Cat-skiing in Siberia
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Cat-skiing is best served in Siberia

Skiing has come a long way. In recent years, both gear and equipment have evolved in terms of style and functionality.

The sport itself has also diversified. Backcountry skiing continues to bring new energy to the slopes.

Skiers love the added excitement of being one with nature and not being limited to the predictability of resort trails. They savor the pristine powder that’s all theirs when they’re free of crowds.

It's no surprise that “ski touring” is the expression Europeans use to describe backcountry, a form of skiing for those who enjoy braving the elements with as much spontaneity and little human intervention as possible.

The thrill of Cat-skiing

It may be hard to believe that anything can be as spine-tingling as arriving at the summit of a mountain range in a turbine powered helicopter, but cat-skiing is another off-trail experience that a growing number of backcountry skiers prefer.

One major reason why is that it’s more economical while providing no less of a rush than heli-sking.
Snow-cat going uphill
Snow-cat going uphill in Siberia /

Cat skiers are carried up mountain peaks in snowcat vehicles that vary in size and are adept at navigating deep snow.

They’re comfortable, fun to ride in and safe. The most state-of the-art vehicles will have windows that enable skiers to check out their surroundings from dazzling angles and perspectives as they journey uphill.

What to be aware of when going Cat-Skiing

Cat-skiing is growing in popularity wherever there are snow-capped mountains and high-powered vehicles to transport skiers to their highest points.

For some, it ultimately comes down to picking a spot where the scenery is interesting and the costs are within budget.
Cat-skiers preparing the descent
Cat-skiers preparing their descent somewhere in Eastern Russia
Savvy cat-skiers will base their decisions on the snow and weather conditions they’re likely to face, which can’t be downplayed.

New powder offers the smoothest ride while also being a feast for the eyes.

Soft new fluff on slopes makes the best cushion for falls whereas snow that’s hasn’t been topped up for a while can be rigid and too slick for safe cat-skiing.

Higher temperatures make snow slushy. Snow reports and conditions at ranges are usually available online. It only takes a couple of minutes to do the research and ensures that a cat-skiing outing lives up to expectations.

Inexpensive and quality - Siberian Cat-skiing

Once a gold mining town, the Siberian town of Priiskovy is easily accessible by plane within a few hours from Frankfurt. A magic place that almost doesn’t feel real, Priiskovy is the source of a rising interest in Cat Skiing in the Siberian region.
Off-Piste skier in priiskovy
Off-piste skier going downhill in Priiskovy
Cat-skiing isn’t just about putting a new interesting spin on an ancient sport, it’s also about seeing unexplored parts of the world, which is one reason why Priiskovy attracts the most wanderlust struck cat-skiers. Few locations anywhere evoke as much as mystery as Siberia, which makes Cat Skiing in Siberia a must on every adventurer’s to-do list.
Skier fueling up somewhere in Siberia before off-piste descend
Skier fueling up somewhere in Siberia before off-piste descend
Its pine canopied landscape and historic architecture keep visitors fascinated. The local cuisine is authentically rustic including unusual specialties such as marinated bear paws and venison soup.
Priiskovy resort’s package that includes transfers to and from Krasnoyarsk airport, as well as a wide range of other amenities, are just one more reason that Cat Skiing in Siberia is too special an opportunity not to try at least once. Trying out Cat-skiing can be an expensive affair. In Priiskovy its not only cheap, but has excellent conditions and comfortabe and save surrounding. Experience more about cat-skiing in priiskovy, click here.

Cat-skiing possibilities in North America

The state of Alaska has no shortage of rugged Backcountry or snowfall during winter. The Chugach Mountains surrounding Valdez Alaska and Thompson Pass have more than 2,500 miles of pristine mountains zigzagging the sky. The North Cascade range in Washington is legendary. It’s easy driving distance from Seattle but cat-skiers will feel light years from the city when exploring its 1,500 acres of terrain.

Skier embracing the lush powder in Siberia
Skier embracing the lush powder in Siberia
Utah is another U.S. state known for its mountainous skylines and crisp high-altitude air. It’s no coincidence, however, that cat-skiing was invented in Canada's postcard-perfect mountains where diehard cat-skier’s advice bypass lines and lifts to do cat-ski runs to their heart’s content. Powder runs at Whistler in British Columbia won’t disappoint. Neither will the wild sparkling terrain in the Canadian Rockies. Those are just some of the famous areas that backcountry enthusiasts should consider when planning time on the slopes in one of the most ski-friendly destinations in the world.
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