Best ski resorts in Norway 2019

Sometimes overlooked for France, Switzerland or Italy, Norway is quickly becoming a prominent player when it comes to offering pristine slopes and good conditions for skiing. Skiers are quickly becoming fans of the resorts that are quaint mix of rustic charm as well as consistent snow fall that is perfect for indulging in snow sports of any kind.

If you’re heading to Norway, maybe consider skipping Oslo and head forward to these ski resorts. Not only are they considered among the best in Norway, they have some amazing skiing experiences to offer too:


Counted among Norway’s oldest ski resorts, Geilo is considered as the epitome of skiing culture in Norway. Consisting of a charming and rustic ski village that nests near Oslo and Bergen, Geilo is easy to access and is situated on the edge of Hardangervidda which is not only the biggest mountain plateau but also part of Norway’s biggest national park. While Geilo is situated on a lower altitude, its climate as well as its unique location contributes to making it extremely snow sure. The terrain available also makes Geilo perfect for families, beginners, intermediates and experts in skiing too. The resort also offers other snow activities such as horse sleigh rides, snow safari with dog sleds as well as ice fishing and tobogganing.


Said to have the most stunning natural views, Voss is situated near Vangs Lake, Voss mixes the beauty of the fjords with those of the mountains as it is also near the foot of Mount Hangur. Also considered as a tourist destination, Voss has plenty of four star hotels, restaurants and boutiques. Its unique positioning has allowed it to offer some of the best terrain for beginners, intermediates and experts. The proof is in the fact that Voss claims to be the foster home for many participants of the Winter Olympics. It has also successfully hosted various FIS World Cup Ski Races because of the good variety of slopes available.


The site of the Oslo Olympics in 1952, Norefjell has been held in Norway as a ski resort despite its compact size. The unique factor about Norefjell is that its village is situated on mid-altitude instead of lying at the base of the skiing area as is usually the case. With slopes on either side, it makes for a very interesting and easy way for one to grab a bite to eat or head out to ski. The slopes here also include a vertical drop that is said to be the greatest in all of Scandinavia. While Norefjell hasn’t grown much in size, overtime, new additions have been made to the place including a luxury spa as well as a hotel complex that earned it the title of the Leading Spa Resort in Norway in 2011.


Considered to be the largest ski resort in Norway, Hovden has been active since 1968 and renowned for the classic skiing experience it continues to provide consistently. Hovden has grown to offer slopes that appeal to any expertise level in skiers and there are even flood-lit runs available that are suitable for night skiing purposes. The accommodations here are affordable and skiers can have access to a total area of 34km that includes a vertical drop coming up to 420m. Off run skiing tracks are also available and are kept in exceptional condition. The terrain is perfect for other snow sports and Hovden’s terrain park called Bukkerittet is renowned for being the best place for snowboarding because of the range of the jumps, boxes and rails it has to offer.


Consisting of two ski areas, Hemsedal is the nearest that you can get to experience alpine skiing in Norway. Due to the lack of large mountains, Hemsedal is a popularly sought after ski resort as it nests 3 hours away from Oslo and has some of the largest peaks in Norway. For some skiers, this is the best ski resort in Norway due to the fact that it provides a vertical drop coming to around 800 meters. Moreover, with different types of terrains available for experts, beginners and intermediate skiers, the Hemsedal is the perfect ski resort to visit.


The largest of Norway’s ski resorts, Trysil offers skiers with a veritable playground of interconnected slopes. With a total of 70 km of runs that spread out on three sides of Oslo, Trysil also happens to be one of the most remote skiing resorts in Norway. Its remote location does wonders to provide a magical skiing experience. Despite that fact that it is counted among the most amount visited locations in Norway, it still manages to provide skiers with a unique skiing experience that emphasis that isolation and physical space in that place. For skiers, young and old, Trysil is offers skiing and snowboarding lessons with ease.


Actually consisting of 5 different resorts, Lillehammer hosted the Winter Olympics in 1994 and can still offer skiers a total of 92 different runs as well as a variety of different terrains, coming up to a total of 117km. The skiing experience here is suited for skiers of almost any expertise levels. The five resorts that make up the Lillehammer are each roughly an hour away from each other, making it very easy for one to reach them. With an exhilarating, varied terrain to offer and an active night life with bars, clubs and restaurants, Lillehammer is a favorite among families and skiers alike.