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Places You Cannot Resist When Skiing in Michigan

Skiing in Michigan means an opportunity to visit or live in a place where one can enjoy the snow, laze around and just feel what the state has to offer. With Ontario bordering the state, and sharing a water boundary with Illinois and Minnesota, Michigan is more than meets the eye. The state offers a different version of what an exotic holiday is.

First of all, apart from the majestic beauty and peace, it makes one feels, snow actually helps create a center of attraction for tourists from all around the world, for instance, at places such as ski resorts in Michigan. All the fun comes to life when one enjoys the season in the best way possible. And that is through winter sports.

These activities take shape in ski and snowboarding resorts that can house numerous people at the same time. For those tired of not being able to visit the beach any longer, or staying out too much, then winter sports are the ultimate solution. They divert one’s attention to an enjoyable and challenging. Certainly, skiing in Michigan is one way to begin the adventure.

The Best Part About Skiing

First of all, it’s not all about fun. Skiing also has health-related benefits. It improves body muscle coordination. The term they use for this is proprioception. It helps in muscle control and movement. Consequently, skiing more often will help the muscles achieve their maximum performance.

Secondly, skiing strengthens the joints and bones because of the tension that they endure during the process. Since a person is in control of one’s entire weight, it keeps anyone in practice of weight-bearing activities. Nevertheless, it lightens up the mood, increases tolerance to cardiovascular problems and strengthens lower body muscles. It also contributes to flexibility, healthier eating habits, and better sleep.

However, to be able to experience all of the above, finding a perfect place when skiing in Michigan may prove to be a challenge. Not because of the limited options, but due to the numerous activities all Michigan ski resorts have to offer.

Michigan faces winters with temperatures as low as 17 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal spot for activities in the snow. Skiing has been a common recreation activity and sport for almost 5 millennia now and continues to grow.

In Michigan, it has now become a frequent tourist attraction, with more than 40 skiing and snowboarding resorts. Below is a list of Michigan ski resorts and the various services they offer.

Caberfae Peaks

Caberfae Peaks is one of the largest and most beautiful peaks in the area also happens to be one of the best ski resorts in Michigan. It is a downhill ski area in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and is near Cadillac. It not only serves as a tourist attraction and recreation center; but is also a very ideal place for wedding receptions.

They keep their customers engaged with spring festivals and other exciting activities. Caberfae Peaks also offers a golf membership for rates as low as $99.

What is Special About Caberfae Peaks?

Voted as the Number 1 Ski Resort in Michigan, Caberfae Peaks is the ideal spot for thrill-seekers and those of who enjoy snow and skiing. The resort has 6 lifts and 34 slopes provided for activities in the snow. Skiing in Michigan will be a whirlwind journey of fun and adventure at Caberfae Peaks. Other Services at Caberfae Caberfae’s services extend to a lush golf course and comfortable rooms to stay. The ski season starts in end November (the schedule of which is easily available at their website) and ends as the snow comes to a halt.

There is no need to worry about the additional expenses that a traveler may incur, as Caberfae also provides value deals for an affordable and worthy trip. Most noteworthy, there are multiple packages and seasonal offers, thus increasing the realization of one’s exciting holiday adventure.

Otsego Club & Resort

Otsego dates back to 1939 and started as a resort with only 60 rooms spread through 500 acres to more than 100 rooms through an area of 4,000 acres. What is Special About Otsego Otsego boasts of its award-winning duck blind grille and other activities such as snowshoeing and cross- country skiing. The restaurant serves one of the best pasta, sandwiches, and burgers. For skiers who love to experience some extra thrill, it also has the longest run for skiers, Murphy’s trail.

More Than Just Skiing at Otsego

How warm would it be to hold a bonfire with one’s loved ones under the starry sky and chilly weather? It sounds almost like a dream. Just that, it actually is not! Otsego also gives anyone the opportunity to host and attend bonfires and hillside parties.

Otsego is the perfect place for a family vacation. In fact, it gives everyone a chance to choose their own level of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and expert, making it inclusive and for all!

Nub’s Nob

This Ski Resort in Michigan was founded in 1957 and continually progressed with new additions and facilities until 2016.

The Perfect Spot for Skiers

The main attraction is a 10-acre long ski run. The resort started with only one double chair lift and three trails but soon after, they launched an in-house eatery and quite a few more trails. They also added a swimming pool.

Out of all the ski areas in Michigan, Nub’s Nob was rated number 1 in Best Snow, Best Grooming, Toughest Groomed Terrain, Toughest Bumps, and Best Half Pipe. Most interestingly, they also happen to have a ski school for young children and adults who would be interested to learn. They cater to a large age group and hence can be exceptionally convenient for family vacations.

Other Services at Nub’s Nob

There’s no need to worry about leaving children alone because Nub’s Nob provides daycare services where they take extra care of them.

Once again, it is not only about skiing. Alongside this tremendous sport, the resort also keeps visitors engaged with other activities such as scheduled events and races.

Boyne Highlands Resort

What started with a single slope in 1955 now offers various exciting services to tourists from across the globe. Skiing in Michigan can be more versatile at Boyne Highlands in Harbor Springs.

What Makes Boyne Highlands Worthy of a Visit

Boyne Highlands is one of the most diversely equipped ski resorts in Michigan. It is not only restricted to winter sports but also has a huge golf course, which enjoys the title of National Golf Course for 2019. Alongside that, the resort has other means of recreation such as a theatre and spa treatments.

The resort will keep everyone entertained, with their more fun and exciting new events, such as weekend concerts, theatric shows, broad way-quality plays and a lot more.

Other Services at Boyne Highlands

For lodging purposes, it has cottage and home rental options. Thus, visitors can enjoy nature with the resort’s natural setting. Along with skiing, there are also scenic chairlift rides and zipline adventures, making it the ideal spot for a winter escapade.

Mount Bohemia and Marquette Mountains

In case you are looking for a spot to relax, be away from city life and give your mind some much-needed rest, Mount Bohemia may just be the perfect place! The mountain is spread over around 1800 acres. It has 4 peaks and majestically carved trails for skiing. It also has snow up to 300 Inches and ranges that go up to 700 feet.

What’s Special About Mount Bohemia

The most special thing about this destination is its hot tub. While it may seem like a very normal facility, it features the largest hot tub in the Upper Peninsula. Certainly, skiing in Michigan may very well turn into a paradise mecca if one is to dip into a hot tub after a day’s tiring escapade.

Summer Services at Mount Bohemia

Luckily, Mount Bohemia is not only restricted to winter sports and activities. In fact, it is also fully functional in those dreadful summer days. The easiest way to get a fair idea of their day-to-day routine is to visit their website and access their daily activity chart.

A single day at the Marquette Mountains can account for a blissful weekend somewhere pleasant. One could start the day with a hearty breakfast and progress to partaking in various activities apart from skiing, such as kayaking, boating, fishing, and more.

The best part about planning a winter vacation at Michigan ski resorts is having the peace of mind that one will never fall short of resorts to explore. Below are a few more idyllic spots to choose from when skiing in Michigan:

Indianhead Mountain Resort

Centered in the Upper Peninsula at Wakefield in Michigan, this resort is breathtakingly beautiful and no less than any of those mentioned above. It has a vertical rise of 638 feet and experiences about 204 inches of snow.

The skiable acres on the resort are approximate 230 and consist of around 30 trails. The resort offers a combination of skiing activities, such as snowboarding, snowshoe trails and cross-country skiing.

Lodging is in spacious suites, townhouses, and hotel-like rooms, all with the scenic view and attached bathrooms. Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

For a slightly higher notch and more snow, Big Powderhorn is another perfect alternative. It is located in the Midwest, Upper Peninsula, between the towns of Bessemer and Ironwood.

The mountain faces around 214 Inches of snow and has a vertical rise of 622 feet. It is spread across 253 skiable acres and contains 33 trails and 10 chairlifts. The resort can accommodate up to 10,800 people per hour.

It also has the facility of lodging at base and at nearby locations. For those who are planning a holiday with kids in tow, Big Powderhorn can be a great location. They give ski and snowboarding lessons and have a program specially designed especially for children.

Crystal Mountain Resort

For those who are not fans of heights but still want to experience the adrenaline rush that activities such as skiing in the beautiful snow can induce, the Crystal Mountain Resort offers this holiday and more. The resort has a vertical height of around 375 feet, which is relatively lower and is situated in the northern area of Cadillac.

Experiencing an annual snowfall of around 132 inches, the resort is spread over 102 acres and offers 58 trails for skiers, 8 chairlifts and 2 surface lifts.

It provides lodging at the base and other services such as programs for children, snowboarding and ski lessons, and equipment rentals. In addition, it offers opportunities for cross country skiing, night skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing.

Shanty Creek Resort

Skiing in Michigan becomes more special at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire. Most noteworthy, the resort stays open through all four seasons. It offers the usual activities of cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing. It also provides downhill skiing activities. The area consists of three main villages of Michigan: Summit, Schuss and Cedar River.

Shanty Creek has a vertical height of 450 feet and is spread over 400 skiable acres. It is home to 53 trails, 12 lifts, 2 double chairs, and 5 surface lifts. The resort has 420 lodging opportunities, all of which are at the base. It also happens to provide ski lessons, equipment rental options, and programs for kids.

Skiing in Michigan: Excitement and Comfort Combined

The Upper Peninsula and surrounding areas of Michigan are home to over 40 ski resorts. Not all of them are mentioned above but most of them are highly facilitating, exciting and comfortable. Ever been glacier skiing in Europe and want another experience of a lifetime? Take one huge leap of faith and experience skiing at its best.

With various options to choose from and a wide range of activities, travelers can find at various Michigan ski resorts, skiing in Michigan is a holiday adventure one should include in their bucket list. The resorts provide excellent service for all levels of skiers: beginners, intermediates and experts. Already looking forward to a winter full of excitement? Skiing in Michigan might be your best bet yet.

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