Best ski resorts in Chile 2019

Already renowned for being one of the most exotic locations for summer vacationers and for housing wonders such as the Easter Island Heads and Valaporia, a city which is counted as a World Heritage Site, Chile also has some of the best skiing resorts to offer to fans of skiing.

The ski-season is also an early one which starts by June and finishes by October. This ends up bringing many skiers flocking to its snow sure peaks before they head off to other locations. From the North to the South, Chile has plenty of snow resorts and the following are some of the best ones:


Valle Nevado

The largest ski resort in Chile, the Valle Nevado is in close proximity to other ski resorts, namely La Parva and El Colorado. One of the modern ski resorts in Chile, Valle Nevado is crafted to offer a skiing experience that is both memorable and very modern and collected. There are around 22 miles that offer trails that are suited to skiers of all expertise levels.

Skiers can also enjoy a bite to eat at the Bajo Zero Restaurant which is situated around 10,498 meters above ski level and is accessible with the help of the gondola.  Accommodations can also be found in the form of modern hotels which draw inspiration from the French style.



Renowned for being the oldest ski resort of Chile as well as one of the most secluded, Portillo attracts a large number of local and international skiers each year. Situated on the Andes, the resort’s yellow hotel has become iconic. Portillo is renowned not only for being the oldest but also for offering ski runs and peaks where records are made and skiing reputations are cemented.

In 1966, Jean Claude Killy, a French skier, won his gold medal in Portillo whereas Steve McKinney, an American skier, made a record by exceeding the speed of 200kph when skiing here. The resort is also family friendly with not only fun activities for children but also offering a heated pool outdoors and a restaurant that produces high quality, hearty fare for tired skiers.

La Parva

Located in one of the three valleys of the Andes mountain range, La Parva is often counted along with Valle Nevado and El Colorado as they are almost connected to each other. La Parva also boasts one of the largest ski areas in South America and tourists flock to it not only for the skiing opportunities but also for the breath taking panoramic views.

These are visible from any hotel room you might take in the resort. Coupled with fine dining options, available through renowned restaurants such as La Berra and La Marmita de Perciles, La Parva is a popular ski resort of choice during the skiing season. The close proximity to the local village also provides further accommodation choices and gives a quaint aura to La Parva.

El Colorado

The third ski resort which makes up the range of ski resorts which are counted in the Los Tres Valles de los Andes, El Colorado is popularly favored by families because of the family friendly activities it has to offer. Kids can enroll for skiing classes while there are also plenty of skiing opportunities available for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers.

El Colorado offers a total of 1,110 acres which are further divided into 22 trails of varying levels of difficulty. Ski equipment rental is also available with ease and close proximity to Santiago, La Parva and Valle Nevado provides plenty of accommodation and skiing opportunities.

Ski Pucon

Located on the slopes of the Volcán Pucón, the Ski Pucon resort offers one of the most adventurous skiing opportunities ever. The place is naturally blessed with gullies and pipes that become a snowboarder’s dream once the snow blankets them. Skiing opportunities are also available abundantly because of the terrain.

The resort is also favored since one can easily avail plenty of promotions, discounts, packages and deals on the accommodations and skiing passes here. With a mini-club, cafes, bars, restaurants and more, Ski Pucon also offers an active nightlife after one has spent a day exploring the slopes and runs here.


Another resort which is situated near a volcano, Antillanca is located on the slopes of Casablanca. Treasured by ski lovers everywhere, the name Antillanca lends credence to its status as it means ‘the Jewel of the Sun.’ With steep slopes as well as runs that spread across Mirador and Mount. Haique, Antillanca is a favorite among skiers and snowboarders for its adventurous terrain.

With a ski school, families and beginners can easily sign up for ski classes. Accommodations here are easily available and aiming to provide visitors with an exhilarating experience, you can also find facilities such as a heated pool, sauna, cinema and even a disco here.

Nevados de Chillan

Famed for having the longest trail for skiing in South America, namely the Las Tres Marias, Nevados de Chillan is definitely meant for the adventurous skier. Las Tres Marias runs for a total of 8 miles with different terrain cutting into it, making it challenging and perfect for endurance focused athletes.

With plenty of different skiing terrains, the Nevados de Chillan offers a total of 21 miles of terrain with varying levels of difficulty. Another thing which draws skiers here are the natural hot springs which are accessible to everyone. Accommodations are also easy to find here but the resort can get a little crowded as it is in close proximity to Concepción.