Best ski resorts in Germany 2019

Skiing in Germany – here’s what you need to know about the best skiing and ski resorts in Germany.

Did you know Germany also offers one of best skiing experience in the world? Germany is a rich country made of awe-inspiring forests, rivers, and mountains. Tourists come here for its sprawling white beaches and rich culture. Everyone loves the mixture of urban vibe and relaxing ambiance that its 2-millennia of history bring, not to mention the cobblestone paths and decade-old buildings.

Berlin, the capital city of Germany boasts the liveliest nightlife. However, while most tourists often overlook the beauty of the city during winter, the best skiing in Germany actually happens in the Alps.

Overall, there are 699 ski resorts in Germany extending up 2, 720 altitude when winter starts to fall.

Skiing in Germany

Skiing in Germany is an exhilarating experience lest the fact that Germany is actually a great winter destination in Europe. Its snow-capped terrains can reach up to 1, 600 miles during winter with ski passes ranging from €3 to €49.

Although the ski season in Germany is shorter compared to other countries, its ski resorts are well-groomed. The biggest, most popular ski resort is Steinplatte while the highest is Zugpspitze. Snow starts to fall in October and usually ends in April. In the summer, the ski resorts transform into amazing locations for hiking, trekking, or climbing.

So if you’re planning to have best skiing in Germany, we have listed the top skiing resorts that you can visit.

We have compiled the best ski resorts according to factors such as nightlife, accommodation, experience, and food. Here we go!

Großer Arber offers some of the best skiing in Germany


Großer Arber is located in the Bavarian Forest and is accessible via bus, taxi, train or car. You can take a bus from Nuremberg to Deggendorf and then take a taxi from Deggendorf to Großer Arber.

The elevation in Aerber can reach up to 1, 456 metres during winter. Locals usually call it Arber or “King of the Bavarian Forest.” There are 6 well-maintained lifts in the area which can take you to your favorite spot.

You would be surprise by how modern the infrastructure and amenities in Arber. Aside from lifts, there are cable cars, conveyor belts, and gondola ride that will take you to the Bavarian Forest.

The terrains in Arber are always full of snow for the best skiing in Germany experience. Thanks to the snow-making machines and other high-tech facilities in the area, Arber is sure to make every tourist happy and satisfied.

Hailed as one of the best ski resorts in Germany, Arber offers multiple winter sports activities for experts and beginners. Aside from skiing, you can enjoy snowboarding, visiting some popular Gorges, Ravines, and Caves. In fact, the high pastures and huts in Arber also make up the list of the must-see spots as you ski through its snow-capped mountains.

Arber offers 11.5 kilometres of sloping terrains. Another 5 kilometres of snowcapped slopes are reserved for avid snowboards. Contrary to popular belief, Arber is a family-friendly ski resorts. Your kids will truly enjoy more features like the dwarf garden and tobogganing in the snow. There are nature trips and special tours around the panoramic outdoors.

Arber is also blessed with family-friendly accommodations. Family-run hotels are available at the foot of Mount Großer Arber in the Bavarian Forest such as the Arberschutzhaus or Pension Arberwald.­


Skiing in Schwarzwald


Also known as the Black Forest, Schwarzwald is a mountainous region which pays homage to the oldest ski club built in 1895.

Schwarzwald is the largest ski resort with 155 kilometres of slopes and 158 functional ski lifts. People come here not only for the wonderful skiing experience it offers but also for its rich culture and history.

This is the only ski resort that will take you back to hundreds of childhood memories.  In fact, Schwarzwald is the first ever ski resort where Germans learn to ski. Today, Schwarzwald have dozens of small ski resorts scattered throughout the White Mountains.

A popular ski resort is the Vogelskopf with one lift and a couple of pistes. You can slide down from Vogelskopf to Feldberg and feel the 50 kilometres of slopes burn your legs. Although the terrains in Schwarzwald is are not so steep, they are not for the faint hearted.


The ski resorts in Schwarzwald are super accessible with just an hour drive from the airport.  Upon arrival to either Freiburg, Basel (Switzerland) or Strasbourg (France), you can take a bus ride or taxi to the resort.

There are 4 stars to 5 stars accommodation near the banks of Kinzig river. Cheap accommodations are available as well. Of course, your vacation would not be complete without dining into some local restaurants. If you want a generous view of the forest, you should try dining at Schwarzwaldstube or catch some French delicacies at the Claus-Peter Lumpp.

Skiing in Zugspitze


With generous snowfall during winter season, Zugspitze offers one of the best skiing in Germany experience.

Specifically located inside the Schneeferner glacier, Zugspitze have long-running ski season that usually last up to 7 months. It can rise up to 2, 700 metres during winter and is considered the highest ski resort in Germany.

All ski resorts in Zugspitze are well-maintained, making it a favourite among skiers from different corners of the world.

Zugspitze is composed of multiple ski areas for skiers of all levels. Beginners can enjoy 40 kilometres of less challenging terrains while 22 slopes are great for intermediate skiers. Garmisch-Classic is a great place to ski if you’re looking for a much more challenging terrain. From here, you can ski down to three popular mountains in Zugspitze.

Try to take a picture of the beautiful Hausberg. When you get to Kreuzeck, you’ll see the best view of the place as it grows up to 1,651 metres above sea level. Thrill-seekers will enjoy the extreme ski experience at Kandahar Downhill.

Ochsenkopf also offers some of the best skiing in Germany


Seated wonderfully in Northern Bavaria, Ochsenkopf Mountain is the second-highest mountain in the Fichtel Mountains. It can reach up to 1,024 metres   during winter.

Ochsenkopf is a world-renowned ski resort and probably the best region for winter sports. It has the longest slope in Northern Bavaria that runs 4 kilometres long.

Ochsenkopf is a perfect place to go for families hungry of winter fun and adventure.  With snow-making machines, Ochsenkopf can keep the ski fields at their finest throughout the year.

Beginners can practice their skiing skills through the blue runs which offer 1.9 kilometres of snowcapped terrains. Intermediate skiers can head north for and enjoy 2.3 kilometres red run and snow guns.

Skiing in Oberammergau


Oberammergau is not just a skiing resort but a place for mediation for most people looking to escape the hustle-bustle of the city. Some of the best attractions in Oberammergau are the Passion Play and the popular Linderhof Castle.

Of course, don’t forget to add the picturesque view of the snowcapped valley which you can only appreciate when you ski down the beautiful terrains.

Sports enthusiasts can head off to Kolben and Laber. Oberammergau has 1 cable car, 1 chairlift, and 7 drag lifts that can take you to the main skiing spots.

Laber is located on the other side of the village near NATO hotel, which is a little difficult to find. It is advisable to go in groups or with a tour-guide when going here for the first time.

Laber only has one run. Without pisting, it is almost invisible on the ski maps. Only skiers with proper training and experience can traverse its totally alluring but oftentimes daunting terrains.

Skiing in Alpsee-Grünten


Another family-friendly ski resort is the Alpsee-Grünten. It comes with a fun park and offers a lot more activities that family can enjoy such as winter trail hiking and tobogganing. In fact, it is the only resort with the longest season for tobogganing.

Alpsee-Grünten offers a variety of snowcapped terrains for beginners and experts. The longest terrains measures 4.5 kilometres.

Aside from the double chairlift, Alpsee-Grünten boasts 55 kilometres of slopes and 22 lifts to help you have the best skiing in Germany. Cheap accommodations and family-friendly hotels are also available in the area.

Alpenwelt Karwendel too, offers some of the best skiing in Germany


Alpenwelt Karwendel is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts with snow as wide as 700 kilometres for the majority of the winter season.

A lot of families go here not only to have the best skiing in Germany, but also to enjoy other activities such as snowboarding. Since the snow can really be think and expansive, you’ll see many kids building snowmen and snow castles.

You can’t help but take pictures of the views and how blissful the kids are. Don’t worry if it is your first time to ski because the resort also offers skiing classes. Alpenwelt Karwendel has 22 kilometres of well-groomed terrains and 10 ski lifts that will take you to the best spot.

The best time to go in Alpenwelt Karwendel is between October and April when the snow is at their best. If you happen to come by January, make sure to not miss the annual carnival which gives more life to the resort.

A lot of tourists flock here during January so expect more crowd in the place during this month. A safer option is to make advance booking and secure the spot for your hotel room.

The hearty food and affordable yet comfortable accommodations also contribute to making this a good place to stay. In history, Ludwig II wrote in his diary in 1871 how much he loved going to the mountain and treated it as a “romantic location with good visibility.”

From his entry, it could be implied that Alpenwelt Karwendel is not just a plain ski resort but a beauty waiting to be discovered.

To conclude…


The best skiing in Germany is possible with concrete planning and preparation. You can go here with your friends, family, or even go alone.

In fact, skiing is not just a winter sport but quite more like a therapy for people in search of a major break. A lot of people who want to break free from the hustle-bustle of the city go here to spend quality time with nature.

Traversing the difficult terrains and steep snow-filled slopes is a cure for individuals whose hearts have been broken by past romance. As what Ludwig II, Alpenwelt Karwendel is one of the places in Germany where you can redefine romance and rediscover yourself.

Skiing in Germany is a unique way to spend your winter vacation. It can be a sweet escape or a hobby for sports enthusiasts. There is only one thing for sure – Germany is a great place for skiing regardless of any reason.

Book your hotel in advance and enjoy the best skiing in Germany.

Happy skiing!