Best ski resorts in Canada 2019

Canada is the land of maple syrup, diversity and politeness, and challenging terrains. Bordering Russia, Canada is blessed with a winter that brings plenty of snow. For skiers across the world, this has made Canada another lucrative country with loads of skiing opportunities. In fact, Canada has a history of having some of the best skiing spots not just for skiers but for snowboarders as well.

The best part is that different spots are better suited for different levels of expertise and the snow you get also makes them unique. If you’re thinking of heading down to Canada, the following are a few amazing spots that you can visit if you want to go skiing in Canada.


Revelstoke, British Columbia

One of the newest skiing spots in Canada, Revelstoke boasts one of the biggest vertical slopes in North America which attracts the attentions of skiers everywhere. With thick, powdery snow and around 3,000 acres to ski on, this is a place worth visiting. The town surrounding this resort is still developing and you can find moderate, modest accommodations along with food which makes up for what it lacks in finesse by being hale, healthy and hearty. This place is the perfect place for beginners in skiing as well.

 Fernie, British Columbia

Having an almost legendary status among skiers in Canada, Fernie is the perfect playground for the adventurous skier. It is renowned for the adrenaline inducing thrills that skiing here provides. The terrain is left ungroomed and the steep slopes are great as they are naturally shaped to enhance the skiing experience. It’s a good idea to visit the terrain during the early holiday season as otherwise; the place can get crowded by local and international skiing enthusiasts who are fans of the amazing slopes and the skiing experience it has to offer.

Sun Peaks, British Columbia

Counted among the largest peaks in Canada, Sun Peaks is popular due to the fact that it is perfect for families and skiing experts. The best part is that kids even get to enjoy dog-sledding while teenagers can indulge in snowboarding as well. Skiing is possible in a space of over 1,500 hectares that are filled with slopes, manicured terrain and more that offer skiers of every expertise level to enjoy skiing here. Accommodations are also great here and you can find a wide range of them that suit any budget.

Mount Tremblant, Quebec

Located in Montreal, this ski resort is a busy destination but it can be a bit challenging to get to due to the fact that it is nestled away near the Laurentian Mountains. The skiing done here revolves around Mount Tremblant and the ski resort here is designed specifically to cater to every want and need of the vacationers. Other than skiing, there are spa treatments available, dog-sledding opportunities as well as tours of the villages that are located nearby.

Blue Mountain, Ontario

If you’re looking to try some night time skiing, the Blue Mountain is the perfect place to go. Ranking in at No. 3 of Canada’s most popular ski resorts, the Blue Mountain offers skiers 3 different freestyle terrains along with a total of 39 different runs that challenge any skier to the fullest. Night time skiing is offered as a specialty and are conducted with the help of a ski-coach and guide in order to ensure safety for all. Early bookings are recommended since the place fills up quickly, even when the season has just started. Accommodations are nice here and what the place lacks for in vistas, it makes up for it by offering amazing skiing opportunities.

Martock, Nova Scotia

While not as popular as some of the other skiing spots in Canada, Martock in Nova Scotia is still an amazing place for skiing as the trails here offer a different mix of alpine and cross-country options that allow seasoned skiers to indulge in any kind of runs they like. Martock also has plenty of different skiing programs and even some for snowboarding, as well as skating and snow-shoeing treks on the mountains. Despite its minimal status compared to the other skiing spots, it still fills up quickly during the season so early season bookings are recommended for this place.

Le Massif, Quebec

Considered to be the highest point on the Canadian Rockies, the slopes of Le Massif are challenging enough to have skiing enthusiasts flock to it. Getting there requires taking a train trip of one hour from Quebec but the journey is well worth it. Le Massif offers a total of 40 different runs and the longest one comes up to 5kms. Apart from the slopes, the scenery here is visually stunning and photographers tend to flock to this place as well. There are also different tours for sledding and even a gourmet tour to try out the exceptional local cuisine. La Ferme already stands out, having no other match for the quality of food they produce in the entire region.

Banff, Alberta

Already a popular destination as the Banff National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the place completely transforms during the winters. For skiing enthusiasts, it turns into the perfect winter wonderland with three different resorts that are located in the heart of the park. Skiing runs are available in a wide range of difficulties and there are plenty of other activities such as sledding, trekking in winter and different spa and culinary delights for skiers and their families.