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Top 5 Ski Resorts in Movies: Magnificent Scenes for One's Viewing Pleasure

Mountains and beautiful landscapes have always been a major part of the big screen, it is no wonder that ski resorts in movies make the experience more alive. From filming of romantic scenes to comedy or action sequences, filmmakers have taken full advantage of some of the most beautiful places in the world. This is due to their intent to make the movies more appealing to their viewers.

People remember some of the most famous places through the iconic scenes shot there. This article will go down the memory lane and discuss some of the ski resorts in movies that have been part of some of the unforgettable scenes in Hollywood.

1. Dumb and Dumber: Aspen

Aspen is well known for its appearance in Dumb and Dumber in 1994. After becoming part of the big screen, the ski resort tried to retain that impression by making movie-related activities and introducing “Dumb and Dumber” themed hotel packages.

The movie ’Dumb and Dumber’ revolves around two friends who go on a road trip to Aspen despite constantly misplacing the area. Aspen has an important role in the film. Most of the ski scenes were filmed from Salt Lake City to Breckenridge.

Aspen Mountain

Aspen Mountain previously bore the name Ajax. It is just above Aspen in Colorado. This range was the first ski project of the Aspen Skiing Company. There are two lifts - the gondola and Little Nell Chairlift moving from the Gondola plaza into Aspen’s downtown. Skiers can thus ski into the heart of the town.

Snowmass Mountain

Snowmass Mountain is famous as a family-oriented resort. It provides a friendly environment. Along with that, it is also famous for its cruiser runs, lodging, skiing, and gladed terrain.

In addition, tourists can find a school for skiing and snowboarding where professionals help out skiers experience the best there is in the skiing world. They guide them about the terrains and help improve their confidence as they navigate through the resort’s terrains.

Aspen Highlands

Popular for providing an extreme skiing experience in its Highland Bowl, Aspen Highlands is also a project of the Aspen Skiing Company.

Mid and Low Terrain

Mid to lower terrains are located through the pine forests. Most skiing competitions take place in a steep run at the bottom of the mountain. Present at the lower mountain, one can find runs like the Lower Stein and the Golden Horn. Finally, the mid-range includes the merry-go-round restaurant which forms the center of most of the mountain lifts.

Upper Terrain

The above timberline summit serves as an attraction for the skiers. Broadway is a single run starting from the Loge peak, where high-speed quads are present, following the ridge spine. There is also a steep terrain (45 degrees upwards), with views of Maroon Bells and Highland Bowl further enhancing its beauty.

2. Hot Tub Time Machine: Fernie Valley

Fernie Valley is a spot that skiers rarely recognize for what it has to offer. The ski team of Fernie has participated in the 2006 and 2010 World Olympics. The resort also became famous for its appearance in the film ‘Hot Tub Time Machine.’

The film was a comedy which was set at the Kodiac Valley Ski Resort. Fernie became part of the entire movie. The story revolves around a group of people who travel back in time. They introduced a two-day use of huts for skiers in the setting. Consequently, there are now five different ski spots in Fernie, including warming huts.

Fernie Alpine Resort

This resort is popular for its high level of snowfall and powder skiing. Located on the Lizard Range, it has ten lifts with 142 runs, the longest run being 5km. The creative team of the filme 'Hot Tub Time Machine' transformed it into Kodiac Valley Ski Resort. The Fernie Resort is famous for its five bowls, namely Siberia Bowl, Cedar Bowl, Timber Bowl, Currie Bowl, and Lizard Bowl.

For Experts

Fernie serves as a great place for skiers with its heavy snowfalls and steep terrains, and trees covering them. There are a number of black and double black slopes, a source of attraction to skiers. Polar Peak has a double diamond gradient having a limited vertical.

Some areas are great for lapses, but one has to go through a number of run out lifts, with a third lift reaching out to the Polar Peak area. There is also a small hike (Fish Bowl) present beyond the boundary of the resort, an enjoyable place for skiers.

For Intermediates

The operator also developed various runs at the bowls which include cruisers. They also regularly monitor and improve the Blacks. Due to low crowd presence, the area serves as a great place for fast skiers. For skiers who are confident about going on the powder, this place is a must-visit. Some people may think of the place as limiting if they are unwilling to try the un-groomed terrains.

For Beginners

In order to boost up the confidence of beginners, two lifts provide a nursery area for the skiers, with the smooth terrains helping them to learn and practice. They are served by the Deer and Elk chairs, which are described to have been difficult and confusing for children.
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3. For Your Eyes Only: Cortina d’Ampezzo

Eon Productions produced the spy film ‘For Your Eyes Only’ in 1982. This movie was the twelfth in the James Bond series. The production of ‘For Your Eyes Only’ initially begun in the North Sea and later on shifted to Cortina d’Ampezzo, where they wrapped up the final shooting.

The movie is famous for some of the great scenes that were shot in Cortina d’Ampezzo. The professional skier and cameraman Willy Bogner, Jr. was promoted to the post of director of another unit that involved ski footage.

Bogner wanted to excel in both roles so he created a ski chase on the Bobsleigh track of Cortina d'Ampezzo. In order to do better in filming the scene, he created a set of skis by which he was able to move backward and forward. He also came up with a system that enabled him to get the best shots from the Bobsleigh.

Cortina d’Ampezzo

While Etna lies on the east coast of Sicily, Cortina d’Ampezzo is a beautiful ski resort in Northern Italy. It connects with the Dolomiti Superski area, which surrounds the Falzarego Pass with its downhill runs. Cortina d’Ampezzo is known as the “Queen of Dolomites,” since all the ski slopes lead to it.

The location is by far the best one for tourism, especially when it comes to skiing. Thus, it is not surprising why a huge number of elite skiers come to Cortina every year. While several resorts may rival Cortina, it would eventually depend on the skier’s preference.

If you visit Cortina d’Ampezzo, you will come across perfectly groomed slopes and amazing mountain panorama. With the artistic traditions and hospitality of the Ampezzo Valley, along with national parks and nature reserves, staying here would be as unforgettable as staying in other ski resorts.

Most noteworthy, the most amazing views in the area are:
  1. Lagazuoi (2,800 meters)
  2. Tofana di Rozes (3,225 meters)
  3. Monte Cristallo (3,221 meters)

Topping everything off, what’s better than enjoying refreshment breaks while skiing in Cortina d’Ampezzo? There are a total of 30 mountains, restaurants and huts that tempt skiers. For the majority, coziness is the number one priority. Cortina d’Ampezzo also offers a number of amazing culinary experiences and an amazing atmosphere.

The slopes of Cortina d’Ampezzo were the filming location for the best James Bond movie stunt sequences. One may remember the scene in which Roger Moore in ‘For Your Eyes Only,’ chasing down the slopes on skis with guys on spiked-wheeled bikes exploding in his wake. Amazing. For anyone who has been to Cortina, it will be easy to understand how breathtakingly beautiful the backdrop is.

4. Inception: Banff Canada

Ski resorts in movies will not be complete without a mention of 'Inception,' is a very popular science fiction action film that was released in the year 2010. The film was directed, co-produced and written by Christopher Nolan. The movie starred famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

In spite of the fact that the movie was done using computer-generated special efforts, each scene was either an actual place or based on an actual place.

The movie was shot in the late 2009 and the shooting was conducted in various locations, including Japan, Morocco, France, England, Canada, and the US. By the time when the Canadian scenes were filmed, the weather was bitterly cold and there were no snowfall two days before the shooting began. Banff Canada

Canada is home to the best skiing (including heli-skiing) spots in North America. Consequently, Banff is also one of the most iconic locations in the country. It is set in the great Rocky Mountains and has been a famous spot for global travelers for around 130 years now.

The overall area of the town is around four square kilometers (1.5 square miles) and encompasses stunning lakes, towering mountains, and endless forests.

Visitors can also expect some great accommodations, shopping and food stalls near the location. However, the natural beauty is the major reason that brings people back to Banff Canada.

The Banff National Park is home to the 3 main ski resorts in Canada and covers over 6,600 square kilometers (2,500 square miles). In fact, it is one of the oldest national parks in Canada, having been established in 1885.

Around 96% of the park remains to be wilderness. At an altitude of 1,383 meters (4,537 feet) above sea level, Banff is the home to 8,000 residents and is the highest town in Canada.

Banff Mount Norquay for Beginners

At Mount Norquay, beginners initiate skiing on the magic carpet at the base of the slopes at Norquay. In order to learn some early skills, they can start off with the Cascade Chair. Green (easy) trails surround this area. Beginners should also try out the Jack Rabbit chairlift, an easy and short ski from the main village.

5. Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason: Lech Ski Resort

‘Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason’ is a 2004 romantic comedy directed by Beeban Kidron and written by Adam Brooks. The production team shot the movie in various locations, including London, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Thailand, Austria, and Italy.

Lech Ski Resort in the Movie

The ski resort in the movie consists of over 200 km of high Alpine powder runs and 305 kilometers of perfectly groomed ski runs. Certainly, these are enough to set a skier’s pulse racing. During winter holidays, Lech remains the number one location due to the snowfall it experiences from November to April.

The ski area at Lech has always been shared with a smaller village of Zürs and more recently with nearby Warth-Schröcken. The whole area comprises of cable cars and 88 lifts– and 340 kilometers of marked slopes. The village is set at an elevation of 1,450 m. Most noteworthy to mention, the amount of snow of its French competitors doubles up every year.

Leck ski resort is best for intermediate skiers. It is one of Austria's main attractions for elite class skiers.

There are several ski resorts from around the world that have been portrayed in movies for their breathtaking views and beauty. Ski resorts in movies are there to enhance the experience of the viewers, and to feature some of the most incredible sceneries in the skiing world.

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