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Zermatt ski packages

Ski Information for Zermatt

Skiing in Zermatt is on a massive scale. Excellent backdrop enthralls you throughout your ride up the Alps. It is normal to be amazed by the Alps ether around you, being enclosed by 28 mountains over 4100m (13,451.44ft). These are the premier peaks in Europe. In addition, at all times within sight, is the true beauty of the Matterhorn. Cable cars are frequently used here – it’s a necessity in such a striking mountain environment. Cable lifts climb mutely across rifts, as up cliff lies over thousands of feet above the ground. Once you’re above everyone else, it time to take on your skis. No more are you only a spectator in this magnificent alp world. You are here to ski!

High altitude Skiing

All three of Zermatt's ski zones range to at least 3150m (10334.65 ft.). This renders into outstanding snow settings and extended runs to the town (9 to 14km / 5.5 to 8.6 mil). Not simply are the slopes extensive, but they are open whole day. Lifts start the action at 8 am and do not stop until 5 pm during wintertime, while in March/April it is operation until 6:30 pm. Speaking of extensive, Zermatt also has the lengthiest winter season in Europe. All three skiing zones kick-off from mid-November to the end of April - and the enormous glacier zone bids top-notch skiing all over summer too.

Biggest run

The lengthiest run is starting from the Matterhorn into town. The Matterhorn is the loftiest lift in whole Europe. At 3920m (12,860ft), you rise above Europe, greater than the greatest peaks of many alps countries, including all the summits of Austria and New Zealand. Walking out of a channel caved within the rock, one reaches a massive snowy glacial world. The Alps sights are spectacular. Nowhere else, you can sense so much that you’re viewing the immeasurable. On a fair cloudless day, one can see across most of the Swiss, Italian, and French Alps. From Klein to Zermatt, marks for a run of 14 kilometers (8.6 ml) and 2100 vertical meters of diverse territory. It's the only biggest and lengthiest run, which is open from November to April.

Beginner skiers

Novice skiers will catch numerous extensive, safe, and attractive zones, which are perfect for learning. However, beginner skiers aiming to wander should be ready to have their aptitude well examined. There are seldom novice trails connecting the vast mountain ranges. Zermatt may not be best for a shy beginner, but a learner who likes challenges will ardor Zermatt as much as anybody - and progress quickly. Don't overlook - these are vast mountains! Zermatt clenches massive charm for intermediate and advanced skiers.

Intermediate skiers

Intermediates will discover a mammon of territory unwrapping before them - dawdle through massive sweeping snowfields and blow away forest highways. The best part for intermediates is that the lopes here are massively long and diverse, with prized runs to the village. Snow situations are reliably excellent from November to April. Zermatt's drops will endlessly surprise and thrill. Presume to place numerous miles of diverse terrain beneath your skis. Long runs connect all Zermatt's zones, and intermediates can relish crossing whole mountain ranges, even skiing across countries!

Advanced skiers

Expert skiers are also well supplied for. Zermatt is famed for its advanced skiing. Get going with some swift skiing, before pitching headlong into some of Europe's most renowned magnate turfs. Devotees are pleased in all spheres. Zermatt has a widespread off-piste territory. Big and rarely used skied arenas of unscathed snow anticipate those adrenaline-hungry skiers. Credits to Zermatt's tremendously great altitudes and a profusion of north fronting slopes, grind snow can still be observed many days after it tumbles. In spring particularly, vast areas of both grind and corn snow can be noticed off-piste. In addition, there are no difficulties with ski patrollers when skiing out of confines here.


Zermatt bids many of outstanding unseal terrain for boarders. Presently there are two snowboard parks one at Blauherd and the other near Trockener Steg. Snowboards are also embraced on all lifts and pistes. Innately snowboards are obtainable to rent at several rental shops in town. There is also a devoted snowboarding school. Boarders, make sure to try out fifteen splendid snowboarding action shots in the Gallery, and a number of big halfpipe jumps in the summer division. Supports to this portion are cheered from Zermatt’s snowboarders.

Afterski & Nightlife in Zermatt

There is an ancient dictum –'In Zermatt, Après Ski starts at noon'. Whilst that may not be correct for everyone, it is a fact that Après ski here does secure a special charm. It is not difficult to see why. Around 36 mountain cafés are to be discovered above Zermatt, most with marvelous sight of the Mount Matterhorn. The majority of them are genuine, homely, conspicuously Swiss 'chalets'. Delighting guests with superb food and an inimitable Zermatt ambiance. It won’t be wrong to claim that Zermatt has several of the finest mountain restaurants in the Alps. Skiing up to an archaic sun charred cabin, it is a relish to detach one's skis at the end of a fulfilling day, faces shimmering from the sun, and to drink a ‘Glüwein’ (mulled wine) or tasty Apfelstrudel (native apple pie) with friends. Often the ambiance tempts one to remain long after the sunsets.   Skiing and après ski go hand-in-hand. Zermatt is well known all over the globe and primarily adored because to its Alps festivities. There is no other location, where you can revel after skiing as great as in Zermatt. Our après connoisseurs have fully traveled around the groovy world of Zermatt and have identified some fine spots for you. The Jamboree in the city and on the slope is certain!

Champagne Bar

The Champagne Bar is situated at the vale’s slope from Sunnegga onwards Zermatt. Here, you will get to taste exclusive champagnes and hot drinks, worth appreciating in that cold weather. Celebrate in a cozy and comfortable ambiance! The Champagne Bar has everything to end your day in a perfect manner.

Hennu Stall

You have to visit Hennu Stall at least once during your stay at Zermatt. At the lower part of the valley’s slope, you will find Furi Station – this rock stand will allow you to unwind completely. From there, you can head to HENNU Stall – home to DJ’s and live music, an ideal place to setup perfect après ski mood. You can get to Hennu Stall walking from Zermatt or through train from Furi Station.

Iglu Dorf

At the peak of 28, 267 meters, you will discover the tallest alpine ‘Iglu Dorf’ which is renovated every year by the enthusiastic artists. The Iglu Dorf is the perfect place to recharge yourself in midst of high-altitudes. Treat yourself with a drink and relax in the charming village! Taste the Iglu’s Glögi (warm and full of flavour wine).

Papperla Pub

Young and elderly people, outsiders and natives all encounter each other at Papperla Pub. Here, you bash in an Irish way in a large living room, and as soon as the vibes go high, no one remains seated! Commencing at 15 o’clock, you can relish your first warm wine or Jägertee on the sun terrace.

The Zermatt Yacht Club

At the Zermatt Yacht Club, you will sip the flawless cocktails made from unsullied ingredients. The ambience here is enchanting and comforting! Just go through the menu and pick a sound base before you set off for cocktails - as a few surprises are hidden within!

Cervo Bar Lounge

The Cervo Swiss bar mixes the latest and the conventional alpine masterworks. Here, you can rest throughout the day while you enjoy some delicious warm wine. The party kicks in at dusk. Cervo Bar is only at a walking distance of 10-minutes from the Centre of Zermatt. You can also use the lift to get there.

Loft Club Lounge

In the Loft Club Lounge, you lighten up together with the individuals from different fields of life. Throughout the bash, everybody hums together, and the overall ambiance is splendid! Here, you can blast from ten until two.

Brown Cow Pub

Best restaurant for value in Zermatt, people usually gather at Brown Cow Pub to unwind together over the communal drink (pint of chilled beer) and food – make sure to try their tasty burgers. Here, you will catch the biggest beer collection in Zermatt! The location shows several sporting events as well. This place offers the best British ambiance in whole of Zermatt.

Broken Bar

The Broken Bar is one of the most celebrated clubs in the Alps – also known as a cult club. Night changes into the day here – with the help of notorious wine barrels. This is the perfect place to celebrate ski hits with the locals. In the basement, you can bash till as late as five a.m.

Activities in Zermatt

One of the best characteristics of Zermatt is that it’s just as perfect for non-skiers as for skiers. There are a lot of non-ski endeavors in Zermatt. So, if you are a non-skier or want a day off the slopes, there’s plenty to do in Zermatt beyond the coziness of your lavish Swiss ski lodge.   One of Zermatt's famous tourist attractions is the 31km of tidied winter-walking tracks, many with delightful restaurants on the way, and all with stunning vistas. There’s also a perfect supplement of other activities including the cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, moonlight quests, and tobogganing.

Winter walking

Although it may be difficult to assume holiday at Zermatt and not skiing. However, Zermatt offers more than skis or snowboard. It has many picturesque winter-walking tracks lined by a number of restaurants on the way towards up-valley Zmutt. The winter track chart, accessible from the tourist office, highlights 71 km of paths for winter walking in Zermat. The Tasch and Randa tracks are open from December to April and copiously taken care of between Christmas and Easter. Winter walking tickets are available from the booking office. Tel: +41 (0) 27 927 70 00

Cross-country skiing

Zermatt has 26km of cross-country skiing downward the valley on the Tasch-Randa cross-country tracks (16km skating and 11km classic). Track permits for one day to one week or longer durations can be obtained from the Tourist Offices. Tel: +41 (0) 27 967 16 89


Zermatt proffers a variety of four scaled snowshoe trails between December and April. They can be navigated without a guide, however, they are not straightened nor safeguarded from avalanche risk, and so a little caution is advised. Trekking guidebooks are obtainable from the Alpin Center Zermatt. There are plenty of snow-shoe rental shops so you don’t have to worry about that. You can contact Zermatt tourism for more details. Tel: +41 (0) 27 966 81 00

Moonlight Quests

Relish a lovely fondue (Swiss dish of melted cheese) and comfy ambiance at the ‘Restaurant Rothorn’ enjoyed by a tender moonlit ski slope with the piste patrol. You can also enjoy moonlight on ‘Gornergrat’ enfolded by 30 moonlit tops above 4,100 m then ski down or take a train ride back to Zermatt. Make sure to enjoy once a month full moon dinner at Kulmhotel Gornergrat (3100m).


Zermatt's Rotenboden (2,900 m) to Riffelberg (2,602 m) sledge run - the premier in Switzerland - needs about 11 minutes from top to base and is accessed by travelling through the Gornergrat Bahn railway. Trains course around every 10 minutes and toboggans can be borrowed (full day or half day) from the Rotenboden station. Usually open from December to April, depending on snow and weather conditions.

Helicopter Ride

If you can’t reach the top and conquer the mighty Matterhorn, but are eager to see its overwhelming cliffs up close for yourself then a helicopter ride is ideal for you. You can sign up for varying length of flights with prices starting from 250 CHF for a 20 minutes flight, including free lunch.
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