Skiing in Utah
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Skiing in Utah: Top 5 Utah Ski Resorts Worthy of Your Visit

Skiing in Utah? There is a reason Utah is famous for its “Greatest Snow on Earth” slogan written across the license plates of Utah drivers. Utah Ski Resorts are known for their fluffy powder snow that is perfect for skiers and snowboarders. Utah receives an abundance of dry snow each winter.

Consequently, this makes the resorts a fantastic off-piste skiing spot. In addition, travelers can enjoy comfortable lodging, luxurious dining, après-ski, and other options for individuals and families alike. Skiers prefer Utah for its deep and steep skiable terrains. One of the deepest and steepest in the world, to put it clearly.

1. Snowbird Ski Resort

At Snowbird Ski Resort, you can enjoy one of Utah’s longest ski seasons. This lasts from mid-November all the way through May. This resort receives snowfall with an average of 500 inches per year.

Its location is in Little Cottonwood Canyon in Wasatch-Cache National Forrest. The resort covers a skiable terrain of 2,500 acres where guests can freely ski and snowboard. In fact, this is what makes Snowbird your ideal choice when skiing in Utah.

Terrain for Beginners

First of all, you should have a basic knowledge of skiing before you hit the slopes. Otherwise, Snowbird’s Mountain School gives riders and skiers the opportunity to develop their skiing skills. The school offers private instruction as well as snowboard camps.

Around 8% of the terrain of Snowbird Ski Resort is suited for beginners. The resort has marked the trails for beginners as “Slow Skiing Areas” as a safety precaution. More importantly, Snowbird does not permit fast or reckless snowboarding or skiing in these areas.

The piste Creek Road with a green mark is accessible from the bottom of the Peruvina and Tram Lifts. Off-piste skiing at Snowbird is not for the weak-hearted due to the challenging terrain.

Terrain for Advanced Skiers

The Snowbird Ski Resort is an advanced skier paradise. In fact, 41% of its terrain is comprised of black diamonds. Thus, almost half of the terrain is ideal for thigh-burning skiing in deep powder. Die-hard skiers prefer to hit the slopes of Snowbird because they are steep and deep.

The incredibly rugged terrain offers a variety of challenging gladed terrains. There is plenty of steep bowls, cliff drops, and chutes. Famous for its bowls and trees, steep chutes, and deep powder, Snowbird is a dream destination for the advanced skier.

Terrain for Experts and Freestylers

This resort offers Utah's biggest vertical drop, which measures an impressive 3240 feet. Skiing in Utah provide an opportunity for skiers to improve their skiing level. Having said that, you should definitely make a trip to this resort.

Offering a total of 170 runs with its longest run being 2.5 miles, the skiers will find skiing freestyle and off-piste extremely fun and exhilarating. This is the terrain every expert and freestyler wishes to experience when skiing in Utah.

Lodging at Snowbird

After an exciting day of skiing, guests will still have plenty of things to do. Snowbird provides lodging facilities to its guests in their four hotel-condominium buildings on-mountain. The Cliff Lodge is at an easily accessible ski-in ski-out by a beginners’ run so guest can easily access the beginners’ trail.

The hotel also gives top-notch services and extensive facilities. Examples include a day spa, childcare, hot tubs, and outdoor swimming pools.

Activities at Snowbird

There are few activities for guests to indulge in apart from snowboarding and skiing. Nightlife and après-ski are limited as well, but exciting, nonetheless. There are some restaurants where guests can enjoy delicious food and several shops where guests can purchase souvenirs.

2. Park City Mountain Resort

In a skiable terrain of 7300 acres lies the impressive Park City Mountain Resort. This resort is located at a convenient 35-minute drive from Salt Lake City International Airport. What makes this resort one of the popular choices is the fact that it receives a superb quality of dry Utah snow.

Terrain for Beginners

The terrain for beginners is limited to two slow zone areas bearing a green mark. Thus, the terrain is not really suitable for a beginner level skier.

Terrain for Intermediates

Having plenty of wide groomed runs, the Park City Ski Resort is perfect for intermediate-level skiers. The terrain of the resort offers gentle and long groomers and bold and big powder lines.

The resort offers around half of its terrain to intermediate snowboarders and skier. The blue mark runs from where the King Con lift operates, one of the best lifts in the resort.

Terrain for Experts

Utah Ski Resort’s Park City Mountain Resort offers an impressive 341 trails that would take a good number of days if you set out to explore the off-piste areas. Its longest run of 3.5 miles has wide pistes and offers expert skiers great views as they ski down the slopes.

Having a terrain of 23% suitable for expert skiing, the resort offers steep pistes as well, so they are able to fully experience the thrill of skiing. In fact, its steep and challenging slopes attract expert skiers from all over the world.

What makes this resort different from other Utah ski resorts is that they offer a total number of 41 lifts. Thus, guests do not have to wait in long lines for the lifts. With a combination of gondolas, high-speed sixes, high-speed quads, quad chairs, triple chairs, double chairs, and surface lifts, skiing in Utah may just be what you need right now.

Lodging Options at Park City

Guests do not have to worry about finding accommodations because Park City offers a range of lodging from their luxury hotels to B&Bs and condominiums. Colorado, for example, may not be your only choice if you are looking for a luxurious holiday. There are upscale options, and there are alternatives for those with moderate budgets.

Check out the Grand Summit Hotel, The Chateaux Deer Valley and Waldorf Astoria Park City, to name a few, for your accommodation options.

3. Deer Valley Resort

Thirty-seven miles away from the Salt Lake International Airport, the Deer Valley Resort is a family-friendly resort where guests can enjoy skiing down perfect slopes. Covering a skiable terrain of 2026 acres, and a vertical drop of 3,000 feet, this is one of the best Utah Ski Resorts in terms of powder snow.

The Terrain at Deer Valley Resort

Due to the wide range of terrain, skiers of all abilities and ages can find a slope fit for their level. Its groomed beginner, intermediate runs, bowls, glades, and moguls make this resort unique and different from others.

Terrain for Beginner and Intermediate Skiers

In particular, the terrain is well suited for intermediate skiers due to the abundance of excellent fall line, perfectly manicured runs. This resort is also a good choice for first-time skiers. The smooth and easy learning surfaces allow beginners and first-time skiers to learn the basics of skiing much more easily.

Terrain for Advanced Skiers

If you are an advanced skier, there are plenty of bowls, glades, and moguls for off-piste and freestyle skiing. The terrain for expert skiers is somewhat limited as there are steep trees and chutes.

Any fresh powder gets ripped up quite quickly, so the experts may not be able to experience fully the thrill of skiing they are looking for.

A Family-Friendly Resort

This resort is the first choice for families due to their excellent customer service. You can find dining establishments that cater to every palate. From grills to cafés to rustic and elegant restaurants, families can have a great time skiing.

Deer Valley Lodging

Deer Valley Lodging is an excellently ski-in ski-out choice. There is a range of lodgings from opulent to the luxurious range, including 5-star hotels, condominiums, and apartments. Montage Deer Valley, Stein Eriksen Lodge and The St. Regis Deer Valley are just less than 2 kilometers away from the city center.

Skiing in Utah: The List Goes On

4. Alta Ski Area

As one of the oldest skiing resorts in the US, Alta Ski Area is popular for receiving excellent snowfall and powder. Due to its location at Little Cottonwood Canyon, Alta Ski Area receives abundant dry and light snow.

Terrain for Beginners and Intermediate Skiers

Although the terrain of Alta is more suitable for the advanced and expert skiers, there are some great beginner and intermediate terrains that oftentimes visitors overlook.

Beginner skiers can take one of the three chairs, namely Albion, Cecret, and Sunnyside to take them to their respective terrains. Crooked Mile is the ideal run for beginners as they can easily ski at a certain altitude while enjoying the mesmerizing views of the mountain.

Perfect Terrain for the Advanced and Expert Skiers

The terrain at this resort is best for advanced and expert skiers to go off-piste and freestyle skiing. Around 55% of the terrain bears the black mark to denote the target market of the trails. Most noteworthy, Alta has some of the most challenging and diverse terrains in the whole of North America.

Alta Ski Area receives loads of snowfall of outstanding quality. This is just the kind of snow an advanced skier looks forward to. The terrain offers exciting steep lines and great powder, unlike most of Utah Ski Resorts.

Alta Ski Area offers a 2614-acre skiable area where guests can have an exhilarating off-piste skiing adventure. The resort receives an average of more than 560 inches of snowfall every season. Thus, this makes off-piste skiing a thrilling and exciting adventure for the resort’s skiers.

Alta Lodging Alternatives

Alta offers lodging options in five rustic and charming ski lodges and some vacation rentals and condominiums. No 5-star Alta resorts or hotels are found on-mountain. If guests prefer, they can stay in Salt Lake City hotels.

5. Solitude Mountain Resort

Another one of the best Utah Ski Resorts worthy to mention when skiing in Utah is the Solitude Mountain Resort. You can find it at a distance of 12 miles from the Big Cottonwood Canyon. What makes this resort different from other Utah ski resorts is that it is less crowded. Its skiable terrain ranges from powder glades to groomed runs.

Plenty of powder and uncrowded slopes makes it the perfect combination of what a skier wants to see when going to a skiing resort. There is a total of 8 terrain parks at this resort with 9 lifts offered so skiers have no difficulty in going from one trail to the other.

The Terrain at Solitude Mountain Resort

On an average, 500 inches of snow falls every year on the 1200-acre skiable area. Thus, guests can experience and enjoy all sorts of winter activities. Unlike other ski resorts, this one offers 80 runs with its longest run being 3 miles.

Terrain for Beginners

As only 6% of the terrain is suitable for beginners and first-time skiers, this resort is not a popular choice for this group. Solitude Mountain Resort’s skiing area for beginners is mostly around Moonbeam Base Area. Beginners can take the Moonbeam Express to help them get to the two main routes – Same Street and Little Dolly.

The second beginner area can be accessed near the Sunrise triple chair where guests can ski through the forest while getting upward views of the slopes that are for experts. If they prefer, beginner and first-time skiers can use the Link double chair to get to the Easy Street run.

Terrain for Intermediate and Advanced Skiers

Most of the skiers here are of intermediate and advanced level as the terrain includes groomed cruisers, steep chutes, and open bowls. They give these skiers the exciting off-piste and freestyle skiing they all came for.

The fall line skiing all the way through the trees is what an expert skier is definitely looking for. Thus, the decision to give the resort a visit.

Solitude Mountain Resort’s most notable expert steeps are Milk Run and Parachute. Certainly, this is every advanced skier’s wish come true. Imagine skiing down the thrilling slopes and experiencing skiing at a different level.

Solitude Lodging Options

You will find condominiums at a minute’s walk from the ski-in ski-out. Just like most Utah Ski Resorts, the lodging options at Solitude consist of condominiums like the Eagle Springs Lodges.

Every space offers well-appointed accommodation options and complete facilities to the guests. Their lodging options comprise of town homes, condominiums, and private homes designed to fit groups and families of all sizes.

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