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Verbier ski packages

Ski Information for Verbier

Verbier is everything you are looking for in a world-class skiing area with winter-sports being the leading attraction every year. Verbier is a chalet village resting on a sun kissed flat terrain with majestic views of the magnificent mountain peaks. The ski area of Verbier stretches from 1500 meters to 3330 meters and thanks to the high altitudes and perfect snow conditions, over 442 kilometers of runs are accessible by a total of 93 lifts. Mont-Gelé and Mont-Fort are two of the legendary skiing routes that Verbier is well known for and is a huge attraction for skiing experts wanting to continuously test their skiing skills. Beginners and intermediate skiers will also find that there are skiing routes according to their interests. Being an extremely popular skiing location in Europe, Verbier is full of people visiting from all over the country during winter, which leads to the formation of queues. However, there is constant investment taking place in the lift systems and the queues are well handled.

Beginner Skiers

Les Schtroumpfs is a Swiss skiing school that operates Les Moulins - the junior slope near the center of the town and is also home to the kid’s club. Les Esserts is the main slope designed for beginners and has the same setup as Les Moulins, but on a larger scale. Les Esserts can only be accessed by a shuttle bus due to it being cut from the main skiing area of Verbier. There are a total of three beginner slopes in the ski resort for those trying out the skiing sport for the first time (Le Rouge, Le Esserts and Le Moulins). Besides this, the Verbier skiing area also has a great terrain for beginners at La Chaux, which can be directly accessed from Médran by using the recently built La Chaux Express Combi-Mix lift.

Intermediate Skiers

For skiers who want to upgrade their beginner status, there are several runs to check out. The Lad des Vaux, La Chaux 1 and 2 and Medran 1 are the perfect skiing slopes for early intermediates. For advanced intermediates, there is an extensive range of pistes and ski areas that fit in perfectly with their skills. Another area that is popular for beginner and intermediate skiers is the area that is around Mont Gélé. It is one of the busiest sections during the winter season when snow activities are at their peak. There are also red-flagged trails that run the course from the top of Col de Gentianes at nearly 2950 meters all the way down to Verbier, which lies at 1200 meters. With the top of Mon Fort summit being an exception, the intermediates have access to all of the skiing pistes of Verbier and in the 4 Valleys.

Advanced and Expert Skiers

The Verbier skiing range is heaven for advanced and expert skiers with numerous skiing slopes ready for challenge during their stay at Verbier. It is the perfect location for expert skiers to showcase their skiing skills or hone them for that matter. There is an extremely steep gradient and landscape the expert skiers come across at the peaks and is worth all the hours they put into perfecting the art of skiing. Most advanced ski courses of Verbier are planned routes and are not primed or controlled for avalanches. Tortin is a remarkably steep and wide region that shows its full colors after there has been a new snowfall, developing bulky moguls that stay for almost the entire skiing season. The Vallon d’Arby offers a great tree skiing experience and Col des Mines is a favorite spot for expert skiers. One black flagged slope that is awaiting expert skiers and snowboarders called the La Pasay Noir. The expert run has two different starting points that you can choose from, but both of them fuse together somewhere down the ski route. To reach one route take a right from the top of the triple chair of La Pasay, taking another right immediately to reach the first of the starting points. This starting point follows the fall line to skiers who are on the left of the lift. If you want to go down the other ski route then go straight after jumping off the lift, which will lead you to a small, but breathtaking portion of the same run which eventually join another slope that faces the front of the resort. Both these ski routes are different in the beginning and are worth trying by expert skiers. Both the route options will take you back to the foot of the La Pasay triple chair.

Verbier Skiing Contests

The presence of such magnificent slopes and routes that are suitable for all types of skiers makes the region extremely attractive for contests, competitions and other events. The O’Neill Xtreme and Verbier Ride attracts top skiers and snow boarders, and hundreds of starters from all over the world to the Verbier skiing region. Don’t be surprised if you come across helmeted groups of people in the early hours of the day.

Ski Schools

Being such a major skiing hub, Verbier is home to many skiing schools and guides. This is where you can learn how to ski or ski better. There are various ski schools that have the best guides and supervisors who have come here from different parts of the world.

Verbier Ski Guide

Here are a few Verbier skiing facts that will help you get a better idea about what to expect when you land in Switzerland for a phenomenal skiing experience that Verbier has to offer: The nearest airport: Geneva The nearest train station: Le Chable Number of ski lifts: 88 Number of pistes: 70 Opening season: The skiing session this year is scheduled to commence in the last week of November and continue till the third or last week of March next year. Beginner: Intermediate: Expert ratio: 36%: 67%: 27% Pricing: The lift tickets range from CHF 31.00-75.00 Verbier is one of the biggest skiing regions that attracts thousands of skiers ranging from beginners to advanced and expert skiers. The enhanced skiing experience calls upon some of the top personalities who are active in the skiing world. If you are looking for a unique skiing affair, Verbier is the place you should head off to this winter.

Afterski & Nightlife in Verbier

Verbier in Switzerland may be a skiing hotspot, but it doesn’t disappoint in the nightlife domain. Many believe that it is only after the dark that Verbier reveals its true colors. The number of bars and clubs in the vicinity bear testimony to that fact. Here is a brief list of bars and nightclubs that are worth paying a visit while you are at Verbier.

The Farinet South Bar and Nightclub

The Farinet South Bar and Nightclub is a popular stopping point for all those staying at Verbier. The bar is perfect for dancing away the night with live DJs and music providing the right mix of music to keep the adrenaline pumping through your veins. The Farinet is known as the Farinet Apres Ski Bar and operates from 4pm to 4am. If you are visiting with a group of friends, Farinet guarantees never-ending fun with endless supply of beer and exotic drinks.

The Farinet Lounge Bar

The Farinet Lounge Bar emanates an aura of comfort and luxury that helps you relax. You have the option of sitting at the bar or renting one of the private areas for a night with your folks and fellows. The place is known for its huge list of cocktails that are meticulously prepared by the mixologists. The Farinet Lounge Bar combines the essence of a comfortable restaurant with that of a bar by adding live DJs to the mix without taking away the relaxing vibes you feel once you enter a bar.

Carve Nightclub

If you are a lover of everything contemporary, then the Carve Nightclub is the place for you to be. A dramatic red entrance takes you through an area that screams of class and chicness. The supper club is where you will soon be sitting across a classic Swiss cuisine. If you want drinks that fit in perfectly with your meal, then the experienced attendants will be able to guide you with that. You can dance the night away at the bar until 4am to the music played by the Carve Nightclub's resident DJs. The Carve Nightclub is open during the winter season on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Farm Club Nightclub

The Farm Club Nightclub is undoubtedly one of the oldest nightclubs in the Alps and is the popular hangout destination of skiers after they return from their challenging skiing expeditions. Founded in 1971, the Farm Club has managed to hold onto some of its old roots and has completely managed to retain its antique and golden aura. Every renovation was done carefully to retain the ambience and reputation the club built upon along the years. The Farm Club is an intoxicating mix of a wine bar, bar and a nightclub. It is located at the center of Verbier. The Farm Club Nightclub opens at 11pm and you are free to party till 4am in the morning.

The Etoile Rouge Supper Club

A place that successfully combines great food with live entertainment. At this club you have the option of having dinner before moving onto the dance floor for hours of dancing. For dinner, you can choose from a delicious mix of Eastern European and Scandinavian flavors that will have you returning for more. The Etoile Rouge Supper Club opens for business at 8pm and stays open till 4 am. After-ski and the nightlife in Verbier, Switzerland is quite fascinating and makes it a perfect location for a large group of friends or family out on a European ski adventure.

Activities in Verbier

If you decide to step out of North America for the sake of your skiing adventures, Switzerland the place to be. Verbier definitely is one of the worth exploring Swiss ski resorts. It is breathtakingly beautiful and provides an opportunity to enjoy much more than skiing and sports. Here are some of the top favorite non-skiing activities Verbier visitors love to indulge in.


A hike to the top of Mont-Fort, which is one of its famous peaks will be an unforgettable experience. You come across gorgeous panoramic views that you can capture through your camera. You can take a ride on the cable cars, a wonderful experience in itself. There are a total of four chairlifts you will have to take if you are planning to go to Mont-Fort’s peak.

Verbier Bikepark

The Verbier Bikepark is the perfect place for a biking enthusiast looking for a thrilling experience. The motto of the bikepark is to provide quality and diversity to every guest, and ensure that an individual has a unique experience every time he visits. The tracks and routes are forever changing, so every time you go to the Verbier Bikepark you will have something new to experience.

Verbier Escape Room Emporium

The Verbier Escape Room Emporium is where you, along with your friends or family come across a set of puzzles and challenges to solve within a given time duration. The escape rooms are not scary, but challenging. It is a great and innovative way of spending quality time with your fellow travelers to get to know them better.

Flyverbier - Day Adventures

Flyverbier is the flying center in Verbier operational since more than 30 years. It is the perfect way for you to spend a day during your stay in Verbier. Imagine paragliding or hand gliding in country as beautiful as Switzerland! You will be able to view the landscapes from a completely new angle.

NorDream Chiens de Traineaux

At Verbier, you have the chance to go through the snowy trails on a sled pulled by Nordic dogs. The trip will give you a chance to appreciate the magnificence from an entirely new take. You will also get to stop in the middle of your sledding trip to cuddle with the dogs and take pictures. There are different packages you can avail at different pricing, ranging from an hour’s sledding trip to a half day of sledding fun and full-day trip through the snowy paths. Tobogganing down a snowy hill and watching the snowy landscape whizz by is one of the most fun ways of spending your stay at Verbier. You can toboggan down La Tzoumaz for around 10 kilometers and feel the adrenaline rush through your veins.

Macbich Wine Shop

The Macbirch Wine Shop is the oldest winery in Verbier and houses some of the oldest wines of the world. Including some mountain wines that hail from Valais vineyards. There is a complementary wine tasting at the Macbirch Wine Shop every Saturday of the winter season and you get to taste exotic wines.

Alpine Museum

If you want to find out about the culture and history of Verbier in its early days then the Alpine Museum is the perfect place for you to visit. The Alpine Museum showcases the culture, habitats and customs of Verbier, with its main focus being on the pre-industrialization era and the mechanisms that existed and were operational in Verbier until after the World War II. The alpine museum opens at 2pm and closes at 6pm from Wednesday to Sunday. Verbier has a lot more to offer than its remarkable skiing experience. These activities will make your stay in Verbier memorable and have you coming back for another trip next year!
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