Facts & Figures
2130 m (1100 m - 3230 m)
November - May
Opening time:
09:05 - 16:05
Ski pass prices:
Adults € 43,58
Children € 23,58
Senior € 50,99
Total ski slopes:
0 km
Easy 14km
Intermediate 20km
Difficult 16km
Lifts total:
17 km
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Elevation: 2130 m (1100 m - 3230 m) Season: November - May Opening time: 09:05 - 16:05
Ski pass prices:
Adults € 43,58
Children € 23,58
Senior € 50,99
Total ski slopes: 0 km
Easy 14km
Intermediate 20km
Difficult 16km
Lifts total: 17
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Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski resort

Spending your ski holiday at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski resort ensures a beautiful mountain scenery with mount Zugspitze at the center of it. Zugspitze’s lift covers a distance of approximately 2100 meters (7000 feet) making it one of the biggest in the world.

Ski Information for Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch – Partenkirchen skiing range is spread across the vast Bavarian Alps and stretches all the way into Austria. The ski resort all together makes up 280 km (175 miles) of trails. 30 lifts service the entire area. Full access to the ski resort is granted via the purchase of the ‘Happy ski card.'   Garmisch is considered one of the best resorts in Germany, comparable to ski resorts in the Western US. The resort is comprised of three dominant ski terrains, the Classic area (combination of three mountains Alpspitze, Kreuzeck and Hausberg), the Zugspitze (Germany’s highest and only glacier ski point) and the Wank area (terrain overlooking Partenkirchen).   The medium-sized, snow-sure skiing areas with long pistes, well-groomed runs, and great glacial slopes make it appealing for beginner and intermediate skiers.   The ski resort features a lot of on-piste areas reserved for intermediate level skiers. Experts usually prefer the challenging terrain on Zugspitze’s glacier which is accessible by the cogwheel train.   Although Garmisch is mostly preferred by skiers, there are a lot of options for snowboarders too. There are a lot of snowparks and freestyle terrain around the Zugspitze area that can provide great opportunities for freestyle enthusiasts.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Skiable Terrain for Beginners

The resort has a variety of well-maintained, accessible to moderate skiing slopes which are perfect families and novice skiers. Draglifts which starts from the exit point of the train and cable cars helps nervous newbies get acquainted with the area.   The Hausberg area provides a large number of blue pistes that are served by a quad chair and a handful of surface lifts. The summit station also has a dedicated ski area for kids. Some pistes are located higher up the mountains with dedicated lifts too but may involve running red pistes.

Heaven for Intermediate Skiing

Intermediate skiers love Garmisch. Most of the slopes are located in the Classic Area. This ski area is 4,265 ft. (1300 m) from the uppermost of the Alpspitzbahn towards the base.   The Classic area’s long pistes span through immense vertical drops, branding the resort as a must-go for intermediates. The Zugspitze area’s above-treeline glacier sprints are not to be missed on sunny days.   Three former downhill runs (Olympia, Kochelberg, and Tonihutte) all offer a 600m continuous drop. The Olympia run hosted the 1936 Olympic downhill. In addition to this, is the famous Bernadine’s run. Enabled by its own surface lift, this run pushes through a narrow opening in the mountain leading to an extensive piste between two huge rockfaces.   The Zugspitze range is an intermediate's heaven. The glacier has 16km of calm, open skiing. The ranges are a bit on the easier side of the red scale, and determined beginners will find them within their comfort zone. There are no highly complex runs on the glacier, so intermediates can discover the whole mountain without getting into serious trouble.   When taking the Zugspitzebahn through the mountain to the summit, make sure to check out if Riffelriss run is open. The Riffelriss run takes you back to Eibsee train station. Something which is missed by many.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Skiable Terrain for Experts

Even though the majority of the pistes in the resorts are for intermediates there are some exhilarating runs advanced skiers can try out too.   Long runs, like the Kandahar downhill course leading to the valley, will surely challenge most experts. Experienced skiers can also venture to the Kreuzeck slopes or the Alpspitz’ higher area and discover some off-piste runs.

Afterski & Nightlife in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Many friendly bars and pubs around Garmisch-Partenkirchen deliver quite a spirited nightlife experience. With more than 100-plus restaurants along with 30+ bars and around seven disco clubs, the region offers enough to appease the appetite of all kind of party-hunters and night owls.   Most bars follow a Bavarian theme with an extensive collection of German beers. The music here is not that uplifting, but guests always have a choice to switch to other Irish, Rose, and Crown bars. Americans often come here in large number during winter and contribute to an excellent party atmosphere.   Culture is friendly, so guests and travelers are mostly accompanied and helped out by natives. Local tourist office helps a lot and provides a detailed guide to all the event places. If you’re lucky and a bit adventurous, you might explore something new during the night. Below are a few must-visit bars and pubs in the area.

The Irish Pub

If you love to explore new cultures and meet new people, then you must go to the famous Irish pub and order Guinness. This Irish bar is quite a center of attraction and considered as one of the most pleasant places in the town.

Bayernhalle, Brauhausstrasse 19

If you’re fond of dancing and want to learn some new moves, then you should try the Bavarian folk music and dance held at B&B 19 every Saturday night.   Or if you want to align yourself with the old culture of Garmisch, then the classical concerts at Garmisch park bandstand is one to go for. It’s better to coordinate with the local tourist office to keep yourself updated on what’s coming up next.


Spielbank offers the town’s biggest casino. You can try your luck here if you’re 18+ (you’ll have to present your passport to verify). Entry charges are €2.50/ person. The casino opens at around 03:00 pm and closes at 02:00 am. Blackjack tables are open every day.   On Friday and Saturday, exclusive seven-card poker games are arranged, but you’ll have to book in advance. It’s mandatory for men to wear a jacket and tie.

Italian CafeBar

If you’re in for a warm and pleasant cup of Italian coffee, then do check out the Italian café at the base of the Kreuzeckbah. Bavarian culture dishes are also served next to it at Drehmöser and Hausberg. Do try out Schweinshaxe (roasted ham hock) along with wheat beer if you’re in for a hearty meal.   Garmisch nightlife is not cheap here but rest assured that it is one you will not forget that easily. Food and drinks are of the highest standard. If you’re on a budget, then you’ll have to plan and spend smartly. Garmisch-Partenkirchen accommodates its visitors well, and you’ll be able to find a bit of every neighboring culture.

Activities in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The resort attracts thousands of visitors each year, and not all of them are here just for the sake of skiing. Apart from skiing in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the resort offers a variety of other attractions and activities to enjoy.   The town has a beautiful architecture with colorful buildings and huts. Tourists looking for something more than skiing, have a lot of choices. Below is listed an overview of things you can do on days you don’t feel like hitting the snow.

The Olympic Ski Stadium

A significant tourist activity in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is to plan a visit to the famous Olympic Ski Stadium located in Gudiberg. The stadium was created to host the 1936 Winter Olympics, and the stadium and its ski-jumps are still used for many international and local sporting events.   The arena is open for public skating. Skating in the stadium is a favorite activity for children. The stadium offers skating lesson to everyone. Visitors enjoy touring around the stadium and enjoy any sporting event.   The Olympic Ski stadium has a curling rink, and tourists enjoy watching traditionally choreographed dance routines and fast skating. Tourists can visit the stadium themselves or take a guided tour for a more extensive tour of the stadium.

A Visit to Zugspitze Germany’s highest Peak

Zugspitze is Germany’s highest peak; it makes it one of the most visited places in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The summit is 2,962 meters tall that makes it Germany’s highest mountain. The site is accessible in both winter and summer, but winter makes this a must-visit destination for everyone. Skiers and non-skiers enjoy the beauty and splendor of this majestic mountain. The summit is accessible by a cable car for exploring the caves and glaciers.

AlpspiX – The Bird Eye View of Garmisch

Garmisch-Classic has been delivering promising views since its inception. In 2010, a new breathtaking experience in the resort was introduced - the AlpspiX viewing platform.   The 9-foot wide bridge is situated 50 meters above the Alpsitzbahn’s mountain station. It is designed to give an adrenaline pump even to hardcore climbers through its 360-degree view, glassed flooring and open grid construction that lets snow pass during winters. It also packs an educational experience with a total of nine information points along the route.

The Partnach and Höllentalklamm Gorge

The Partnach Gorge in Partnachklamm is a rocky gorge near the Partnach River. The gorge is 702 meters long and 80 meters deep. The Gorge is particularly wonderful to explore in winter. In winter, the ravine is filled with the guise of massive ice formation clinging to the cliffs.   Höllentalklamm is another popular destination among tourists. This gorge has some excellent trails that take hikers around the summit of the canyon about 1,045 meters. The track is challenging in winter, but that’s what makes it a good hike in winter. A guided tour is always better to avoid getting lost on the trails. Hotels usually offer guided tours, but local guides who are expert mountaineers provide their services as well.

The Kings House on the Schachen

For those interested in history and castles, a visit to the King’s house on Schachen is a favorite activity among tourists. The tour to the castle is only available as a guided tour. Hotels usually include a visit of the manor in their guest itinerary.   Getting to the King’s House of Schahen is accessible only by foot or a bicycle, and in winter, the long hike could take about 8 hours for completing the uphill and downhill return. The tour timings change according to the season.

Werdenfels Museum

A visit to this historical museum is another favorite among tourists. The tiny museum located on Ludwigstrasse was established in 1895. The building of the museum is former residence of the 17thcentury merchant.   Werdenfels Museum has a collection of different local artifacts that show the history and background of this beautiful town and its people.   There are artifacts and sculptures from pre-Roman Era depicting the importance of this small community as a significant part of Roman supply route that leads to Vienna and Austria. The ticket is quite affordable at 1 euro per entry. That makes it a favorite spot for tourists.

Eibsee Lake in Grainau Village

Grainau Village is a beautiful little village located at the foot of Waxenstein. A small hike away is the Eibsee Lake that gives picture perfect view of the Zugspitze peak, Riffel and Waxenstein. The winter makes this village a must visit place for children and families.   The Grainau village has an easy tobogganing hill that children immensely enjoy. There are hotels and tour packages that provide toboggans free of charge. While the children are busy in tobogganing, the adults can take winter hike into the full trail that is over 150 km long. The flat trail makes for an easy hike, especially in winters.   There horse-drawn sleds in Grainau village is a common activity for children and couples to enjoy the beautiful Alpine landscape. Make sure to have a guided tour as many hotels and private guides offer different prices with activities. With so much to do for everyone, a ski holiday in Garmisch-Partenkirchen truly delivers a wonderful experience for all of its guests.
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