Best ski resorts in Switzerland 2019

Switzerland reigns supreme and has some of the best places to go skiing. on one hand, it certainly matches the opportunities found in countries such as Italy and France when it comes to challenging terrain and shere beauty. On the other hand, there is no denying the fact that Switzerland’s ski resorts are notorious for being expensive. For this reason, it is a good idea to carefully pick and choose the ski resort you want to visit. Among some of the best ones that you can come across, the following are a few ski resorts which are worth visiting.


Renowned for having slopes that fall above the normal tree-line, Verbier is the perfect skiing playground that is perfect for off-terrain skiing and free-riding. Better suited for professionals and experts, there are skiing schools in Verbier where beginners and intermediate skiers can learn more about the Swiss terrain. Other resorts cannot compare to the same skiing experience that Verbier offers, which is why, it is widely revered and sought after. The Tortin is also counted among the steepest descents in Europe, making it hard to ignore for expert skiers. In the evening, certain areas such as the Rocks as well as 1936 that feature performances by DJ’s on snowy patios.

Davos – Klosters

Counted among the largest areas for winter sports in Europe, Davos is actually a combination of different ski resorts that strung together, stretching for several miles in Eastern Switzerland. Luckily, this means that there are plenty of skiing opportunities with almost 300km of pristine runs available. The skiing here is perfect for intermediate and experts while beginners might be a bit hard pressed to find great skiing opportunities. Moreover, many people feel that Davos is unlike a traditional ski-resort, with a very city like appearance to it, but the facilities it has to offer, more than make up for it. These facilities include skating rinks, swimming pools, as well as access to four star restaurants and shops that are easily accessible.

Saas – Fee

Bagging the title for best snow quality and dependability in the Swiss Best Ski Resort Awards, Saas-Fee is traditional ski resort that is traffic free with no vehicles allowed. Situated near the Dom which is the highest peak in Switzerland, Saas-Fee has exceptional skiing opportunities. Beginners can make use of a total of 37kms of trails that are meant specifically for their skill sets. Intermediate skiers have access to 1,800m of vertical terrain allotted for them. Despite the fact that Saas-Fee is usually sought after by beginners and intermediate skiers, it also has something to offer the experts. They can make use of a total of 23kms of black diamond trails.


Feel like skiing down Switzerland’s most iconic mountain? Then you better head to Zermatt which is located near the Matterhorn. As a ski resort, it is Switzerland’s most iconic, achieving global fame for the quality of the skiing opportunities it presents. While it attracts experts and intermediate skiers, Zermatt has something for everyone with trails available for beginners and non-skiers. With reliable snowfall, Zermatt boasts some of the best slopes even offering a vertical drop of 2,133 meters which is considered to be the greatest one in Switzerland. Skiing is possible at Zermatt all year round because of the high altitude that ensures good snow all year round. With a rustic charm and hearty food as well as the opportunity to indulge in other snow sports, Zermatt is a ski resort you have to visit.


Famed because it played a part in the history of free-skiing, Murren is a resort that is quaint, rustic and all that you would expect a rustic Swiss ski resort to be. Murren actually hosted the 1931 Alpine Ski World Championship. Offering interconnection between three different ski areas, Murren is perfect for beginners, intermediate skiers and even expert skiers because there is something for everyone. It is also in close proximity to the Wengen and the Grindelwald which are easily accessible with Jungfrau ski pass. It also has the famous revolving restaurant which was showcased in a Bond film, namely, Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which makes it worth visiting.

St. Moritz

Considered to be glamorous as well as old money, St. Moritz has consistently attracted celebrities and wealthy socialites. Moreover, it also houses the famous Cresta Run course which is loved for tobogganing enthusiasts. The resort itself is very modern, keeping up with the demands of its high-end clientele and offers one the opportunity to not only indulge in skiing, but also in other snow sports as well as horse riding, cricket, polo and more. The terrain also offers a number of different terrains which are perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts. As a resort, there is plenty to see and do at St. Moritz, even for non-skiers.


Another Swiss resort which is renowned for being a celebrity hot spot, Gstaad doesn’t just cater to high-skiing fashion aficionados. Gstaad consists of a collection of 10 little skiing villages, which means that there are plenty of slopes, trails and pistes available for skiers. All in all, there is a collective of 220 km available that are accessible with the help of 57 ski lifts. Luckily, out of this, a total of 128km is designated for beginners whereas intermediates have a total of 60km. However, the remaining terrain for experts is extremely challenging and truly tests the mettle of the experts. The best part is that Gstaad also offers night skiing on certain trails. With 10 skiing villages in its domain, it is safe to say that accommodations are easy to come by in this Swiss ski resort.