Best places to ski in Argentina

Skiing in Argentina – here’s what you need to know


Argentina is a popular choice for many people who wish to spend their vacation skiing on some of South America’s most thrilling skiing spots. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that tourists show up every year.


The surroundings are picturesque and magical, just what you want to see when you go on a vacation. Skiing through granite spires as you overlook the beautiful lakes, Argentina is a skier’s most preferred choice.


July is the month perfect for skiing conditions. However, it is best to avoid going to Argentina in the middle of July as that is the time of school holidays and many families book the resorts.


You will find the slopes extremely crowded during this time of the month. As the month comes to an end, the holiday traffic dissipates.


The skiing resorts in Argentina will offer you the best skiing experience you’ve never had before. Visit Argentina for the best après ski and plenty of powder filled slopes. You could go on a guided off-piste adventure and explore the terrain of mesmerizing Northern Patagonia.


This article dives into some of the top places to go skiing in Argentina. Happy reading!


La Hoya


The resort is situated in Chubut near Esquel where it receives some of the finest snow in Argentina. La Hoya receives an average of 354 inches of dry powder every year.


You can generally expect snowfall to occur during the month of October. This is because the ski resort faces in a southward direction.


La Hoyais a small ski resort with little infrastructure. However, its great powder snow makes up for it. The dry powdery snow on the off-piste terrain is what gives the skiers a thrilling experience of their life.


This resort offers unbeatable off-piste skiing like no other. It features natural half pipes, wide-open bowls, chutes, and long groomed runs, all that an avid skier wants to see in a skiing terrain. The out-of-bounds at this resort is indescribable, with long miles of couloirs and bowls.


Terrain For Beginners and Non-Skiers


There is a terrain suited for every level of skier, even if you are a beginner. Due to the fact that there are less crowds flocking the slopes, beginners can make the most of this situation and learn how to ski in a laid-back and relaxed environment.


Another advantage of this resort having less crowds is that the off-piste zones don’t get pursued too quickly. The fresh powder lasts for much longer as a result.


The resort has a ski school so the beginners do not miss out on an exciting ski experience. With helpful skiing classes and ski rentals available, this resort is perfectly equipped the first-time skiers.


La Hoya resort is also a popular choice among families. The tickets are comparatively inexpensive to other resorts, so the entire family can go on the trip without having to spend a fortune.


For the non-skiers, there is still plenty they can do. There are snowshoe tours that take place at the base of the resort so that non-skiers can make full use of their trip to explore the beautiful surroundings. The gorgeous Alerces National Park is also close by and worth a visit.


Terrain For The Intermediate Level Skiers


There is a blend of on and off-piste terrain found at La Hoya. This makes the trail system perfect for intermediate riders and those skiers wanting to experience a thrilling skiing adventure in Argentina.


Terrain Suited For Experts


Snowboarding and skiing off piste options at La Hoya are tough to beat. The advanced level skiers will find that, after a storm, the bowls and chutes are full of dry powder waiting to be tested. There is also an abundance of off-piste topography available, particularly if you go to the top of La Hoya.


Terrain For Freestyle


The terrain park at La Hoya has as part of its terrain a FlyPark. A FlyPark allows the intermediate and advanced freestylers to spend some air time. The park is divided into three sections based on the ability level of the skiers.


La Hoya in the Month Of July


La Hoya is famous for its snow. On average, the basin catches 8.9 meters of Andean powder every season. As a result of the slopes at La Hoya being southward facing, the quality of powder is well retained. This is one of the reasons why La Hoya experiences an extensive ski season.


The best part about skiing in Argentina is that you can ski in July, which is a good time to escape the European and North American heat. “Spring skiing” at La Hoya starts from the month of July.


At the beginning of the season, skiers will find an undisturbed amount of powder that allows the visitors ample chances to perfect their skills.


Cerro Chapelco


Cerro Chapelco is another striking destination to consider visiting when going on a ski vacation in Argentina. Situated near San Martín de los Andes, this resort offers skiers stunning views of Volcán Lanin and Lácar Lake as they ski down the mountains.


Recently, Chapelco has spent resources improving their lifts and adding a high-speed quad and gondola to their feet. This enables skiers the chance to receive the full experience of skiing in Argentina.


What differentiates the scenery of this resort from other resorts is the fact that the trees are enclosed with hanging moss. You will not find trees like these with grated powder anywhere else in Argentina.


In terms of terrain, be it a beginner or an advanced skier, the ski area suited for every level of skier.


Terrain For Beginners


All of Cerro Chapelco’s beginner terrains lie below the tree line. The resort offers their magic carpet lift in the novice areas to the first-timers. The beginners can make their way to Camino, a gentle and easy trail that makes it way down the mountain all the way through the Lenga forest.


Intermediate Snowboard and Ski Terrain


Having 25% blue runs, intermediate riders and skiers will undoubtedly be entertained on their skiing trip in Chapelco. The resort services fast quad chairs so skiers do not have to wait in long lines for the chairs.


The off-piste terrain and powder covered pistes gives the intermediate skiers an exhilarating run for their money.


Advanced Skiing at Chapelco


Advanced riders and more confident intermediates are sure to have the time of their life while skiing in the midsection of the resort, where the terrain is considerably more challenging. With low angle trees surrounding the terrain, it makes the runs even more exciting for veteran skiers.


The advanced terrain is located high up in the mountain where the ground is smoother and untouched. However, as skiers approach the lower region of the resort, they might experience some bump runs that will add to the challenging terrain.


Terrain for Expert Snowboarders and Skiers


Cerro Chapelco has steep terrain with most of the extreme zones are kept out of bounds. Advanced skiers wanted to attempt the extreme zones are required to inform the ski patrol regarding their plans.


They’re also advised to take avalanche safety equipment with them. It is recommended that skiers go with a person who knows the terrain backwards. Weather permitting, skiers can ski multiple laps in these zones.




The resort is housed on a comparatively small skiable area, so skiers need arrange their accommodation elsewhere. There are no housing options offered at the foot of the mountain. Those skiers hoping for a ski-in or ski-out means of approach will therefore be disappointed.


The nearest accommodation from the Cerro Chapelco is 20 minutes away, which may make accessing the resort difficult for some. However, it is well worth the difficultly when you see the beautiful scenery, which you admire and enjoy while off-piste and freestyle skiing.


Apart from lodging and off-piste skiing in Argentina, San Martin de los Andes also offers dining, shopping, and après-ski. There is something on offer to suit everyone’s taste and budget.


Want To Ski In July? Head To Cerro Chapelco


You can ski and snowboard at Cerro Chapelco from June right through to early October. This is the time when the resort receives 20 to 30 feet of snow. Those looking forward to skiing at Cerro Chapelco should visit this resort in July to early September.


July to early September is when the resort receives fresh powder that is the best kind to ski on. The weather and ski conditions during this month allow the intermediate and advanced level skiers to experience an exhilarating skiing adventure on 4000 skiable acres of terrain. After a day of exhilarating skiing, skiers can head out for an après treat.


Las Leñas: A Ski Resort You Can Visit In July


Known for its steep and off-piste slopes, Las Leñasreceives an abundance of visitors with a diverse range of abilities. Although it does take a good amount of commitment for the tourists, skiers and riders to get to the resort.


The location and scenic beauty, however, make the journey all the more worth it. The epic terrain makes skiing a thrill at Las Leñas. The snow cover varies each year, however the quality is normally top-notch, even in July.


Las Leñas offers one of the longest and most exciting slopes in the world. This makes it even more exciting for intermediate and advanced skiers as they get to experience a true skiing adventure in July when summer is at its peak in US.


Terrain For Beginners and Families


Las Leñas has a limited range of options for beginner skiers. The resort is still one of the most popular selection for families who visit Argentina for skiing, however.


The base area offers many Poma lifts for beginners. The pistes are wide and low angled, making the terrain friendly for the first timers. There are group or private lessons from the skiing school at the resort available for beginners too.


Terrain For Intermediate Skiers


Although Las Leñas has a reputation for being an extreme skiing resort, nearly half the runs have been rated for intermediate level. Even though the resort is well know for its off-piste and big steep slopes, Las Leñas is still a popular choice intermediate skiers and snowboarders.


The runs are wide and have a good pitch. Skiers and snowboarders can take the Marte Chair that offers long cruisers, offering rewarding views of the valley and beyond.


Terrain For Advanced Skiers


The terrain offers off-piste options for advanced skiers with a range of chutes and bowls offered. With several boxes, rails and rainbows, this is the terrain an advanced level skier looks for to ski dangerously. Its gnarly terrain attracts pro-skiers from different countries.


The Marte chair allows skiers to access the most advanced terrain on the mountain. These areas are, however, predisposed to closures due to weather. As the chair elevates, you can catch sights of incredible and mesmerising views of the surroundings.


Skiing at Las Leñas resort allows you to get a full and authentic experience of heli-skiing too.


Other Activities


Las Leñas’ lively village will provide skiers with everything that they will need for their time in Argentina. There is a wide range of accommodation styles to choose from, from 5-star apartments and hotels to mediocre hostels. Most of the lodgings offer a ski-in/ski-out means of approach.


Apart from skiing, there are other activities you can take part in. These include going to nightclubs, casinos and restaurants. The après ski in Argentina has been designed so that one can enjoy and make the most of their trip time in Argentina.


Visit Las Leñas in July


July is the wettest and coolest month in Las Leñas, making it one of the most visited skiing destinations during July. The weather conditions are favourable for adventure skiing and snowboarding. The scenic beauty of Argentina is at its peak during this time of the month.


To conclude,


Argentina offers a welcomed respite to those skiers looking to escape the hot European and North American summer. Each winter season in Argentina brings some of the best snow and weather conditions for skiing in the majestic beauty of the Andes mountain range.


This makes Argentina a “must-do” on any skiers bucket list. Happy skiing!