Beaver Creek
Facts & Figures
1233 m (2255 m - 3488 m)
21st November 2018 - 14th April 2019
Opening time:
08:30 - 16:00
Ski pass prices:
Adults $ 199
Children $ 137
Senior $ 189
Total ski slopes:
200 km
Easy 19km
Intermediate 86km
Difficult 76km
Lifts total:
23 km
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Facts & Figures
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Elevation: 1233 m (2255 m - 3488 m) Season: 21st November 2018 - 14th April 2019 Opening time: 08:30 - 16:00
Ski pass prices:
Adults $ 199
Children $ 137
Senior $ 189
Total ski slopes: 200 km
Easy 19km
Intermediate 86km
Difficult 76km
Lifts total: 23
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Beaver Creek ski resort

Away from the noise and crowd of all the tourists heading to Vail, lies Beaver Creek. The resort is smaller and quieter than Vail but offers some of the best machine groomed and natural snow. Going to Beaver Creek for a relaxed, well organised and family oriented ski holiday.

Beaver Creek is a luxury resort offering privacy, serenity and some of the best powder. Located in Colorado, the resort is easily accessible by Interstate 70. The resort has 1,832 acres of skiable area, with over 150 trials connected by 25 lifts makes Beaver Creek one of the best ski resorts in the US.

Ski Information for Beaver Creek

Considering the size of Beaver Creek ski resort, choosing spending one's holiday in Beaver Creek does ensure plenty of skiing opportunities for beginners, intermediate and expert skiers.

When the natural snow powder is not enough, the resort has state of the art snow machines, enabling the ski resort to guarantee your skiing experience.

Accessing the Family Friendly Ski Resort

Once the lift tickets are paid for, one can commence the ski holiday on any of the 25 ski lifts taking you to higher grounds. The lifts connect the 1815 acres of ski area, located at the heart of the Rockies. The Beaver Creek ski resort consist of 3 cities; Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, and Arrowhead. For access to the central mountain at Beaver Creek, skiers must take the Strawberry Park Express Lift. One of the two gondolas is located near the children’s ski school where the Buckaroo gondola is a favorite among children. It takes about three minutes getting the skiers from Beaver Creek Village to Beaver Creek Landing. From there two high-speed quad chairs takes skiers towards pistes and slopes for a skiing adventure. Worth mentioning is the Centennial ski lift which offers early birds complimentary cookies and hot chocolate every morning! This Centennial ski lift takes skiers to and from the center of the Beaver Creek village.

Skiing For Beginners in Beaver Creek

At the foot of the mountain, in the heart of Beaver Creek village, one can find the green beginners slope - the Buckaroo Bowl. Once the skis are starting to feel comfortable and the instructor says go, one can take the Haymedow Express and practice the newly adapted skillset on the beginner's slope. Next step is to embark on the Centennial Express next to the ski school. Once on top of the hillside, skiers need to traverse towards the Cinch Express lift. Here, beginners have full access to well-groomed slopes and spectacular views from high up the mountain. Another ski trip for beginners is to take the Drink of Water chairlift that takes skiers to Piney and Booth Gardens. More green slopes will be visible around the Bachelor Gulch area, Primrose, Sawbuck, and Stirrup.

For Intermediate Skiers in Beaver Creek

For skiers with an intermediate skill set, quite a few options exists. The regular favorites are the Redtail, the Centennial, and the Larkspur bowl. To get to Red tail skiers need to take the Centennial express lift, for the latter the Larkspur chairlift is the best option. More blue trials are located in the Bachelor Gulch area. At the Bachelor Gulch, the traffic is mostly light, giving the skiers a chance to cruise around on their own. The Larkspur area is ideal for intermediate skiers with three extensive and appropriately pitched trials. For more challenging terrain, mogul runs skiers can take the Grouse Mountain Express to try the Raven Ridge and Screech Owl.

For Expert and Advanced Skiers in Beaver Creek

The Grouse Mountain will challenge skiers with its 1800 vertical feet of mogul trails. Other locations like the Bald Eagle, Falcon Park, and Osprey are some locations with black trails. Once you’ve conquered the slopes in these locations, head on towards the Bird of Prey Express and ski down towards the lift line on the Peregrine. The Peregrine is an extensive long and bumpy run which would be a challenge for most expert skiers.

Afterski & Nightlife in Beaver Creek

If you are one of those types who is seeking a beer in a cozy bar, after a day on the slopes, Beaver Creek has something for you. In Beaver Creek, several spots offering après ski exists. Let it be known that are you one for those who seek the long night partying; then there are undoubtedly better resorts out there which matches those requirements better - one of those being the neighboring ski resort, Vail ski resort. As far as Après ski goes, Beaver Creek has about a dozen venues which open up after the skiing is over. Some of the best places for après ski in Beaver Creek, in our opinion, are listed below.

Coyote Café

The Coyote Café has a prime location downtown which naturally attracts a massive crowd during the evening. From powder loving ski junkies to the mountain ski patrol staff, everyone heads to the Coyote Café for their coveted margaritas. The café is tiny and narrow so better come early to get your favorite table. On the upside, the cafe offers a wide range of tequilas. The Coyote Café occasionally plays host to a major event on high powder days. On days like these, the tides are running high, at the Coyote Cafe. The corner dance floor gets crowded in the late hours. The Coyote Cafe opening hours are from 11:00 am to 1:00 am.

The Dusty Boot Roadhouse Saloon

The Dusty Boot Roadhouse Saloon is one of the iconic bars in Beaver Creek. The bar and grill first opened its doors for tourists in 1997, since then the bar has positioned itself as the best après ski location in the resort. The bar and grill is a major attraction for the local community and skiers. The timings for Dusty Boot Roadhouse Saloon are 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.


This cozy little bar opened during the winter season of 2012. Ideally located on the Beaver Creek Plaza, the bar is a favorite for après ski. Among the locals, it is said that the cocktails from Hooked are some of the best-tasting drinks in the entire region. Something we, of course, cannot vouch for. What is true, is the fact that Hooked has a party atmosphere which often leads to a major party after 3:30 pm - all depending on the type of crowd.

Beano's Cabin

When looking for a cozy place, with great après ski, Beano’s Cabin is a super choice. Apart from great food and friendly staff, the Beano’s cabin has a fantastic selection of drinks and cocktails.

Activities in Beaver Creek

When feeling tired with sore and rusty legs after a few days of skiing, Beaver Creek has other fun-filled winter activities off the slopes.

The Nordic Sports Center: Cross Country and Snowshoe Tours

The Nordic Sports Center also called the McCoy Park in Beaver Creek provides different opportunities to witness and enjoy the beauty of the mountains in the resort. The McCoy Park is located right at the top of the Beaver Creek’s Strawberry Park Chair Lift.

McCoy Park is huge, located at a high elevation of 9,840 feet or 2999m. It offers over 20 miles of perfect conditions suited for cross-country skiing and snowshoes.

Snow Mobile Tours

Enjoy the scenic backcountry with Beaver Creek snowmobile tours. The trails are well groomed, and sufficient powder bowls provide a fantastic snowmobile experience. The rides and tours are individually designed to suit every taste. For first-timers, getting a guided tour with an experienced rider is preferred.

Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is a favorite activity for everyone in the family. The snow tubing area is accessible by lifts so getting there won't be a problem. The Buckaroo Express gondola takes skiers and families to the tubing hill.

The Vilar Performing Arts Center

Vilar performing-arts center is a theatre situated right in the center of the Beaver Creek ski resort. After a good day at the slopes, head down to the Vilar Performing Arts Center, and watch a Broadway Musicals, concerts by various artists, or stand up comedy shows.

Time for a Cookie

Every day after 3:00 pm, the village of Beaver Creek is engulfed with the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. The smell of the delicious cookies is enticing; the best thing about it is that the cookies are served FREE! Yes, that’s right every year the chef’s serve free cookies for everyone.

The Family Fun Fest Carnival

A fun activity for children and adults alike, the Family Fun Fest Carnival transforms this small ski resort into a vibrant fun land. The festival has music, magic shows, delicious food, and many games to keep everyone entertained. The festival begins every day from the beginning of March to the beginning of April from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Ice Skating in Beaver Creek

Ice skating is one activity that never gets old. Ice skating is something that’s considered a traditional winter activity, and for some people, no holiday is complete without ice skating. Enjoy ice-skating in the beautiful Bavarian-inspired village in Beaver Creek. The ice rink provides a pleasant setting for skating with your friends and family. The ice skating could be an excellent romantic option for couples. Beaver Creek has one of the most beautiful ice skating rink over the Nottingham Lake in Avon. There are many options for skating gear rentals. The skating rink is open daily from noon to 9:00 pm every day throughout every season.
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