still, some of the best bars to visit in Trysil include

Stallen Pub

It is located on the Knettsetra mid-mountain plateau between Hogegga and tourist base. Stallen is an ultimate Après-ski spot for young skiers who have a passion for live rock music. One thing about Norwegians that stands out the most is that they never get tired of rock and metal. They will keep singing and dancing to the tunes well into the night and you are bound to join them in their passion. If you happen to be at Trysil in April, you will have a chance to witness a 3-day afternoon and night concerts happening amidst thousands of skiers. In short, Stallen is a perfect place to just chill out during your long due holiday.


This is a perfect spot for families and friends at the tip of Radisson Blu who are into watching sports with a glass of freshly brewed beer. The ambiance is pretty unique and calm and sometimes live music is offered too. The variety of beer is also quite impressive. Don’t forget to get your children a mug of hot chocolate after a fun day of skiing. The best time to visit is probably after a round of night skiing as the floodlights offer an inimitable view into nature.


Laaven is one of the liveliest and oldest bar-cum-restaurant in Trysil. It is located almost 50m from the bottom of T2 Fjellekspressen chairlift. The place was constructed back in the 18th century and some of the signs are still there. Weekends are the busiest at Laaven and many assorted bars are set up throughout the vicinity. The place turns into a nightclub late on Saturdays and you can actually dance on the tables as a part of the tradition. This is a place for you to be in case you are looking for some fun after a tiring day of skiing.

Activities in Trysil

When embarking on your next ski holiday to Trysil, you can be sure there is always plenty to do – no matter what age. Children can play at a Lego tent at the foot of the main slopes with a giant playpen, while families can enjoy dog sledging and sleigh rides through the woods and relish this natural wonderland. Typically, it’s considered to be a perfect spot for families but young adventurers and nature lovers are bound to have a great time too in the bike arena or just enjoying the scenery by star gazing the Nordic evening sky looking for northern light.

Dog sledding

Dog sledding is one of the most popular activities of the location. You can choose to drive your own sledge for a 20-minute to overnight trips, depending on your plans. Some of the resorts have partnered with Swedish adventure companies to provide their guests with a mesmeric journey through the Swedish fells over the border and back. This can prove to be an experience of a lifetime for your whole family. The dog breeds include Alaskan and Siberian husky and are well-trained for the job. It will be hard for you not to fall in love with their friendliness and commitment.

Sleigh Rides

Horse Sleigh rides offer you the chance to enlighten your soul with a scenic trip around the tree lines and the setting sun upon you. You will be all cosy under reindeer skins while breathing the fresh air. You can also camp in the woods with your friends, cook your meal and have a real camping escapade.

Hiking and Mounting Touring

This is an ideal activity for families and kids. You can either take this challenge on your own or hire a guide. Tracks are built for you to hike to the top of the mountain where the view is unrealistic. There is nothing for miles on every side and the farthest you would see civilization is the base village, which is only 2km away from the chairlifts.

Swimming and Flow riding

There is an indoor water park at the resort, which consists of a large main pool with currents, deep pool, 2 children pools and a Jacuzzi. Starting off your morning with a swim and a classical view out of the glass windows would get you warmed up nicely for the skiing runs later in the day. Another attraction of this park is a Flow rider where you could surf on artificially created waves – something to be booked in advance due to high demand.
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