Best ski resorts in USA

People who are fans of skiing know how addictive and heady the sport can be. Even as a hobby, for the true fanatics, skiing is more than just a sport. The thrill is infectious, and the love of the sport eventually infects with the travel bug, where they move across the globe searching for more snowcapped peaks that they can ski and conquer.

Luckily, for skiers in the US, there are plenty of skiing opportunities. You no longer have to travel to foreign locations to find the best peaks, take a look at the following ones that offer amazing skiing opportunities:

Aspen, Colorado

Becoming a traditional place to visit for skiing purposes, Aspen still manages to stand out as the perfect skiing destination due to the large amounts of snow that area experiences. Apart from the snow, the slopes of Aspen are renowned for their smooth skiing, and different skiers from beginners to experts can find various tracks that can suit their purposes.

The best part is that despite the town being a rather busy place, the slopes are largely free of crowds but not during holidays and skiing season. On the other hand, even on other days, Aspen can be crowded as it is a well-known ski town and national and international skiers tend to flock to its slopes owing to its huge popularity.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Despite its slow increase in popularity over the years, Jackson Hole has built itself up as a skiing destination by installing amazing trails, fall lines and maximizing access to the snow-covered terrain to the fullest. Slowly, the place has become well known, particularly for back country and side country skiing purpose.

Moreover, it is home to some amazing hotels and resorts, each offering exceptional quality of cuisine , making it one of the best skiing destinations. While not as crowded or as popular as Aspen and other skiing resorts, Jackson Hole is slowly growing in popularity and continuously adding more amenities that will make it the ultimate destination for new and old skiers.

Alta, Utah

With some of the best quality of snowfall, Alta is also a staple destination for skiing enthusiasts. It receives around 15% -20% more snow than its surroundings, including Snowbird. While the place lacks a lot of modern luxuries, particularly in terms of the hotels as well as the quality of food served there, the skiing trails and the terrain it has to offer make most skiers ready to sacrifice these luxuries with ease.

The best part is that there’s even a children’s ski school here, making it perfect if you’re taking a skiing vacation with your family. With its mountain peaks, trails and more, Alta is a skier’s dream and is often considered the best destination to go to, particularly if you’re looking for an early season spot since the snow fall it receives allows it offer great ski trails well before the other peaks are ready with snow.

Snowbird, Utah

Naturally positioned to enhance the skiing experience, Snowbird enjoys good snowfall and offers amazing terrains as well as fall lines that are steep and perfect for skiing. It is also counted among the most easily accessible resorts in Utah. With plenty of different lines available, particularly for all levels of skiers, it is no surprise that the place can get a bit crowded.

Moreover, the place is in easy reach to wide array of skiers who love to make weekend trips to the resorts here. If you’re looking to try out the place, it is suggested that you visit the place during the week in order to avoid the large crowds that can appear, particularly on Sunday and Saturday.

Telluride, Colorado

With perfect lodgings, perfect infrastructure that allows you to get around the town without the help of a car, Telluride is a resort town in which the resort came first and the town came second. The slopes at Telluride are perfect and the Upper Reaches are considered to be some of the steepest that you can find in Colorado.

When it comes to Aspen or Telluride, you will find that you’ll be hard-pressed to choose between the both of them as they’re equally beautiful and have amazing elevation climbs, hiking slopes, as well as some great powdered turns. The trails are also carefully cultivated, allowing one to stop skiing with ease should it get to steep for their liking.

Vail, Colorado

Considered to be one of the biggest ski resorts, Vail has managed to eclipse the fame of classic favorites such as the Aspen and more and holds the status for top dog. The status is rightly earned since the resort has been carefully constructed to offer amazing skiing experiences for all levels of skiers. Vail also has some of the best snow, easily ranking among the top 20 peaks that are great for skiers.

Due to the extensive amount of attention that has been paid to this resort town, people can expect accommodation and luxuries of almost any kind. From the Ritz to other lodging, you can find any kind of housing that you require with ease. Moreover, the skiing slopes offer a nice challenge, allowing one to easily spend all day on the powdery, well-kept snow slopes of the Vail Mountain.

The best part is that these are only a few of the most well-known destinations available in the US for skiing purposes. You can also easily find more once you have conquered these trails and slopes.