Best ski resorts in Sweden 2019

When you’re picking a ski resort, it is a good idea to opt for one not only on the basis of skiing opportunities but other factors as well. For this reason, picking a resort gets much trickier. Luckily, in places such as Sweden, there are plenty of skiing resorts that you can pick and choose from. Sweden is renowned for being a place that experiences extreme winters and features a unique day and night cycle every summer as well.

Nonetheless, the plentiful snow it receives and the long winters entail a good, long skiing season which makes Sweden a favorite among skiing aficionados. The diversity in ski resorts in Sweden means that you have the pick of the lot here. The best ski resorts here offer something for almost any skiing style and snow activity you might have in mind. For this reason, take a look on the following skiing resorts and ski areas that can cater to all your wants and needs:


If you are a fan of not only good skiing opportunities but also like to indulge in other snow sports, head over to the Åre. It also holds a reputation for being Northern Europe’s biggest snow sports resort that caters to almost any skiing style. They also offer a wide range of snow sports and activities including snowboarding, carving, heli-skiing, dog sledding, fall climbing, snowmobile safari and more. The ski runs here range in difficulty from beginners to experts and it is considered to have the best slopes for downhill skiing. Couple all this with an active night life with live music and high quality restaurants, Åre is the perfect place to visit.


If you’re looking for good skiing options, Sälen is the perfect resort to visit. The best part about Sälen is the huge amount of opportunities it presents to any skier. Not only is it made up of 6 different ski resorts, it also gives you access to 4 different ski areas, namely Lindvallen, Hundfjället, Tandådalen and Högfjället. This has the added benefit of giving you access to a total of 100 different slopes, 160 runs that are downhill, 3 different snow parks and over 3,000km designated only for cross-country skiing. Due to the wide range of options and group snow activities that one can find here, Sälen is a favorite among families and is popularly visited by locals as well.

Tärnaby and Hemavan

Located in close proximity to each other, Tärnaby and Hemavan are favorites because of the long ski season they experience. They are usually recognized for being in close conjunction for each other and each resort is favored for their amazing slopes. Hemavan is actually recognized for its Kobåset-free ride in its free cross arena for skiers and offers an amazing challenge and is also great for learners. Tärnaby, on the other hand, is famous for the that fact that it is considered to be the home slopes of Anja Persson and Ingemar Stenmark, both of whom are Sweden’s superstars in slalom. With slopes that range in difficulty, it is easy to pick and choose your skiing activities here. With a combined total of 70 different slopes, as well as a long winter season, good snowfall and plenty of accommodations, you will love both these resorts.


A snow park which is famous because of the lack of a terrain park here, Riksgränsen is renowned for its bleak winterscape as it is located too far north. Trees are few and rare here but there is plenty of snowfall because of its location. The unique landscape of the place is almost similar to the Arctic and exploring is usually recommended with the help of guides because of how easy it is to lose your way here. With various off site runs, the snow park is extremely popular as it experiences more snow fall and has a longer ski season. Moreover, during the winters, it is possible to see the Aurora Borealis in the sky from Riksgränsen. You can also see the midnight sun during the summers as Sweden experiences a unique night and day cycle during the summers.


Holding the title of Sweden’s best snow parks for 9 years simultaneously, Kläppen offers plenty of skiing opportunities that are perfect for beginners, intermediate skiers and experts alike. With a total of 4 different ski parks, there are plenty of runs, slopes and more. The park was started in 1982 and has evolved to become the best ski snow park that you can visit in Sweden. Keeping the wants and needs of the skiers in mind, Kläppen is constantly being evolved to offer better skiing opportunities while ensuring that it is well maintained. The unfailing attention to quality and quantity has gone a long way in showing why it is considered Sweden’s best.


Comprising of a ski area that is considered to be Sweden’s largest, the Funäsfjällen offers an amazing skiing experience for skiers of every expertise. The area is also renowned for having the best trails for cross country skiing in Sweden. Moreover, there are plenty of resorts that one can pick and choose from the following different ski resorts here: Kappruet, Bruksvallarna, Funäsdalsberget, Tännäskröket, Ramundberget, Tänndalen and Tänndalsvallen. The skiing options here are almost dizzying since Funäsfjällen has a total of 60 different mountains with varying heights reaching almost over 1,000 meters that offer different skiing experiences. With so much variety, it’s hard not to pick Funäsfjällen for your Swedish skiing vacation.