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Best ski resorts in Europe 2019

Europe is undoubtedly the most diverse region in the world when it comes to alpine skiing. In Europe, the skiing people will experience all different kind of terrains. From the cold, cold, north on Iceland where skiing happens in Vulcanic surroundings, through the curvy mountains in Scandinavia with their extreme cold and Long nights.

Embedded in the joyful surrounding with family-friendly terrain, the Beginner skier will experience Scandinavia as the right place to start, whereas the more adventurous skier is looking to the south and the Alps where aprés-ski and late-night partying is a must. To the west, the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada in Spain combine Tapas and carving whereas, in the eastern part of Europe, the Ural Mountains offer potentially some of the cheapest Heli-Skiing on the globe. In other words, skiing on the old continent is as diverse as it gets!