Best ski resorts in Canada 2019

Skiing in Canada – here’s what you need to know about the best skiing and ski resorts in Canada.


Canada is the land of maple syrup, diversity and politeness and challenging terrains. Winter in Canada brings plenty of snow, thanks to their border with Russia. For skiers across the world, this has made Canada another lucrative country with loads of skiing opportunities. Canada has a history of having some of the best skiing spots, not just for skiers, but for snowboarders too. The snow you get also makes the slopes in Canada unique.


If you want to go skiing in Canada, the following are some spots you can visit. We have evaluated these resorts based on a couple of factors to consider when choosing a resort – accommodation, nightlife and food.


Revelstoke, British Columbia offers some of the best skiing in Canada


One of the newest skiing spots in Canada, Revelstoke boasts one of the biggest vertical slopes in North America. This attracts the attention of skiers from all over the world. With thick, powdery snow and around 3,000 acres to ski on, this is a place worth visiting.


Skiing terrain


With a sheer vertical drop of 5,620 feet, Revelstoke boasts of having the most significant vertical drop in North America. It goes without saying that even the most experienced skiers should meet their match on these slopes.


Revelstoke’s top elevation, 7300 feet, is considerably shorter than those of other ski slopes. It does still, however, provide for some of the best skiing in Canada. On average, Revelstoke receives about 350 inches of snowfall every year, ensuring that you never run out of prime powder.


Accessing Revelstoke in the past has been a challenge, as the nearest major airport was about 2 hours away. Fortunately, however, the recent inception of Revelstoke charter flights has made accessing the resort easier. You can now fly directly to the resort from Vancouver.




The town surrounding this resort is still developing but you can still find moderate and modest accommodations. The food which makes up for what it lacks in finesse by being hale, healthy and hearty. For lodging, try out the Sutton Place. Chubby Funsters should be an excellent place to get your food.


Fernie, British Columbia offers some of the best skiing in Canada


Having an almost legendary status among skiers in Canada, Fernie is the perfect playground for the adventurous skier. The resort is renowned for providing adrenaline inducing thrills. The terrain is ungroomed and the steep slopes naturally shaped. This enhances the skiers skiing experience.


We recommend that you visit the resort during the early holiday season. During peak season, the resort get’s crowded by local and international skiing enthusiasts.


Skiing terrain


This resort is popular for its high level of snowfall and powder skiing. Located on the Lizard Range, it has ten lifts with 142 runs, the longest run being 5km.


Fernie serves as a great place for skiers with its heavy snowfalls and steep terrains, and trees covering them. There are a number of black and double black slopes, a source of attraction to skiers. Polar Peak has a double diamond gradient having a limited vertical.


Some areas are great for lapses, but one has to go through a number of run out lifts to get to them. There is a third lift that reaches out to the Polar Peak area. There is also a small hike (Fish Bowl) present beyond the boundary of the resort, an enjoyable place for skiers.


In order to boost the confidence of beginners, two lifts provide a nursery area for the skiers. The smooth terrains helps them to find their feet on the slopes.


Fernie Valley is a spot that skiers rarely recognize for what it has to offer. The ski team of Fernie has participated in the 2006 and 2010 World Olympics.


The resort also became famous for its appearance in the film ‘Hot Tub Time Machine.’ Fernie became part of the entire movie. The story revolves around a group of people who travel back in time. They introduced a two-day use of huts for skiers in the setting. Consequently, there are now five different ski spots in Fernie, including warming huts.


Mount Tremblant, Quebec also offers some of the best skiing in Canada


Located in Montreal and nestled away near the Laurentian Mountains, Mont Tremblant ski resort is a busy destination, especially on weekends. If the adorable Disney-like town doesn’t entice you to Mont Tremblant, then the epic skiing here definitely will.


Considered eastern Canada’s premier resort, some say that it is the best resort on the east coast of North America. The bilingual resort (English and French) combines unique Quebecois culture and cuisine with terrain to suit any ability.


Many visitors compare it to skiing in a European town – just without the transatlantic flight. In fact, sitting only 90 minutes northwest of Montreal, it’s one of the easiest resorts to get to in Canada!


Skiing terrain


The resort has specifically designed the terrain to cater for every skiers want and need. Mont Tremblant’s big terrain (by eastern standards) is sure to impress any skier, offering up 100 trails and 3 terrain parks to choose from.


Its 2,116 ft of vertical is nothing to sneer at. It also has Quebec’s steepest run with a pitch of 42 degrees – that’s sure to raise the heart rate of even the most hardcore thrill-seeker! The vertical drop might not sound like a lot if you’re used to resorts out west. But when you take in the expansive vistas of the Laurentian Mountains, you won’t complain!




Other than skiing, there are spa treatments available, dog-sledding opportunities as well as tours of the villages that are located nearby. The car-free village makes for a relaxing and family-friendly experience.


The resort is nestled among brightly coloured shops that look like they have been plucked right out of the Alps. And once you call it a day, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to food and drink.


Banff, Alberta too offers some of the best skiing in Canada


Canada is home to the best skiing (including heli-skiing) spots in North America. Consequently, Banff is also one of the most iconic locations in the country.


Found in the great Rocky Mountains, the resort has been a famous spot for global travellers for around 130 years. Already a popular destination as the Banff National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the place completely transforms during the winters.


For skiing enthusiasts, it turns into the perfect winter wonderland with three different resorts that are located in the heart of the park. Skiing runs are available in a wide range of difficulties. There are plenty of other activities such as sledding and trekking in winter. There are also different spa and culinary delights for skiers and their families.


The overall area of the town is around four square kilometers and encompasses stunning lakes, towering mountains, and endless forests.  Visitors can also expect some great accommodations, shopping and food stalls near the location. However, the natural beauty is the major reason that brings people back to Banff Canada.


The Banff National Park is home to the 3 main ski resorts in Canada and covers over 6,600 square kilometres. In fact, it is one of the oldest national parks in Canada, having been established in 1885.


Around 96% of the park remains to be wilderness. At an altitude of 1,383 meters above sea level, Banff is the home to 8,000 residents and is the highest town in Canada.


Sun Peaks, British Columbia


Located about halfway between Vancouver and Calgary, Sun Peaks’ 4,270 acres puts it behind Whistler-Blackcomb to be second largest ski resort in Canada. With all that space, there’s plenty of area for everyone to spread out so you’ll almost never see a lift line.


The terrain is also suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced, so you can be sure everyone you bring along will have a great time!


Skiing is possible in a space of over 1,500 hectares that are filled with slopes, manicured terrain and more that offer skiers of every expertise level to enjoy skiing here.


Counted among the largest peaks in Canada, Sun Peaks is popular due to the fact that it is perfect for families and skiing experts. The vast majority of accommodations in the cozy village have ski-in/ski-out access, so it’s easy to herd the little ones onto the slopes.


Best of all, the resort has a great ski school and kids’ facilities, and everything is priced rather reasonably, making it an affordable choice for families. The best part is that kids even get to enjoy dog-sledding while teenagers can indulge in snowboarding as well.


Accommodations are also great here and you can find a wide range of them that suit any budget.


Le Massif, Quebec offers some of the best skiing in Canada


Rising high above the mighty St. Lawrence River in the heart of Quebec’s Charlevoix is Le Massif, a sleeping giant of a mountain that’s home to some of the most spectacular skiing in Eastern Canada.


Le Massif is about one hour east of Quebec City and its international airport, not far from Mont-Sainte-Anne, and in the centre of the province’s picturesque Charlevoix region. Getting to the resort requires taking a train trip of one hour from Quebec but the journey is well worth it.


It is known for its commanding views of the St. Lawrence, steep runs, state-of-the-art facilities, and tantalising cuisine that’s some of the best you’ll find at any ski area’s base in Canada.


It’s also the mountain with the greatest vertical drop (770 metres) and the largest annual snowfall (650 cm) east of the Canadian Rockies. Considered to be the highest point on the Canadian Rockies, the slopes of Le Massif are challenging enough to have skiing enthusiasts flock to it. Le Massif offers a total of 40 different runs and the longest one comes up to 5kms.


Apart from the slopes, the scenery here is visually stunning and photographers tend to flock to this place as well. There are also different tours for sledding and even a gourmet tour to try out the exceptional local cuisine. La Ferme already stands out, having no other match for the quality of food they produce in the entire region.


Two other resorts to consider for some of the best skiing in Canada


Blue Mountain, Ontario


If you’re looking to try some night time skiing, the Blue Mountain is the perfect place to go. Ranking in at Number 3 of Canada’s most popular ski resorts, the Blue Mountain offers skiers 3 different freestyle terrains along with a total of 39 different runs that challenge any skier to the fullest.


Night time skiing is offered as a specialty and are conducted with the help of a ski-coach and guide in order to ensure safety for all. Early bookings are recommended since the place fills up quickly, even when the season has just started. Accommodations are nice here and what the place lacks for in vistas, it makes up for it by offering amazing skiing opportunities.


Martock, Nova Scotia


While not as popular as some of the other skiing spots in Canada, Martock in Nova Scotia is still an amazing place for skiing as the trails here offer a different mix of alpine and cross-country options that allow seasoned skiers to indulge in any kind of runs they like.


Martock also has plenty of different skiing programs and even some for snowboarding, as well as skating and snow-shoeing treks on the mountains. The resort fills up quickly during the season, despite its minimal status compared to the other skiing spots. Early season bookings are therefore recommended for the resort.


To conclude,


Millions of people each year come to ski in Canada. Canada’s ski resorts are picturesque, not to mention state-of-the-art, well maintained and easy to get to.

Many of the more popular resorts, such as Revelstoke, Banff and Mont-Tremblant, offer not just outstanding skiing but year-round reasons to visit, like hiking trails, spas, fine restaurants, hotels and shopping. There is no doubt that you will be able to experience some of the best skiing in Canada at one of these resorts!


Happy skiing!