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Valle Nevado ski resort

Valle Nevado ski resort is best by snowboarders and powder ski enthusiasts who want a ski holiday which includes a backcountry access.

Valle Nevado has slopes for all ski levels and snowboarders but is mostly known for its amazing off-piste skiing aided via helicopters.

The best time to visit Valle Nevado is from June to October.  The ski season is at its peak during July. The resort is top-rated among ski and snowboarders, which is why there are plenty of options for accommodation.

Depending on your budget, you can select any one of the three central hotels, private condos, and flats.

Ski Information for Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado, the most famous ski resort of the Tres Valles (The Three Valleys) of Chile. The other two sections of the Three Valley resorts, being El Colorado and La Parva. The combined skiable domain of the Three Valleys is a whopping 7000 acres, making it the largest skiable area in entire South America.   The literal translation of Valle Nevado means The Snowy Valley, and it surely lives up to its name as Valle Nevado ski resort has about 2,200 acres of the skiable domain. Powder snow fans can enjoy slopes going all the way down towards the breathtaking Andean Valleys, which adds adventure to the traditional off-piste areas with remarkably perfect snow. Valle Nevado is the best choice for snowboarders, skiers, off-piste and heli-skiing fans.

Perfect Weather Conditions for Skiers and Winter Sports

The skiing season is at the peak from mid-June to late-September because the weather is ideal for skiing and snowboarding. The sun shines brightly on most days, but the high altitude and orientation of Valle Nevado maintain excellent dry powder snow conditions. Skiers can spend hours enjoying the well-groomed slopes, backcountry, and bowls.   During snowstorms, Valle Nevado gets its fair share of snow from its neighboring La Parva and El Colorado due to its vast backcountry. The vast backcountry allows more snow to be blown in onto the resort providing it with a thick powder in more significant quantities as compared to its two neighboring resorts. The extra dense powder makes Valle Nevado the ultimate choice for freestyle and freeriding with a unique terrain park that links it with La Parva and El Colorado.

Lift System and Gondolas

Valle Nevado ski center has one of the most sophisticated and advanced lift systems in South America.  It includes the only high-speed detachable quad chairlift called Andes Express, which was installed in 2001. It is the single detachable quad lift in Chile built by POMA. The Andes Express lift is a significant interconnection hub between La Parva and Valle Nevado. The high-speed Andes Express transports skiers to 425 vertical meters towards the top of Cerro Negro.   In 2013, Valle Nevado received Chile’s first gondola for its ski resort. The gondola is grand and comfortable. It has 70 cabins with each having a six-passenger capacity. Every hour the gondola transports 2000 passengers to the mid-mountain Bajo Zero restaurant.  The gondola reduces skiers’ congestion significantly by creating two separate base areas. It has helped reduce the day visitor drive time from Santiago to Valle Nevado to 90 minutes.   Before the installation of gondolas and Andes Express, the only way to get to the ski lifts was the parking lot used by the hotels in Valle Nevado. The tourist congestion would be intolerable during weekends and peak ski seasons. Skiers spent most of their time in the car instead of mastering their skiing skills in the perfect powder. Now with the gondolas and Andes Express, the congestion is almost gone.

Skiing and Snowboarding Adventures at Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado is the most popular ski resort in the southern hemisphere with over 7000 acres of skiable domain. The resort has well-groomed slopes with tons of fresh powder. The large variety of bumps and turns together with beautiful Andean meadows will give you an experience like no other.   Snowboarding enthusiasts consider Valle Nevado as one of their favorite destinations. The resort hosted the Snowboard FIS World Cup Circuit 2003 – 2004. It was the only circuit from Southern Hemisphere in the entire tournament. The slopes and loops are challenging and adventurous with more than 9000 acres of riding. The 35 groomed trails offer beautiful off-piste terrain in the meadows. The resort provides Super Half Pipe for the second season.

Heli-Skiing in Valle Nevado

For the more adventurous Valle Nevado offers Heli-Ski, one of the most sought-after skiing adventure. A modern and agile Bell 407 Helicopter takes skiers from the helipad to the virgin snows. For those who want to enjoy a rush that no other resort offers then this is the perfect trip for them. Heli-Ski provides the most breathtaking scenery with a one of a kind skiing adventure.

Terrain for Freestyle

Valle Nevado Ski Resort has one of the most impressive ski slopes in South America. It is the first ski resort in Chile that hosts the FIS World Cup Snowboarding Boardercross World Cup Series in 2001. The resort has a FIS approved standard boardercross course providing more options for snowboarders in Valle Nevado.

Terrain for Expert Skiers and Snowboarders

The resort offers massive off-piste exploring to experienced skiers and snowboarders. Advanced riders will encounter different bowls and chutes complete with remarkable powder accumulation after a snowstorm. There are endless options for backcountry terrain. Heli-Skiers in Valle Nevado gives skiers an opportunity for using the challenging private descents of 1.2 miles. Blue Tambo zone is favorite among locals due to its powder laps. For Off-piste terrain exploration, the skiarea that links La Parva Ski resort offers astonishing options for steep chutes, and long powder runs leading back to Valle Nevado. The resort is a popular place for experienced skiers.

Terrain for Intermediate Level Skiers

Valle Nevado is the most suitable option for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. The resort offers extensive sections of cruisy piste runs and easy off-piste access. However, snowboarders must remember that in some areas the terrain in the middle of the mountain tends to flatten out. The flat terrain could get snowboarders stuck if proper speed is not carried. Risks of getting stuck are higher after a fresh snowfall.

Beginners’ Terrain

Many beginners feel that the terrain for beginners is very limited and does not offer much practice for beginners - and this is rightfully so. To state that this resort is a paradise for beginners would be pushing the limit. Naturally, slopes do exist for beginners, and ski experts from otherwise well-reputed ski school from both the States and Europe are present to cater for the tourists every need. Most of the instructors in Valle Nevado ski resort, speak various languages including English.

Afterski & Nightlife in Valle Nevado

Vella Nevado offers a happening nightlife - all depending on the number of Brazilians visiting the resort. Brazilians are avid party fans, and a large number of them brings a positive party vibe to the otherwise slightly above average nightlife for those who love to party all night. We have compiled below a listing of relevant apres-ski spots in Valle Nevado.

Valle Lounge

Skiers and snowboarders after an adventurous day at the slopes filled with thick powder spend Apres ski in Valle Lounge. Valle lounge is one of the most commonly visited place for skiers and non-skiers alike. Enjoy a good drink by the fire on a chilly Valle Nevado night adds to the adventure and serenity of the entire experience for ski lovers and tourists. Valle Lounge offers a modern and warm atmosphere with the best drinks. Perfect spot for partners or with a group of friends. The bar has large HD screens showing extreme skiers. A right place for families with children as it offers a variety of snacks and delicious hot chocolate for their young guests.

Bar Puerta del Sol

Bar Puerta del Sol is located at Puerta del Sol hotel. Apres drinking usually starts beside the hot water pool at the hotel, that is one of the most popular segments of a skier’s day. The bar has live music in comfortable remodeled seating areas. This bar is the perfect place for skiers to chat over a diverse selection of premium quality drinks. Simply put, the atmosphere is very informal and friendly. The bartenders are friendly and expert in what they do. The bar is decorated with contemporary designs. Enjoy delicious sushi while enjoying international and local Chilean drinks. The bar has a cinema for movie lovers along with delicious cocktails and snacks.

Bar Tres Puntas

Bar Tres Puntas has one of the best cocktails with live music and karaoke that makes skiers dance the night away. Pool tables and comfortable, lively atmosphere of the bar makes it a must visit the pub. A nice place for testing karaoke skills. Bar Tres Puntasis, one of the most famous after-ski spots with rounds of pisco sours depending on the number of young extreme skiers and Brazilians.

Bar Valle Nevado

This bar is located at Hotel Valle Nevado, a right place for wine lovers willing to taste different Chilean and international varieties of wines.

Activities in Valle Nevado

Vella Nevado is a popular tourist destination specifically for skiing and snowboarding fans, but the resort has many attractions for those who are not that enthusiastic about skiing. The unique scenery of the Andes mountain ranges provides some of the most spectacular images. The average sunrise time is around 8:00 am. It is the perfect time to catch the breathtaking glimpse of the sunrise in all its glory among the twisty roads leading to Valle Nevado.

Activities for Family and Children

Valle Nevado Hotel and other hotels offer a lot of events for children. The Vella Nevado Hotel provides day care services for children with skier parents. The daycare offers different activities for children. They can indulge themselves in painting, making clay models, and toys to keep the children occupied. There are story times and nap times catered to suit the needs of the children. The daycare center has professional and experienced employees that will surely take good care of children.

Snow Garden for Safe and Fun Times

The snow garden is specially designed for children aged 4 to 7. Professional instructors with years of experience provide children with their skiing lessons in a safe environment. This activity is one of the most popular among families and children. The skiing lessons are a fun way to teach children how to ski. It boosts their confidence as beginners. Children are required to follow the dress code and gear requirements strictly to avoid any injuries. Children must have googles, boots, proper clothes, mittens and gloves.   Snow Garden has three different Shifts for Children during the day. The first shift is a Half-Day service starting at 9:45 AM to 12:00 PM. The second shift is a Full day shift that includes a nutritious lunch.  The timings for the full day are 9:45 AM to 4 PM.

Magic Carpet Lift for Young Skiers

The Magic Carpet is a particular lift for young skiers. It helps them learn to ride the lift correctly. It makes it easier for children to move uphill in a chairlift.

Kids Zone a Special Place for Children

The kid's zone is available at the Valle Nevado hotel. The area has an indoor park that has a lot of fun activities for children. There are Nintendo Wii and other gaming consoles to keep the children busy. A cinema at the Kids Zone offers a good range of animated movies for children.

Independence Day Celebrations

Valle Nevado becomes a place for culture and party when it’s Chilean Independence day Celebrations on 18 and 19 September. A special tent is called ‘Fonda’ is set up in the midst of Valle Nevado. Inside the ‘Fonda’ tourists enjoy local culture in the form of Chilean folk music, local traditional food, and other Chilean customs and traditions are followed in the middle of the ski season.

Wine Pairing Week

This event is a favorite activity among visitors to Valle Nevado. Perfect wine is taken with a delectable selection of local and international cuisines. There is a diverse range of domestic and international wines for tourists to purchase and enjoy.

Food Week

Each year a particular week is dedicated to all food lovers at Valle Nevado. A large number of international chefs are invited to Valle Nevado to offer lectures and provide samples of delicious international foods. The chefs create dishes that look and tastes like heaven.
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